Macy’s Dickens Village in Philadelphia

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Macy’s Dickens Village


Macy's Dickens Village


A few days ago I had told you folks about the Macy’s Light Show, a soon to be tradition at the Garner household. We went there this weekend and decided while we were there to stop by Macy’s Dickens Village on the 3rd floor. A nice lady on the PATCO told us it was a must see, so, as soon as the light show ended we took the escalator up to the third floor. I had no idea what to expect since I didn’t do any research on it. But let me tell you Macy’s Dickens Village is beautiful and a must see!


The Macy’s Dickens Village entrance starts out with a giant book and a tree where you can take pictures while you wait in line. You can walk through the village at your own pace but allow yourself at least 90 minutes to enjoy it. Once the workers instruct you to come in (they are all dressed in appropriate time period garb with accents to boot) a little Charles Dicken’s himself begins to tell the story of Mr. Scrooge. In the beginning you walk through a tiny village which you can walk up to each door, seeing moveable scenes in each doorway and signs that read parts of the story. Continue your journey through Christmas Past, Christmas Present, Christmas yet to Come and The Fate of Scrooge. At the end of the story you have a choice to go right and leave or go left and sit on Santa’s lap.


Tips for Exploring Macy’s Dickens Village

  • Go early and do not come after the light show like we did, everyone had the same idea.
  • Go to the bathroom before entering which is directly to the right of the entrance.
  • Bring activities to keep kids entertained as they wait.
  • Christmas to Come may be scary to some children, it includes Death himself and darkness/strobe lights.
  • Christmas Past includes three ghosts hanging that may be scary for some children as well.


The start of your journey through another time.


Macy’s Dickens Village is on the 3rd Floor of Macy’s

1300 Market St.
Philadelphia, PA 19107

Macy’s Dickens Village is a free event and no advanced registration is needed. Since I took the PATCO I unfortunately have no advice on parking. But go, have fun, then come back and tell us how much you liked it.


Be prepared to stop for family pictures along the way


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