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Are you looking to make better use of your Cumberland County Libraries?


Cumberland County Library Events (5)Did you know there are so many Cumberland County Library Events for kids?

We love our local library. It’s such a great resource, especially for families with kids. Each library in Cumberland County, in addition to their websites, has a Facebook Page where they list upcoming events, like story times and performances. Most libraries offer crafts, movie screenings, clubs (like the Lego Club in Bridgeton), and sometimes even video gaming on their big screen in the activity rooms.


Reasons to Visit your Cumberland County Libraries

  • Bring your laptop to the Bridgeton library for wireless internet access.
  • Use the library as a community resource for computer access, to make copies, access other libraries all over the country, and hold community meetings in addition to traditional lending services.
  • Get help with your job search, participate in the GED Program or take a computer workshop.
  • Access and other databases.
  • Participate in Story times, crafts, movies, and much much more.
  • Join book discussions for kids and get free books for your home collection.


What you need to know about the Cumberland County Libraries

  • You can use your library card at home to manage your library account, renew books, download audio books and ebooks, or search catalogs for the titles you’re interested in.
  • The Cumberland County and the local library branches (Millville, Vineland, and Bridgeton) are no longer in the same library system.
  • Starting in 2012 the Cumberland County Library became part of the LOGIN system. That means you’ll need a different library card, but you’ll have access to more resources, as well the ability to borrow from libraries in Gloucester and Salem counties.
  • The 3 City Libraries, Millville, Vineland, and Bridgeton formed their own group called “The Library Community”.
  • If you are a resident of Bridgeton, Millville, or Vineland you can get a free library card for use in Bridgeton, Millville, and Vineland. Since you are also a Cumberland County resident, you can get a free card for the Cumberland County Library.
  • If you are a township resident, you can still get a free card for the Cumberland County Library. If you prefer to use the city libraries, they have the following fees for township residents that want to use the city libraries.
    • Bridgeton Library only — $15 per year
    • Millville Library only — $30 per year
    • Bridgeton, Millville and Vineland Libraries — $50 per year


The Cumberland County Library System Locations


Other Libraries in Cumberland County not part of the county system


Please visit our New Jersey Calendar of Events for more information on Cumberland County Events including Cumberland County Library Events.

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