Customize Your Disney MagicBands with RSVP Custom Creations

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We were hired on behalf of RSVP Custom Creations to share with you these Disney MagicBands decals. 


Tripping to Disney? You’re Going to Want These!!

What kind of Disney traveler are you? Do you scour Pinterest months before you go to find the coolest matching Disney t-shirt ideas? Do you wake up at 4 AM 180 days before your trip to book your meals? Are you glued to the computer 60 days out making your plan for fast passes? Maybe you have elaborate ways to surprise your kids with a Disney vacation.


If the thought of all that planning makes your head spin, you’re the other kind of Disney traveler! Go with the flow, be in the moment and see where the day takes you. If you visited Walt Disney World pre-internet you know it was just as magical to you then as it is to your kids today.


Now we won’t try to change your minds about what kind of Disney traveler you are; there are plenty of ways to plan your family vacation to Disneyworld. But when we hear about a fun new Disney product at a great price, we know EVERY kind of Disney traveler is going to want to customize their Disney MagicBands with RSVP Custom Creations.



Customize Your Disney MagicBands with RSVP Custom Creations


My family visited Walt Disney World twice, once prior to MagicBands and again the year they were introduced. Needless to say the kids LOVED them! Wearing the room key on their wrist meant they could always open the door (what is it about kids wanting to unlock the hotel room?) and having them wear the Disney MagicBands which could help them if they got lost made me love them too. We were given a choice of color but there wasn’t much else to personalize them.


Disney MagicBands custom decal


Fast forward 5 years and now you can decorate Disney MagicBands in so many ways! Options are found at the parks but why not plan ahead and save money AND shop local? One of our favorite companies, RSVP Custom Creations now offers customizable MagicBand vinyl decals!


Customize Your Disney MagicBands with RSVP Custom Creations


6 Things to know before you customize your Disney MagicBands with RSVP Custom Creations

  • Prices for Disney MagicBand decals start at just $3 each! At that price you can’t resist getting your family that something special for the trip.
  • Disney MagicBand designs include Avengers, Haunted Mansion, characters and even patterns for your Disney cruise!
  • Leaving soon? The processing time for your custom Disney MagicBand decal is only 3 days.
  • The MagicBand decals are a printed on a white, permanent adhesive glossy vinyl.
  • Instructions are provided on how to apply the MagicBands decals to your Disney MagicBand.
  • The Disney decals are waterproof AND a cool glow in the dark option is available as well, for those fun Disney nights.


RSVP Custom Creations even has glow in the dark Disney MagicBands decals,

RSVP Custom Creations even has glow in the dark Disney MagicBands decals.


Settle in with your family and decide what suits you best! I might say the Dole Whip decal could be my favorite! Don’t see what you like? RSVP Custom Creations is ready for suggestions to customize your decal!


Disney MagicBand Decal Sticker Skins Dole Whip Pineapple themed Magic Band 2.0

Dole Whip Lover… check out the Disney MagicBand Decal Sticker Skins Dole Whip Pineapple design.


Find out more about the RSVP Custom Creations MagicBand Decals here.

We highly recommend buying from RSVP Custom Creations! As a fellow mom-based New Jersey business we love to support fellow moms! Especially ones who can help us create unique memories for our family vacations. They offer all kinds of invitations, stationery and more, so check them out on Facebook , Twitter , Instagram and Pinterest and shop local!


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Customize Your Disney MagicBands decals with RSVP Custom Creations


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  1. Dayna L Taylor says:

    we are interested in customizing our complimentary magic bands for our Thanksgiving week trip, but your website is so busy… how can I see your catalog without ads popping all over?

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