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Diggerland Gets a Waterpark, The Water Main

Diggerland USA has been an advertiser with Jersey Family Fun since their opening in 2014.


Some places are just too good at keeping a secret! 

Turns out Diggerland USA is one of those places. If you haven’t heard about the new Diggerland Waterpark called The Water Main be prepared to be just as surprised as I was…Then when the news sinks in be prepared to be blown away. Because this is definitely news that will make your Diggerland experience even better. Get that Diggerland 2020 Season Pass now because this outdoor waterpark will be included with admission and Diggerland season passes.


Diggerland USA Waterpark the Water Main

Photo credit Diggerland USA


Do you want to know more about The Water Main, the Diggerland Waterpark?

Of course you do! I did some DIGGING to get the questions kids and parents want to know answered. Like all new attractions some of this information may change, but here’s what we know right now. Take a look.


When will the Water Main open?

The Water Main is expected to open in May 2020 in time for Memorial Day Weekend.


Diggerland arial shot of water main


How big will the Diggerland Waterpark be?

The outdoor aquatic park will be 2-acres. 


Will the Water Main have pools?

Yes, there will be two multi-zone pools. Surrounding the pools will be open decks with deck chairs and lawn areas for relaxation and sunbathing, walk‑up food and beverage service, and private cabana rentals.


Diggerland waterpark pool


How deep will the pools be?

It’s not known yet how deep the Water Main pool areas will be yet but the concept art seems to reveal ares with zero entry access to the water.


Pinterest image for Diggerland Waterpark


Will the waterpark have a splash pad?

Yes, there will be a splash park area for younger kids and those young at heart. Picture a Diggerland-themed sprayground with cones that spray water like fountains and dump truck slides.


diggerland waterpark splash pad for preschoolers


Will there be a waterslide?

There will be a tower of two black and yellow waterslides.


diggerland waterpark waterslides


What water play areas will there be?

In addition to what’s listed above the Diggerland aquatic recreation center will also offer these outdoor areas to splash and play.

  • The most impressive area may just be the Wibit-brand challenge course, an obstacle course on the water.
  • There will also be an in-pool basketball area


Obstacle course on the water at Diggerland USA in west berlin New Jersey


Will there be places to swim?

Yes. Again, be prepared to me amazed. The Water Main will have places to swim, but the swim areas won’t all look like your typical pool. Prepare for tunnels and different paths you can swim around in what Diggerland is calling the swim vortex. You can see more of it in the video below. We’ll share pictures as soon as they are available.


Diggerland obstacle course on water and places to swim


Will there be an extra charge for The Water Main? How much will admission be to the Diggerland Waterpark?

Admission to Diggerland USA will include all the contruction theme park activities and rides you’ve come to love AND the Water Main waterpark area. Use this link and buy your Diggerland tickets for $29.95. That’s the kids’ price good for kids and adults. But it’s a limited time offer so don’t wait.


Arial view of diggerland waterpark


Other information about Diggerland’s Water Main

Is Diggerland getting rid of anything to add the waterpark?

No, but don’t take my word for it. Read what one of the coowners had to say. 


“We want our guests to know that The Water Main is an expansion of our attractions footprint and that we are not removing any of our existing attractions,” said Yan Girlya, co-owner/co-president.


Why is Diggerland adding a waterpark?

Diggerland has been one of those South Jersey family attractions always listening to what customers and then working to give it to them. Every year there’s always something new at Diggerland. Diggerland guests have been asking for a place to swim. But when considering the plan to provide a pool and the expansive property Diggerland has, owners made a decision to provide guests with more than a pool. They wanted to provide New Jersey families with a new waterpark experience.


Pinterest image for Diggerland Waterpark


What does Diggerland know about running a waterpark?

A lot. We first met the co-owners of Diggerland back in the early years of Jersey Family Fun. We were getting this site growing and they were operating Sahara Sams. The owners and members of their management team have extensive aquatic park development and operational experience.


Want to see more?

If this didn’t get you excited then this video certainly will. I was squealing with excitement watching this video.


Our kids are going to be in for such a treat when they splash and swim at the Diggerland Waterpark, the Water Main.


Get your Diggerland tickets now before prices go up!


Pinterest image for Diggerland Waterpark


Learn more about Diggerland USA in our guide to Diggerland, Everything You Want to Know About Diggerland USA.


Everything you want to know about Diggerland USA (1)


Want to learn more about upcoming Diggerland Events? 

Visit our Diggerland Calendar of Events.


Pinterest image for Diggerland Waterpark

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