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Our thanks to Otis Spunkmeyer for providing the cookies and cookie decorations for our super cookie decorating party. Please note Jersey Family Fun does participate in affiliate programs. If you use our link to purchase products, a small commission does go to Jersey Family Fun to support our free services to readers, but this does not affect your price.


Are your kids getting older? Are you looking for a unique birthday party idea?


Consider an Otis Spunkmeyer super cookie decorating party. What kid doesn’t love cookies or making a bit of a mess?


Cookie Decorating Party


Recently, Otis Spunkmeyer reached out to me about working together to introduce families to their soon-to-be-released, super-sized cookies. The light bulb went off right away. Instantly, I thought how cool would it be if I could host a sweet cookie decorating party for kids. Otis Spunkmeyer loved the idea.


Box Tops Image Incentive

A super cookie decorating party can be a great Box Tops reward for the class that collects the most Box Tops.


Together, we baked up a great contest for the students at my sons’ school. As a Box Tops Coordinator, I decided that the class that turns in the most Box Tops over a 30-Day period would win a super sweet cookie decorating party. Otis Spunkmeyer agreed to provide the cookies and icings to decorate them with. The Box Tops competition was intense among students from preschool to eighth grade. Coming in first place was a first-grade class that collected nearly 1200 Box Tops. As the super cookie is not widely available, it was an exclusive treat for our lucky students! Clearly, a cookie decorating party was a great Box Tops incentive.


The winning class had their cookie decorating party last week. Not only did the kids love decorating yummy cookies, but the parents could appreciate that the Otis Spunkmeyer cookies contain no funky stuff.


Did you know that while Otis Spunkmeyer offers a variety of baked goods all of them are free from funky stuff? They have removed the partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial colors and flavors from their baked goods while still maintaining their deliciousness. You can learn more about their product line at The Super Cookie isn’t widely available yet across the U.S., The plans is to have broader distribution later this year. You can visit to learn where you can buy Otis Spunkmeyer products.

Otis Spunkmeyer product line

Since that party, we’ve hosted a second cookie decorating party for my sons and their friends. Based on those two experiences I’m sharing my tips for hosting a super cookie decorating party.


Tips for hosting a Super Cookie Decorating Party

  • Bake the cookies ahead of time so they are ready to go when your guests arrive. Each of the Otis Spunkmeyer cookies took about 4 minutes to bake and they can be baked in the tray they come in.


Otis Spunkmeyer super cookies in the oven


  • Decide if your guests will share a few larger cookies or if you will have one or more individual cookies for each guest to decorate. The Otis Spunkmeyer super cookie was about the size of a small pizza. For our parties, I cut a Y into each cookie pie to divide it evenly into 3 pieces.


Otis Spunkmeyer super cookie decorating party


  • Line your table with a disposable table cloth. You can get them at the dollar store or online with our Amazon link. Using a disposable table cloth contains the mess to the table and after the cookie decorating, you can toss out the tablecloth.


Otis Spunkmeyer super cookie decorating party


  • Have each party guest decorate their cookie on a paper plate. Again, when your guests are done they can throw away the plates and you won’t need to worry about cleaning up sticky icing from plates.


Otis Spunkmeyer super cookie decorating party


  • Use icing that comes in tubes with decorating tips attached. I like these Wilton Icing Pouches with tips on Amazon. We used both regular tubs of icing and tubes. It’s much less messy if you avoid the tubs of frosting. With icing tubes, kids can create letters, shapes, and all kinds of designs. You can also use the icing as a glue to attach edible decorations or edible glitter.


Otis Spunkmeyer super cookie decorating party


  • Have plenty of water on hand. Your party guests will likely be munching on their cookies and licking their fingers as they decorate. Having water to drink will help them balance out all that sweetness while also quenching their thirst.


Otis Spunkmeyer super cookie decorating party


Have you considered a cookie decorating party for your next birthday party or playdate?


Otis Spunkmeyer super cookie decorating party


See pictures from our cookie decorating party, here on Facebook. Get other ideas for Birthday Parties here or Playdate Ideas here.


Please note Jersey Family Fun does participate in affiliate programs. If you use our link to purchase products, a small commission does go to Jersey Family Fun to support our free services to readers, but this does not affect your price.


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