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We received COOP Shredz, at no charge, to review from Swimways. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about snow toys we think their family may enjoy.


My kids love the snow, and up here in the northeast, they have been blessed with plenty of white stuff this season. But as I soon found out, once the sledding is done, and the snowman is built, there are only so many snowball fights and angels to keep minds preoccupied. Wanting to keep the kids entertained AND outside became easy thanks to COOP Shredz snowboarding toys.  Each figurine comes decked out in bright colors on their own boards.  Using the “Track Maker” tool made it easy to really form paths down snow hills and construct new and improved jumps.  The figurines are very versatile and surprisingly agile and stay on track on the snow.  When they hit a lift they catapult into the air much to the joy of my son.  Each new path needed a steeper lift and more speed so as to have his snowboader fly as high in the air as possible.

COOP Shredz

With the Olympics in full swing, we found even more uses for them, building our own miniature half pipes and making our own awards for our crew.  Each snowboarder comes with a card that details their name and location, a description of their best trick, what motivates them most  and their own personal motto!  There’s even a place to scan the QE code to learn more about your boarder!  I loved how this gave my kids something to be creative with.  They spend a lot of time determining how to set up their tracks and then would compete on height and speed.  We are talking about making mini medals in homage to the winter sports in Russia!


COOP Shredz by Swimways comes with:

  • Each of the seven characters has his own detachable helmet, snowboard, and ID card.
  • COOP Shredz Track Maker, available separately, allows for the perfect formation of paths through the snow for the characters and makes it easy for kids to manage the tracks on their own. This tool scoops and smooths out radical trails for Team Shredz snowboarder action figures to ride.
  • COOP Shredz Xtreme Terrain Park Trick Set, available separately, allows your kids to make a trail and build a radical terrain park with the Big Air Jump and Straight Boxs


What we liked about COOP Shredz by Swimways

  • COOP Shredz by Swimways offered a challenge. Kids can  quickly build their own boarding parks on small and big hills alike and make changes with ease.
  • Outdoor play even in the winter!  Being a proponent of outdoor play, even in cold weather, I love giving my children something that will keep them entertained outdoors so as to battle cabin fever.
  • Easy to play both independently or as a team effort.  My son happily plays on his own or with his friends as they construct slopes, mock up competitions and go for the GOLD!


Would we recommend COOP Shredz by Swimways?

Without a doubt! When it first arrived, I will admit I didn’t see how the figurines would manage alone in the snow and stay upright but I was proven wrong almost instantly.  Although they don’t always land on their feet, they really do have a good balance and provide hours of fun! With no end to the snow in sight for the short term, we know we’ll be using these daily to build new arenas and set up daily competitions!


You can purchase COOP Shredz on Amazon starting at $13.99.


This blog post was written by Dianne while she was a blogger for Jersey Family Fun.

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  1. Jesse Smith says:

    This is so cool. My son is obsessed with the winter olympics. Especially the snowboarding competition. I’m going to definitely buy these.

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