Curtis Park – Monmouth County Parks and Playgrounds

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Curtis Park – Monmouth County Parks & Playgrounds


Playground equipment for younger children


3 Reasons My Family Loves Curtis Park 


  • Swingsets- There are plenty of swing areas at Curtis Park. There is a area with 4 baby swings and a separate area where there are swings for older children. Both areas have soft surfacing underneath and are far enough away from the climbing playground equipment.


  • Space-Curtis Park has a large grassy area perfect for playing tag, picnicking or kicking a ball around. There is a see saw set back away from the climbers that my daughter loves racing me to each time we visit. The basketball courts are far enough away from that I don’t have to worry about balls flying over to the swing area.


  • Location- This park is located right in the heart of downtown Manasquan. There is ample parking on the streets surrounding Curtis Park. Directly across the street there are several family friendly restaurants which are great for grabbing a quick bite after playing hard at the park. An added bonus is the Manasquan Train Station which is adjacent to the park. How fun would it be to hop on the train instead of driving to the park?



Coming down the slide


Curtis Park Offers:

  • Basketball court
  • Baby swings
  • See saw
  • Older child swings
  • 2 climbing structures(one for older children and one for younger)
  • shuffleboard court
  • picnic tables
  • water fountain
  • Benches
  • On street parking



Playground equipment and rock wall for older children



Curtis Park is located at Main street and Warren Avenue in Manasquan in Monmouth county. 


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See more Curtis Park photos in our Facebook Gallery. See a preview here.

In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

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