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Your Kids Will DIG Camp Out & Dig In ~ Diggerland Family Campouts

This post was sponsored by Diggerland when they were a  Jersey Family Fun advertiser. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about things to do with families in New Jersey & New Jersey Amusement Parks we think your family may enjoy.

How awesome are we in New Jersey that not only do we get to have the only construction theme park in the country, but we can also camp out there?

Two years ago, my then 9-year-old son and I had our tent pitched and we were sleeping on the grounds of Diggerland USA in Berlin, New Jersey. We had the honor of being guests of the first Diggerland Camp Out for families. After a few camp outs with the Boy Scouts, Diggerland decided it was time to open this unique overnight event to families. We are so thrilled that they did. Truth be told, it was my son’s first time camping out in a tent and we could not have asked for a more perfect night or wonderful experience. When your son repeatedly spends the morning giving you hugs, telling you he loves you, and thanking you for bringing him, you know it was an experience that was special.

Your Kids Will DIG Camp Out & Dig In - A Diggerland Camp Out for Families

Then, I just couldn’t wait to share our experience with you and now that we’ve recently stayed with Diggerland for another campout I still love it as much as I did then. These Diggerland Campouts give me a special way to spend one-on-one time with my youngest and those memories are going to stay with me and him for a long time.

Allow me to share with you about the Diggerland Camp Out experience. Take note, the Camp Out & Dig are hosted 4 times a year. Twice a year for families and twice a year for scouts.

Camp Out & Dig In ~ A Diggerland Camp Out for Families

Upcoming Diggerland Campouts

  • Fall Scout Overnight Saturday, October 12, 2019 – More details in our event listing.
  • Family Campout & Dig In Saturday, October 26, 2019 – More details in our event listing.

About the Diggerland Camp Out, Camp Out & Dig In

This is a camp out for families with kids of any ages. If you take your kids camping or have wanted to, this is a great camp option in a setting that is extra fun. Each Diggerland Camp Out starts at 7 pm on a Saturday night and ends at 8 am the following morning. Ticket prices are $54.95 for those 42″ and under and $59.95 for those taller. Admission includes dinner, snacks, breakfast, a $5 game card, rides till 11:30 pm and a full day’s admission on Sunday.

Diggerland Camp Out Camp Out & Dig In in Berlin New Jersey

A trailer took our gear back to the campsite.

Now that you have the basic information, let me help answer all the questions you might have about a Diggerland Camp Out.

Where do campers camp at during a Diggerland Camp Out?

It turns out that behind the left side of Diggerland USA they actually have some slightly undeveloped land. Depending on the time of year and the number of families expected the Diggerland Camp Out might be in one of two spots. Both are nestled between the trees providing enough of a clearing to allow several families to camp. After we checked in, a trailer took our gear to the campground. Campers, like us, climbed aboard the Excavator Express that took us to the clearing. We picked out our spot, pitched our tent, and then headed back down to enjoy the rides.

Diggerland Camp Out Camp Out & Dig In in Berlin New Jersey

Taking the Excavator Express to the campground.

What is the schedule during the Diggerland Camp Out?

When you register for a Diggerland Camp Out the staff will be in touch with you making sure you know what to bring and the schedule for the night. You will also get an updated schedule that evening. For our camp out, campers checked in between 6 pm and 7 pm. Once our tents were set up we were free to go into Diggerland where we could ride the rides till just before 11:00 pm. Dinner was from 7:30 -9:00 pm with s’mores and other desserts from 9:30 – 10:30 pm. The following morning breakfast was from 7:30 – 9 am. Campers needed to break down their tents by 10 am. Diggerland then opened for guests and campers at 10 am.

Diggerland Family Campout Schedule

What about the meals?

I was very pleased with the availability and selection of food during the Diggerland Camp Out. At dinner, there was pizza, salad, and subs. There was water and soda to drink. Later during the dessert time, there was s’mores, chips, ice cream, and cookies. For breakfast, there were a lot of cereal, fruit, dough nuts and cookie options along with orange juice, apple juice, coffee, milk, and water. At no time did it feel like there would not be enough food for anyone, nor did it feel like anyone could not eat more if they were still hungry. The availability of food and selection was a big plus for me. I will note that while there were not many gluten-free options for dinner beyond the salad, I was allowed to bring my own food from home. If you have any concerns about food allergies, please do share them with the Diggerland team.

Diggerland Camp Out Camp Out & Dig In in Berlin New Jersey CEO Ilya Girlya

Co-president & Diggerland CEO Ilya serves up pizza to campers.

What should you bring to a Diggerland Camp Out?

You need a tent for your group and a sleeping bag with pillow for each camper. You are also welcome to bring snacks and beverages to keep at your campsite. Flashlights, bug spray, and sunscreen are also recommended. Outside of that, what you bring is based on what you feel you need. The Diggerland campground will have bathrooms available during the evening. There will either be port-a-potties available or the main Diggerland bathrooms will be open. However, the campsite does not have water running available. Bring wipes for those late-night sticky hands. Plan to brush your teeth at the regular restrooms before leaving Diggerland for the night. We brought a clip on mosquito repellent and hung it from our tent, but we did not find it to be buggy at all. I would also suggest, if you are a light sleeper, to bring ear plugs. Throughout the night I could occasionally hear other campers snoring or young kids fussing.

campground Diggerland Camp Out Camp Out & Dig In in Berlin New Jersey

These families were camping pros.

Now that we’ve gotten some of your questions out of the way, let me share some of our favorite moments from Diggerland’s Camp Out & Dig In event.

Book your tickets for the next Diggerland Campout!

Our Favorite Diggerland Camp Out Moments

How can you not enjoy a night where it feels like you have Diggerland all to yourself? There may be 150 campers or more at a Diggerland Camp Out for families. That may sound like a lot but it has never felt like a lot. There were no lines at all for any ride we went on. In fact, there were a few rides my son went on repeatedly because no one else was waiting. It’s hard to pick a few favorite moments but I’m going to try.

Smile for the camera

My son has never been so agreeable to pictures as he was during the Diggerland Camp Out. Every machine it was another opportunity for him to say take my picture or for him to just offer up one pose after another. You can see all our pictures from both of the Camp Out & Dig In events we’ve been to in this Facebook album.

Diggerland Camp Out Camp Out & Dig In


Spin Dizzy fun!

I had not known how much my son loved Diggerland’s Spin Dizzy until I saw how much he wanted to ride it over and over again. Nothing has changed. Back then, I did actually give into his request to ride it with him. But after one ride, it became clear that I am not as brave as him when it comes to amusement park rides. I still standby and watch as he spins and spins.

Spin DIzzy ride during Diggerland Camp Out Camp Out & Dig In in Berlin New Jersey

My son is a natural behind the wheel of Diggerland trucks

It’s sheer joy when your child discovers they are now tall enough to get behind the driver’s seat of some Diggerland rides. Gone are the days of sitting on a parent’s lap or in the passenger seat. The first time my son took the wheel of the Workmax trucks he was a pro. He navigated that course with no problems. He didn’t hit a tire or a barrier like most first timers do. The second time around he even let me jump in the camp with him. From there he moved on to operating a backhoe. While this was tougher to drive, he still did very well. He even stopped at one point and lifted the backhoe in the air. Driving the trucks still brings him joy.

Climbing new heights

Back then, my 9 year old challenged himself to see how far he could go on the ropes course. As he climbed higher and higher I held back any fears I had and did my best to cheer him on. He did so awesome making it up to the third level before deciding to save that for our next visit. Now, 11 years old he climbs to the top so quickly, he swears he’s Spiderman.

Ropes Course at Diggerland USA in Berlin New Jersey

He went to so high!

S’mores & more

What would a camp out be without s’mores? Diggerland provided each camper with a s’mores kit to make 2 s’mores.

Roasting marshmallows Diggerland Camp Out Camp Out & Dig In in Berlin New Jersey

It’s not a camp out without roasting marshmallows.

Saying Goodnight

We winded down our night away from home with a special good night message for all of you. While my son could have explored Diggerland till 11:00 pm at night, he knew his limits. At about 10/10:30 pm he was ready to head back to our tent for bed. (We went to be at the same time this year. Fresh air makes kids (and moms) tired.) As he recorded this video, I couldn’t help but aww… . Watch him try to share his excitement for the Diggerland Camp Out while also rubbing his eyes and trying to finish out his message. It didn’t take him long after that to fall asleep.

Stars, wishes & beautiful views

On this beautiful, clear night my little boy who is so often overly energetic, running here and there, took the time to notice the first star of the night. It was while we were at the top of the Diggerland Sky Shuttle looking out over the park. It caught his attention. He stopped, make a wish, concentrating so hard so it would come true. Then, we took a few pictures of the park from this incredible view and a few selfies as the Sky Shuttle lowered us back to the ground.

Ariel view of Diggerland USA from Sky Shuttle

Hugs, kisses, & I love yous

I mentioned early on how much my son showered me with attention after we woke up from our Diggerland Camp Out. Like any mom, I will hold on to every one of those hugs and kisses and I love yous. Life can get so busy between work and school and sports and all of our other responsibilities. It’s great when we can take these special moments with our kids to slow down. The Diggerland Camp Out was one of those moments and it was so sweet that he appreciated it too.

The next Diggerland Camp Out, Camp Out & Dig In will be Saturday, October 26, 2019. You can visit Diggerland’s site at to learn more. You can view our pictures from the Camp Out on Facebook here or see a preview below.

Want to learn more about Diggerland USA, check out our guide to Diggerland: Everything You Want to Know.

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