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The products listed in our cool coding toys for kids, tweens and teens were based on ones we have experience with, were sent to us from brands for testing, or whose marketing team paid to be featured here. Where possible we have included online affiliate links to help make your gift buying process easier. When you make a purchase using those links Jersey Family Fun receives a small commission that helps us maintain this website.


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It’s been said, “Teach kids how to code and you give them a skill for life.” We couldn’t agree more. The number of cool coding toys for kids grows every year. We’ve been sent some samples to review and are learning all about cool coding toys for kids from 7 years old to their teenage years. Whether your kids have never coded before or have been coding for a while, you’ll find something for them in our guide of cool coding toys for kids.


All of my friends who have younger siblings who are going to college or high school – my number one piece of advice is: You should learn how to program.” – Mark Zuckerberg


“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.” – Stephen Hawking


“Everybody should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” – Steve Jobs


Jersey Family Fun's guide to cool coding toys for kids, tweens, and teens


Cool Coding Toys for Kids

Below we will feature cool coding toys for kids, tweens, and teens that does just that. For information on having your tech product for teens, tweens, and gifts featured here please contact


Cool Coding Toys for Kids

Take a look at our picks for the cool coding toys for kids 7-10.

STEMosaur, by CogniToys

The customizable smart toy that doubles as a learning tool for kids. From telling jokes to providing answers to questions in a range of subjects, STEMosaur provides educational and kid-friendly fun for the whole family. STEMosaur is also equipped with an easy-to-use coding panel that allows children to learn coding basics and code content into their very own toy!

Use this link to buy the Dino, STEMosaur, by CogniToys on Amazon for about $120.


ThinkFun Code Programming Game Series

ThinkFun Code Programming Game Series//CODEgame series helps children develop the foundational logic and problem-solving skills needed to master advanced programming without turning on a computer. Targeted at ages 8+.

  • On the Brink: Players guide their robots along a path from start to finish by program procedures. Teaches basic program sequencing.
  • Rover Control: Players get Mars rovers back on course. Teaches advanced computation programming skills, such as decision points, loops and increment instructions.
  • RobotRepair: Players reactivate wires and correctly insert Power Cells to repair their robot. Teaches complex analytical reason concepts like Boolean Logic.

Use this link to buy the ThinkFun Code Programming Game Series on Amazon for about $15.


Piper Computer KitPiper Computer Kit | with Minecraft Raspberry Pi edition

The Piper Computer Kit is a STEM product, for kids 8 – 14 to learn how to build and program electronics at home or at school. Kids begin the Piper experience by building the Piper Computer Kit, a fully functioning computer, following a real engineering blueprint. Once built, kids play our educational Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft games that teaches them electronics in the game and then instructs them to build an electronic smart device that powers up the game. Parents and teachers love that kids are engaged while learning complex engineering. Kids love the experience of playing games and building electronics.

Use this link to buy the Piper Computer Kit on Amazon for about $40.


Cool Coding Toys for Tweens

We’re sharing our picks for cool coding toys that tweens 10-12 will think are terrific.


Code Car Toy

Code Car is a car-shaped computer that you control with code! The headlight, tail light, and sirens are all different colored LED lights that you can turn on and off or fade up and down. Four buttons on the body of the car can act as inputs, like a ‘horn’ with sound effects or a ‘brake pedal’ that turns on the tail light when pressed. In the middle of Code Car is a speaker that can be programmed to play horn sounds, car alarms, or tunes like an ice cream truck. As you add features to your Code Car, you’ll be learning real, typed coding in the C++ language. Our free coding lessons take you each step of the way, from the basics of turning on an LED to a full-blown police car with blaring sirens and fading lights.

Use this link to buy the Code Car Toy on Amazon for about $40.

Code Car Toy


Jimu Robot Astrobot Kit

This is the first Jimu Robot that can be built as either a humanoid robot, anthropomorphic wheeled vehicle or treaded mobile robot with grab and lift action. The AstroBot Kit also comes with an entertaining space-themed backstory explaining where the robots came from and new Jimu Robot features including two 16-color LEDs and a speaker for lights and sounds to bring the robots to life.

UBTECH - Jimu Robot - Astrobot Kit Interactive Robotic Building Block System

Jimu Robot is the only Robotic Building System that anyone can easily BUILD into specific models or your own creations, program and code to move with any smart device, and get smarter with STEM skills that will help you in school and life. Jimu Robot engages kids with REAL ROBOTICS, utilizing real robotic servo motors and real robotic sensors for real robotic programming and coding.

Use this link to buy the Jimu Robot Astrobot Kit on Amazon for about $199.



Cool Coding Toys for Teens

Coming soon our picks for the best cool coding toys for teens 13-16.


We appreciate cool coding toys that are interesting, fun, and educational for kids.


If you liked our picks in this guide, please be sure to visit our other gift guides for this holiday season.


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