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Returning to Diggerland USA for 2017

My family and I recently had the chance to visit Diggerland USA, in West Berlin. We hadn’t been there since their first season, in 2014, and we couldn’t wait to check out all the new attractions like the Greased Beast!


Diggerland USA something for everyone

My oldest daughter, age 7, was most excited to try out the rock wall and the ropes course, and we were pleasantly surprised to learn that both are included in the general admission price. My 5 year old daughter could’ve played in the playground area all day, but she also enjoyed lots of Diggerland rides during our visit as well, such as the SpinDizzy, and the Big Digger. My two year old son was in awe of just about everything Diggerland USA has to offer, and everywhere he turned, he would point and shout “Big Truck!” His favorite ride was the barrel train, which he rode more than a few times.


The barrel train


Diggerland USA’s newest ride the Greased Beast

The newest attraction, the Greased Beast, was just opening THAT DAY, so of course we had to ride it! The bright blue dump truck ride features seating for 13 in the rear section of a demolition trailer, which is about twice the size of a regular dump truck. Riders, who must be at least 42 inches tall, are strapped and harnessed into custom built seats and raised over 30 feet in the air before the tail gate of the machine suddenly swings open, simulating the cargo (or in this case, riders) being dumped. My girls loved the ride and said “We just kept going up and up and up!”.


Diggerland USA newest ride the Greased Beast in Berlin New Jersey



The Greased Beast is not your typical thrill ride, but then again, none of the attractions at Diggerland USA are anything like the amusement rides you find anywhere else, and that’s what makes this theme park so special. The idea and design for the Greased Beast was entirely developed by Diggerland USA owners and staff, who wanted to bring something new and unique to the park for 2017. Knowing the fascination people, and especially children, have with big trucks, they decided to model this attraction after one of the largest construction vehicles that can operate on the interstate system. Awesome!


Diggerland USA newest ride the Greased Beast in Berlin New Jersey

Waiting to be officially strapped in for Diggerland’s Greased Beast.


When Jenn went with her family the following weekend, she recorded this video of Diggerland’s newest ride, the Greased Beast.


Diggerland USA is located in West Berlin, New Jersey, and is the ONLY construction themed amusement park in North America where guests have the opportunity to operate ACTUAL machinery, just for fun! It is a must-do for any family. Aside from more than 25 rides and attractions, Diggerland USA also features a huge arcade, an action packed stunt show, rubber duck races, “gold digger”, a mining activity, two baby Nigerian Dwarf goats, aptly named Dozer and Diesel, and some of the best birthday parties around!


Diggerland USA newest ride the Greased Beast in Berlin New Jersey


Jenn also took our Facebook fans through this construction theme park in a Facebook Live video of her and the boys touring the Diggerland Park.


Click here to view more Diggerland USA photos from our recent visit.

Here’s a preview.


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Diggerland is a Jersey Family Fun advertiser. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun and our efforts to share fun New Jersey amusement parks with our readers. As always, all opinions are our own.

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