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Dave & Buster’s Atlantic City Review with PHOTOS

Dave & Buster’s recently opened a brand new location in South Jersey, in Atlantic City. Always wanting to bring you the latest in family attractions and things to do in Atlantic City with kids, I had to of course make a visit to give you my review of the Atlantic City Dave & Buster’s. After all, we’ve been telling you about Atlantic City activities for kids for over 10 years, we had to tell you about this.

About Dave & Buster’s Atlantic City

Before I start my Dave & Buster’s Atlantic City review let’s start with the basics.

Where is the Dave & Buster’s in Atlantic City?

Dave & Buster’s could not have picked a more perfect location in Atlantic City. They are at the corner of Missouri Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. The exact address is 2120 Atlantic Ave Suite 912, Atlantic City, NJ 08401. They are on the outer edge of the Tanger Outlets.

Front of Dave & Buster's Atlantic City location at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Missouri Avenue

If you’re coming by way of the Atlantic City Expressway you would just continue straight as you exit the Expressway into Atlantic City. If you’re coming via the White Horse Pike, take Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Make a right onto Baltic Avenue and then a left onto Missouri Avenue. If you’re coming into Atlantic City using the Black Horse Pike you’ll turn left onto Atlantic Avenue.

How much is admission to Dave & Busters Atlantic City?

Dave & Buster’s locations do not charge an admission fee. Rather what you pay is based on the game cards or food you purchase during your visit.

Atlantic City Dave and Buster's Power Card Machines - Tall Shot

For playing video games, guests buy or load chips/credits onto Power Cards at either machines or through the Dave & Buster’s app.

The lowest number of required chips needed for a game were 4.1 chips. Those were the basketball hoop games. Most games averaged between needing 8.5-12.5 chips/credits.

Where is parking for the Dave & Busters Atlantic City?

Unlike some Dave & Buster’s locations, the Dave & Busters in Atlantic City does not have its own parking lot. Rather, visitors are encouraged to use nearby parking lots. This is where its location is particularly convenient.

Parking lots and rates near the Atlantic City Dave & Busters

  • Next door is the Caesar’s parking garage. While the location is next door, it’s not the most convenient as visitors would still need to access elevators to reach the ground level. Parking rates here will vary depending on the day, season, membership status, and event calendar. During the day of our visit, parking rates were $15 for members and $20 for nonmembers.
  • Across the street, the former Trump Plaza parking garage is a regular parking lot and garage now. During the day of our visit, parking was $10 for 4 hours.
  • Diagonally across the street from the arcade and bar is Bass Pro Shops. Bass Pro offers parking at $10 for 4 hours. If you walk through the shop (very fun to do) you can have your parking ticket validated so your first hour of parking is free. If you spend $30 or more in the shop then parking is free for 4 hours.
  • A few blocks from there Tanger Outlets does have a few small lots where parking is $10 for a few hours.

Additionally, the Atlantic City train station is only about a 10 minute walk from Dave & Buster’s.

What is there to do at the Dave & Busters Atlantic City?

When families visit Dave & Busters they are usually going for one of two reasons: to eat or to play video games. With its oversized TV screens, the locations are also popular for watching sports games over drinks and munchies.

Atlantic City Dave and Buster's Dodgeball boys playing - Wide Shot

Dave & Busters Atlantic City Review

The details that we are providing in our review are based on our visit to the Dave & Busters in Atlantic City during the afternoon on Thursday, December 21, 2023. We covered our expenses and visited as regular members of the public during a normal operating day. We have also visited the Dave & Busters at the Gloucester Premium Outlets and in Philadelphia at Penn’s Landing.

Our overall impression

While I will certainly go into more details (that’s my style) I was definitely impressed with the newest Dave & Buster’s location in Atlantic City and it might be my favorite. I’m not just saying that because it’s the closest for me. I found the quality of the food and the menu selection better than our other Dave and Buster’s dining experiences. Both in the dining area and the gaming area, there were staff available, present, and circulating about the space. The staff were all smiles and generally seemed happy to be there.

Atlantic City Dave and Buster's Front of Arcade - Wide Shot

In the arcade area, I found the space to be large without being overwhelming. It seems to be a smaller space than the Gloucester Outlets location, yet it felt like the Atlantic City location had more games to offer.

I was pleased with the selection and quantity of games. There were several single player and two player games. There was even a multiplayer game of Pacman, where I believe up to 8 people can play at once. Racing rides could be linked up in such a way that my boys could be at different machines and still race together. Most games had several machines so I don’t imagine there would be lots of waiting to play. There were probably less than 5 games that were not operational.

Dining at Dave & Busters Atlantic City

Unfortunately, I haven’t had good dining experiences at other Dave & Buster’s in the past, so I was a bit apprehensive about eating there. Today, was a great experience. There were some delays in getting our food and desserts, but I think that is to be expected in the first few weeks of a restaurant being opened. This AC Dave & Buster’s just opened last week.

Atlantic City Dave and Buster's Restaurant - Wide Shot

The customer service was fabulous. Unlike the Gloucester location where a robot brought out our food, in Atlantic City a server brought us our food. Our waitress was excellent with her courteousness and accuracy. I found the pricing of menu items to be reasonable. I could see our family eating at this location again.


While some of this information may change it’s what was in place during our visit.

  • Dave & Buster’s does offer an extensive drink menu and bar. However, since our goal is to focus on the family-friendliness of this location, it’s not something we will cover here.
  • Appetizers started at about $9.
  • Entrees and main dishes started at $13.
  • Families with children, adolescents, or teens can sit at tables or booths.
  • The Dave & Buster’s restaurant offers gluten-free and vegan options on the menu. There is a kids’ menu. There are free refills on fountain drinks.
  • There are dessert options.
  • View the menu on their website.
Atlantic City Dave and Buster's Menu front- Tall Shot

Gluten-free options

Most restaurants strive to offer some gluten-free options and try to avoid cross-contamination. Dave & Buster’s is the same. Since our last visit to one of their restaurants, there are more gluten-free options. Here’s a look at the gluten-free choices on their menu.

  • Garlic Parmesan Truffle Fries
  • Chicken Cantina Nachos
  • Cheeseburgers and Hamburgers
  • Salad
  • Grilled Atlantic Salmon
  • Smokehouse Barbecue Ribs
  • 14 oz Ribeye Steak
  • Boneless Wings

Kids Menu

During our Dave & Buster’s Atlantic City visit, there were 4 options on the Kids’ Menu. All were priced under $10 with the lowest priced at $6.49.

  • Chicken Bites and Fries
  • Cheeseburger and Fries
  • Pizza
  • Macaroni and Cheese
Atlantic City Dave and Buster's Dining Booths - Wide Shot

What did we eat at Dave & Buster’s?

  • One son had a traditional Philadelphia Cheesesteak and one had a plain cheesesteak.
  • Another son had an All American Cheeseburger with fries. I had the same but prepared on a gluten-free bun.
  • Of course, we had to have dessert. My sons split the Big Daddy Chocolate Cake and the Stuffed Sugar Cinnamon Churros.

See our pictures below of the food we ate at Dave & Buster’s Atlantic City.

Video Games at Dave & Busters Atlantic City

Entering Dave & Buster’s in Atlantic City is like entering a newer modern arcade. The newness of it means this location is going to be slightly different than other Dave & Buster’s locations, though I imagine some things will be added to other locations as they roll out changes.

For starters, the stations to buy or recharge Power Cards were all located around one fairly central column. You couldn’t miss the ‘Start Here’ bright letters and we didn’t need to search all over the arcade for where to get a card or check our balance. Using tap technology, at the AC Dave & Buster’s Power Cards don’t need to be swiped. They can just be tapped.

You know those crane machines where you try and grab rolls of tickets? They have them in Atlantic City, but they work differently. Your tickets appear to ‘drop’ into a basket, but instead of you receiving those tickets, the tickets are scanned and your Power Card is credited for those tickets. No handling or risk losing rolls of tickets.

There’s also now a way to play the games using a digital Power Card. We didn’t try that this time but it’s an option for families that don’t want to handle physical cards.

Games we didn’t see

Other than skeeball, I can’t recall a game that the Gloucester Dave & Buster’s had that Atlantic City didn’t. There are some games that the Gloucester spot has multiple machines for whereas Atlantic City might have one machine. On the other hand, there seemed to be a greater variety of games in AC versus Gloucester.

Atlantic City Dave and Buster's Carnival Cups - Tall Shot

In Blackwood/Gloucester that Dave & Buster’s seemed to have a dedicated VR area and VR games. We didn’t see any such area in Atlantic City. My boys think only one video game required the use of a VR headset.

Games we haven’t seen

Here are a few games that were new to us. They may now be at other locations, but they weren’t during our last visit.

  • Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
  • Spinner Frenzy
  • Baseball Pro Big Win, Bobblehead Baseball, and other baseball games
  • Carnival Cups
  • Marvel Avengers Infinity Stone Challenge
  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • New varieties of spin-to-win tickets or challenge games to win tickets
Atlantic City Dave and Buster's Avenger's Infinity Stone Challenge - Wide Shot

Our favorite games

These are other games that we hadn’t seen before at Dave & Buster’s and quickly became our favorites.

  • World Football Pro, a soccer game
  • Dodgeball Ultimate Arena
  • Pacman Battle Royal, up to 8 players can take on each other and the ghosts.
  • Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, this was the favorite game among all of my sons. They all used several credits/chips on this game. As they played they were able to collect different cards. It’s like getting a souvenir with your video game play.

Here are some classic games that you can find at the Atlantic City Dave & Buster’s.

  • 2 Air Hockey tables
  • Motorcycle and Race Car Driving games
  • Oversized Space Invaders
  • Mario Kart
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Connect 4 Hoops
  • 6 Basketball Hoop Games
  • Coin-pushing games
  • A few Crane games
  • Crane/Grab the ticket games
Atlantic City Dave and Buster's Air Hockey - Wide Shot

A few more things to know about the Atlantic City Dave & Busters

Before closing out my Dave & Busters Atlantic City review allow me to share a few more details.

Best time to visit

Adults tend to come to Atlantic City for the casinos and nightlife. The evening hours are when I expect Dave & Buster’s in Atlantic City to be the busiest with adults. This AC location opens at 11 am most days and at 10 am on Sundays. For families visiting with kids, tweens, and teens, I would recommend visiting in the daytime hours or the afternoon hours. Midweek is going to be better than weekends. Keep in mind though during winter breaks and school holidays, crowds will likely be heavier.

Atlantic City Dave and Buster's Mario Kart - Wide Shot

I expect summertime to be another busy time of year for this location of Dave and Busters, but again daytime will be the best time to visit as most families and visitors will be on the beach during the day and looking for inside fun later in the day.

Atlantic City Dave and Buster's Wicked Tuna - Tall Shot


In addition to men’s and women’s restrooms there was a family restroom. The women’s restrooms had several stalls. My sons say the men’s restrooms were similar.

Wide Open Spaces

Whether you’re traveling with children in a stroller or guests with a wheelchair or walker, you’ll find the wide open aisles make it easy to get around.

Atlantic City Dave and Buster's Coco Bowl Wizard of Oz - Wide ShotJPG

Prize Redemption Booth

Like other arcades, Dave & Buster’s does have a prize redemption booth. A minimum of 25 tickets were needed to claim a prize. High-end prizes included Nintendo Switches, drones, VR sets, and more.

Atlantic City Dave and Buster's Prize Redemption - Tall Shot

Neat Perk

Here’s a ‘prize’ that’s not been typical of NJ arcades we’ve played at. This might be new for all Dave & Busters, but I’ve never seen it promoted before. At the Atlantic City Dave & Buster’s you can redeem your tickets for food: 1800 tickets for a dessert or appetizer, 2200 tickets for an entree. Now that’s a prize I would not mind collecting tickets for.

Atlantic City Dave and Buster's Prize Redemption Tickets for food - Tall Shot

Tips for saving money at Dave & Buster’s

A day at an arcade like Dave & Buster’s doesn’t have to be very expensive. There are a few ways to save money.

  • Right now, there is a gift card promotion. Spend $50 get an extra $10.
  • Join the rewards program through the app and get an additional $15 in game play with your first purchase of $15 in game play.
  • Wednesdays is Half Price Game Day. All games all day are half price.
  • Purchase credits in bulk when you can. Now that there are more Dave & Buster locations across New Jersey it makes sense to stock up on credits and save. After all, you don’t need to use all the credits during one visit. Chips/credits do expire though so check with a member of guest relations to find out the latest in the expiration policy.
  • Additionally, look for bonuses as you close out your transaction. For an additional $6 I was able to add 75 additional credits before finalizing my purchase.
  • Hold onto your Power Cards. There is a $3 activation fee for each new Power Card purchase, whether that’s a physical or digital card.
Atlantic City Dave and Buster's Space Invaders - Tall Shot

Final thoughts

I welcome the arrival of Dave & Buster’s to Atlantic City. It’s always exciting to have one more thing for the kids to do in Atlantic City, especially something that is weatherproof and seasonproof. It’s a decent-sized arcade, centrally-located in Atlantic City, and surrounded by other things to do. You can make a day out of a visit to Atlantic City. With more time, you can stretch out to explore other areas of Atlantic City with the kids.

Atlantic City Dave and Buster's World Football Pro - Wide Shot

5 Things to do that are Very Near Dave & Busters Atlantic City

These Atlantic City attractions are within walking distance of Dave & Buster’s.

  • Attempt an escape at the PanIQ Escape Rooms, a family-friendly themed escape room is listed as one of the options.
  • Explore the Noyes Museum Art Garage, admission is free
  • Watch the fish in the deep sea tank and admire all the life-sized models of animal life at Bass Pro Shops
  • Shop the Tanger Outlets
  • Walk the AC Boardwalk, though except for the Steel Pier there are not family-friendly activities on the Boardwalk.

5 Things to do that are Near Dave & Busters Atlantic City

These Atlantic City attractions are near Dave & Buster’s but would be a short drive or a walk of 1-5 miles.

  • Climb the Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City
  • See an IMAX movie
  • Walk through Lucy the Elephant
  • Race go-carts at the Steel Pier or Lucky Snake Arcade
  • Splash it up at Island Waterpark at Showboat Resort
Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City
Absecon Lighthouse

Stick around and read more on Jersey Family Fun

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