Dandylion the Duck Book Review

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Dandylion the Duck

Dandylion the Duck

By Tom Gober


Dandylion the Duck is a story of the youngest duckling who goes through a series of challenges and by learning patience becomes the first in his family to fly.


Dandylion the Duck book

Dandylion the Duck is best for children ages 2 – 8 years old.


Why I enjoyed Dandylion the Duck

  • This book allows for lots of discussion while reading.
  • The themes in the story are familiar to kids. Themes such as patience, treating others fairly and being different.
  • The ducks are named after states, it gives us a chance to talk about different places.

Jack reading Dandylion the Duck

Why my kids enjoyed Dandylion the Duck

  • That all the ducks look different. He enjoys pointing out the different ducks by name.
  • He likes that the story includes things that he has done, like crossing the street safely.
  • The colorful illustrations.


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