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The Best Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do at Diggerfest at Diggerland USA

This post was sponsored by Diggerland who is a Jersey Family Fun Partner in Fun. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about things to do with families in New Jersey & New Jersey Amusement Parks we think your family may enjoy.



Last weekend we had a wonderful day packed with Diggerland fun. First, we checked out the Touch a Truck event! There were so many trucks, more than even I expected. You can see the highlights here.


After seeing, hearing, and climbing into all the trucks we headed into the park even more fun. It was opening weekend of Diggerfest at Diggerland USA. 


About Diggerfest at Diggerland

Diggerfest combines all the fun of Diggerland USA with all the activities kids love to do at a fall festival. It’s one of the most unique and best ways to have a fall staycation in New Jersey.


Diggerland Diggerfest Pinterest Images for Jersey Family Fun4


Watch our highlights in this video

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12 Diggerland Diggerfest Activities

These special activities are included as part of the Diggerfest activities. Most activities are included with admission.

  • Hayride – Climb aboard the hay bale filled tractor and take a Halloween-themed hayride through a construction site. On this hayride you will see ghosts made out of wood paneling, snowman made from tires, and more. Hold on tight because it may get a little bumpy, but the kids will love every minute of it! The hayrides are at the rear left corner of the park. Just follow the signs.


Hayride at Diggerland


  • Pumpkin Launching – Use the pumpkin launcher to see how far in the air you can launch 3 different mini pumpkins. There are targets and even a tire to aim for. (There may be an additional charge for pumpkin launching.)


  • Hay Maze – While you are checking out Diggerfest make sure to take a trip through the hay bale maze. When Jillian visited she couldn’t get her 2 year old out of it, he had a blast!


  • Witch Hat Ring Toss – How many rings can you land on the witch’s hat?


witch hat toss at Diggerland Diggerfest


  • Pumpkin Picking/Decorating- No fall festival would be complete without pumpkin picking and Diggerfest doesn’t disappoint. Each child is allowed to pick one pumpkin and decorate it with washable markers. (The markers are located in a basket next to the pumpkins.)


  • Pumpkin Bowling – Line up the white soda bottles as pins. Step back to the beginning of the hay-lined alley. Roll a pumpkin and see how many pins you can knock down.


  • Pose with scarecrows and haystacks or with other fall Diggerland decor. There are great photo opps around the park. The one below is in the rear right corner of the park, near the pavillion and concession stand.


Diggerfest Photo Op with scarecrows and hay


  • Corn & Wooden Maze – Make your way through the twists and turns of a fall-themed maze.



  • Pumpkin Putt – Can you putt the ball through the Diggerland Halloween pumpkin decor?


pumpkin putt at Diggerland Diggerfest


  • Warm up or roast marshmallows at the fire pit.


  • Watch the Diggerland Parade of Machines.



  • Listen to live music.


The activities for Diggerfest were so much fun and that is only part of what Diggerland USA has to offer this fall. After you enjoy all the fall activities check out the rest of the park. There are so many new activities to try and old ones to try again. We typically spend about 3-4 hours enjoying Diggerland when we visit but we could easily have spent another hour or two. There is just so much to do and with smaller crowds you can ride the rides again and again.


8 NEW Diggerland Activities Available Year-Round

These new Diggerland activities have been gradually added to the park since last year’s Diggerfest. Most are included with admission.

  • Tractor Pull – Can your kids pull the baby tractor? Can you pull the regular tractor?


Tractor Pull at Diggerland USA in West Berlin New Jersey


  • Tire Pull – Try by yourself to lift one tire with a 3 pulley system. Or work as a family to lift a tire on one pulley.


Tire pulley at Diggerland USA


  • Slingshot – During Diggerfest you can launch pumpkins in the air. The rest of the year test your strength launching tennis balls at the target.


  • Hamster wheel – This activity reminds me of a hamster in a hamster wheel. It looks fun. It is fun! Climb inside with your kids and walk to roll the wheels down the track. Grab a few friends and make it a race.


  • Axe Throw – Yes, there’s an axe throw for the grownups included with a Diggerland XL experience. But younger guests can have their own ax throwing experience with plastic axes with suctions cups.


axe throwing for kids at Diggerland


  • Hopscotch


hopscotch at Diggerland


  • Corn Hole


cone checkers at Diggerland usa


  • Cone Checkers


4 Great Spots for Diggerfest Diggerland Instagram Photos

  • Front entrance tire – When you first approach the Diggerland ticket booth, don’t forget to stop by the Diggerland USA welcome tire. Get those pictures BEFORE the kids go into the park while they’re all smile. Once they tire out from all the Diggerland fun, they may not be so agreeable to pictures.


Diggerland tire at entrance with fall decor


  • Adironack chair – The adironack chair, near the duck races and gem mining is also decked out with hay, pumpkins, and scarecrows.
  • Scarecrows with haystacks – Throughout the park, at every turn, you’ll find scarecrows and hay. Should you be stuck waiting for a ride, pop on over and grab a quick picture.
  • Diggerfest Wall of Photos – Pose with photo board cut outs of a stack of pumpkins, sunflowers, a scarecrow, and an Instagram frame.


Diggerland photo wall of picture props




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You can also visit this link for the complete schedule for Diggerfest at Diggerland.

Diggerfest at Diggerland tractor with cornstalk


Learn about the waterpark coming to Diggerland in this post.

Pinterest image for Diggerland Waterpark

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