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5 Fun Facts about CYBORG Cyber Spin at Six Flags Great Adventure with Ticket Giveaway

Are you ready for MORE twists & thrills at Six Flags?


Every summer, Six Flags Great Adventure releases a new ride. We get the details months ahead of time. We see the concept art images and raw videos of what the new ride should be like. But nothing beats seeing Six Flags Great Adventure’s new rides in person. When the invite for the press conference came it was a no brainer, of course we would attend. The only question was would I or wouldn’t I let the boys play hookey to come with me. I think you all know the answer to that.


Six Flags Great Adventure Cyborg Cyber Spin ride press conference


What fun is visiting Six Flags without the kids? I let their teachers know. They brought home any homework they would miss and we made our plans for the day. On June 13 at the press conference, we were given the chance to see Cyborg Cyber Spin upclose, hear from about it from Great Adventure executives, and take our own spin on this twisting and turning new Great Adventure ride. The weather might have been gloomy but our attitudes were all bright and cheery. The boys could not wait for the press conference to be over so they could ride Cyborg Cyber Spin.


Six Flags Great Adventure Cyborg Cyber Spin ride

My 9 year old could not wait to try the new Six Flags Great Adventure Cyborg Cyber Spin ride.


About CYBORG Cyber Spin at Six Flags Great Adventure

CYBORG Cyber Spin features a unique futuristic triple box design that allows the gondola to spin around three separate axes while rotating forward, backwards and sideways simultaneously at up to 70 feet in the air for intense and continuous movement. Seated 24 across with over-the-shoulder harnesses, riders will experience a thrilling combination of negative and positive gravitational forces. By night—this bold, new attraction promises to light up the New Jersey skies beckoning thrill seekers from near and far.


Six Flags Great Adventure Cyborg Cyber Spin ride


Learn more about Six Flags Great Adventure’s newest ride the CYBORG Cyber Spin by watching the press conference.

Watch the Six Flags Great Adventure CYBORG Cyber Spin Press Conference


I could never ride CYBORG Cyber Spin. I am too much of a chicken. But I had no doubt by daredevil 9 year old would. Not to be outdone by their little brother, my two older boys gave the CYBORG Cyber Spin a spin when Great Adventure debuted it for the media. Take a look.

Watch my boys as ride CYBORG Cyber Spin at Six Flags Great Adventure – Ground view

As my boys rode CYBORG Cyber Spin I recorded a Facebook Live video from my point of view, on the ground.


Watch my boys ride Cyborg at Six Flags Great Adventure – Rider Point of view

When my boys got their turn to ride CYBORG Cyber Spin we were able to sit them adjacent to a Go Pro camera. With the teen on one side and my 9 year old on the other, the Go Pro recorded their every reaction. It’s quite hysterical the affect the gravitational forces had on their hair and clothing. Take a look.



5 Fun Facts about CYBORG Cyber Spin at Six Flags Great Adventure


5 Fun Facts about CYBORG Cyber Spin at Six Flags Great Adventure

  1. Through unpredictable flips and pivots at CYBORG Cyber Spin takes riders to heights up to seven stories (70 feet) above the ground.
  2. Ride the CYBORG Cyber Spin ride during the day for great views of the park and again at night to see the dazzling nighttime light display.
  3. World’s first thrill ride of its kind and first themed to DC Super Hero CYBORG
  4. This intense, simultaneous, triple-axis spinning ride delivers negative and positive gravitational forces to rides. The ride was inspired by the movement of a gyroscope.
  5. With only a 54″ minimum height requirement some kids as young as 9 will be able to ride.


Six Flags Great Adventure Cyborg Cyber Spin ride


My boys review CYBORG Cyber Spin at Six Flags Great Adventure

When you ride Cyborg Cyber Spin you will have a lot of fun. It is so super scary your head will not stop spinning. So go to Six Flags Great Adventure to see more. Bye – A review of Cyborg Cyber Spin from my 9 year old son.


Cyborg Cyber Spin was super fun. Out of all the rides I’ve been on this is the most intense. Right when you throught you were done it went backwards! With so many twists I could feel all the G’s against my body. I hope Six Flags will keep making amazing rides like this one. – A review of Cyborg Cyber Spin from my 13 year old son.


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Six Flags Great Adventure is at 1 Six Flags Blvd, Jackson, NJ 08527. Hours vary and admission begins at $49.99.


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christy gamber

Monday 30th of July 2018

my kids for sure, they love thrill rides

Kimberly Donaldson

Saturday 28th of July 2018

It looks intense and fun for those who have zero fear.

Kimberly Donaldson

Saturday 28th of July 2018

my oldest and middle would ride it, they are the dare devils. I m a scary cat.

Lisa Hincks

Saturday 28th of July 2018

Fingers crossed! I have yet to take my boys to Six Flags!!!!


Saturday 28th of July 2018

Looks like fun!

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