Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? St. Patty’s Day Activity

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“When you think things are bad,

when you feel sour and blue,

when you start to get mad…

you should do what I do!


Just tell yourself, Duckie,

you’re really quite lucky!

Some people are much more…

oh, ever so much more…

oh, muchly much-much more

unlucky than you!”

Thanksgiving isn’t the only time to talk to your kids about gratitude. You can make it part of your St. Patrick’s Day festivities, or any time your kids are having a bad day, by reading the Dr. Seuss classic, Did I ever tell you how lucky you are?

The book tells of an old man in the desert of Drize singing a song about all of the zany places and people you’re lucky you’re not. Once again, a children’s story with a new twist on a great message- to be thankful for what you have, or rather to be thankful your situation isn’t much worse. A message that even adults can benefit from every now and then.



To tie in the book with your St. Patrick’s Day activities, cut out shamrocks from construction paper and have your children each write something they are grateful for. Also, have them brainstorm things they are lucky they’re not. Then, decorate the house with all of your reminders of how lucky you are.


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