Art Comes Alive at The Crayola Experience!

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This post was made possible by the Crayola Experience who provided us with admission at no charge. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about Lehigh Valley attractions we think families will enjoy.


Read the exciting details on the Crayola Experience in Easton, Pennsylvania. Then keep reading to see how you can save $5 off your Crayola Experience visit with our Crayola Experience coupon and discount code. PLUS we’re also giving away a family 4 pack of tickets to the Crayola Experience.




If you haven’t gone to Crayola Experience lately – what are you waiting for?


As you might expect, the Jersey Family Fun writers and families get to go a lot of places. Somehow, my 6 year old son has never been to Crayola Experience, despite it being just over an hour away from my home in Northern New Jersey. In fact, the last time I was there was before their 2013 renovation when my daughter was only 3. I was not only curious to see what had changed, but how the different ages (joining my 6 and 10 year old for the day was a friend and her almost 3 year old) could participate in the activities. On the Friday of the Fourth of July weekend, we headed off for the first of many summer day trips!


Ready to go!

Ready to go!


The Crayola Experience is located just over the Delaware River from New Jersey in the charming town of Easton PA. There are only two other Crayola Experiences in the country, so consider all of us in New Jersey lucky to have one so nearby!


You can’t miss the bright four floor building and the fun crayon crosswalks that lead you right to your destination. Parking is available in two nearby garages, or on street, all at a fee. Inside, you can check your coat and rent a locker if needed. Strollers are welcome but outside food is not allowed inside the building so plan accordingly (there are snack stations on each floor or you’re welcome to eat at picnic tables outside). After a quick check in at the ticket desk we were each given a bag to hold our creations, and tokens to redeem for activities on the third floor. We were ready to unleash our creativity! We wanted to see everything and thankfully we got an early start because there was so much more than we anticipated.


Every employee at The Crayola Experience was friendly and helpful!

Every employee at The Crayola Experience was friendly and helpful!


Art Comes Alive!

There is so much to see at the Crayola Experience. We were there for six hours and still didn’t see everything! That’s not because activities were crowded, but because we were able to go at our own pace and each station had something different that the children truly enjoyed and were engaged in. It was really a perfect place for every age in our group which it made for a great day for the moms too! Our toddler guest uses a walker, and the accessibility of the activities, and the large elevator and the convenient bathrooms was a relief for her mom. I was also impressed by the helpfulness of the staff and their ability to keep crowd control flowing while helping the kids complete each activity.


If you expect the Crayola Experience to be a place where kids have access to unlimited crayons/markers/coloring pages you’d be right, but what they do with those supplies is what becomes the magic of art coming alive.


If you’ve paid attention to Crayola products in recent years, you’ll have noticed some changes – Color Alive, Glow Station, Virtual Design Pro and others – that bring a technological or interactive component to art. These innovations have found a place in The Crayola Experience as well! Sure, kids will sit at the popular Colossal Caddy and draw and color, but they’ll also head over to Color Magic where the coloring page they choose can come to life and even take a selfie with their creation that can be emailed to you.


He colored the bird that then flew around the screen - then he took a selfie! This was emailed to us.

He colored the bird that then flew it around the screen – then he took a selfie! This was emailed to us.


We really made our creations come alive at Art Alive. Sit at a tablet and draw your own creation or color a preloaded one, and a projector will add it to the scene on the wall. I couldn’t get my kids out of that space! They kept coming up with fun ideas to add to the safari scene and got excited each time one showed up on the wall.


Dance Party With Rockin’ Paper

Our favorite station where our artwork comes to life is the new Rockin’ Paper experience on the third floor. After you color your creation (ours was a pterodactyl but creatures may vary), line up to have a Crayola employee attach some binder clips to their feet, and get ready for the show! Your characters will entertain you with their dance for almost a minute where they bop, spin and bow to the music. We all really enjoyed this one – see the video of the performance in our montage below.


Time for Lunch!

It didn’t take long for us to work up an appetite in the Crayola Experience, and luckily the Cafe Crayola is right inside the building on the first floor. This was a welcome change from what was offered on our visit so many years ago, and both of us moms were more than satisfied with the offerings. Pizzas are made to order. Sandwiches are prepackaged. There are kid friendly hot dogs and parent approved salads. Gluten free options are available too! Bottled drinks and a limited amount of snacks and desserts (this is a good thing!) are available.


The cafe space is large! The tables are long so if you’re with a large group you can get everyone together, and high chairs are available. We filled our bellies, rested our feet, and were ready to explore some more. We weren’t leaving until we were done!


Plenty of seating at lunchtime in Cafe Crayola

Plenty of seating at lunchtime in Cafe Crayola


And More to Explore …

An attraction dedicated to creating and art, might make you think there’s not much physical activities to be found there. You’d again, be wrong. Our toddler friend could not be swayed to leave the play mat in the Doodle in the Dark activity. She loved walking around on the “spilled crayons”, the “fireworks,” the “puddles” and more (as seen in the video montage).


All three kids made their crayons dance on the screen next to the play mat, and in the next room over is a huge two story play structure! Kids can climb through tunnels, climb up ropes and bounce around. We had more creating to do though, and headed to the fourth floor. The kids filled up those bags we were given at the entrance with their custom made crayons and melted crayon art – at Meltdown, Drip Art and Melt and Mold. This floor had just three activities but somehow, we were there for quite some time! More creating was found on the second floor.


My personal favorite was Be A Star, where we created silly coloring pages starring … us! We got really creative with them and they made great souvenirs!


Some of the activities I remember from 2009 were thankfully, still there, like Modeling Madness and Wrap It Up, where you can use those tokens you got at the entrance to make a personalized crayon wrapper and clay like creations.


Getting himself in the picture at Be A Star

Getting himself in the picture at Be A Star

A must see then and now is the Crayon Factory show. I love how they’ve updated it with those cute mascot crayons on the screen, and some real life crayon making. My kids resisted sitting for a show when there were still interactive things to do but they enjoyed it – and of course loved getting a free crayon at the end of the show!


Reluctantly we had to call it a day and missed the third floor Activity Studio where we could have made some more creations to fill our bags. We’ll just have to come back soon!


You can’t leave without a walk through the gift shop. Resistance to buy is futile – some of the items are exclusive to Crayola Experience, plus who can resist that adorable crayon mascot or a WALL of fresh new crayons?


Where to start?

Where to start?


We left satisfied, tired, and with lots to tell dad when we got home. All three kids had an amazing time, and somehow we felt like each activity was age appropriate despite the differences in ages and abilities. With the innovative interactive activities as well as the availability of basic art supplies and endless creating – I can’t recommend The Crayola Experience enough!


For more photos from our visit to The Crayola Experience, visit our Facebook Album. Below is a preview.


The Crayola Experience is open year round at 30 Centre SquareEaston, PA. Check the website for hours (summer hours are 10AM – 6PM). Admission is $16.99 if purchased online, $19.99 at the door or a low $14.99 if you use this link, and enter the store name as Jersey Family Fun.


The Crayola Experience Coupon & Discount Code

The Crayola Experience Coupon & Discount Code



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This post was made possible by the Crayola Experience who provided us with admission at no charge. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about Lehigh Valley attractions we think families will enjoy.

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