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Stephanie Huston, from Raising a Family on a Budget is a blogger after our own heart. Not only does she run a great site to help families save money, but she also just hosted a great event at the CoCo Key Water Resort in Mt. Laurel.  We’ve wanted to visit CoCo Key for a while so a big THANK YOU to Stephanie for inviting us.


When we arrived, outside it was rainy and dreary. Yet, inside it was like we stepped back into summer. The water and the air was a relaxing 84 degrees. It didn’t matter how wet we got, we were never chilled; the water just seemed to evaporate without us feeling too hot. It was sooooo nice. We can’t wait to share all the details and then later 3 ways you can get there yourself.


Parrot’s Perch

An indoor water jungle gym with

  • zero depth entry
  • water slides (more details on them later)
  • water cannons
  • a 300 gallon bucket of water that dumps out periodically (D0n’t worry there’s a very-long warning bell.)
  • fountains the kids can turn on and off
  • cones that fill with water that kids can dump
  • water spouts and canals that kids can move

We had so much fun in Parrot’s Perch. There was something for all my boys, ages 3, 5, and 7. My youngest were a little fearful of the impending downfall of water from that 300 gallon bucket but it didn’t take long to discover there are areas in the Parrot’s Perch that you can play and have fun without fear of getting drenched. (I also got a kick out of watching the different personalities of the lifeguard staff from the ones putting on their ponchos with hoods to avoid the waterfall to the ones who got right in the middle of the action and enthusiastically welcomed the downpour of water.)


Coconut Grove Lazy River

Take a lazy ride around the 300 ft river. But beware, once you are in the river’s stream it can be hard to get out, especially if you’ve sunken down in your tube with a child on your lap.  If you find you need help, like I did, just let one of the many lifeguards know, they were more than happy to help.


Dip-In Theater (for the toddler crowd)

In the upper level of the water park is a boat nestled in a foot deep of water. Toddlers can enjoy baby slides and a baby bungee. The ship’s sail also becomes a movie screen where you and the little ones can sit in the pool or a beach chair to enjoy a cartoon or movie.


Palm Grotto Indoor/Outdoor Spa

CoCo Key Water resort has an adults only indoor/outdoor spa. It looked so relaxing, but as the only parent, with my boys, I had to skip out on it this visit.

Lilly Pad Adventure

Think monkey bars over a tight rope balancing on water and that kind of describes the Lilly Pad Adventure.  As your child tries to walk across lily pads attached to the ground, but floating on water, he/she can grab a roped net overhead to keep steady. This was all 3 of my boys favorite area. They went across this so many times.  I was allowed to be in the 3.5 feet,  deep pool to help them across. Two lifeguards were also there and when one of my boys had a little difficulty, while I helped another, he was quick to jump in and help. My boys were never in any danger but it was great to see how attentive the lifeguard staff were.

Coral Cove’s Slam Dunk

My boys loved this in-the-water basketball court too. It’s circular with 3 – 4 nets. The area was about 3 feet deep. It’s a good area for the older kids, who can stand in this area, to shoot a few hoops. My 7-year-old, struggled a little to make baskets, but he still had great fun. My younger boys couldn’t balance the ball and swimming at the same time, but they still enjoyed using the space for a little swimming.


Water Resort Slides

CoCo Key offers water slides for every height and comfort level. All slides are meant for one rider at a time.

Shark Slam

  • Sharks Slam is 4 stories high and nearly 300 feet long enclosed tunnel slide. It’s one slide we saved for next time.
  • Barracuda Blast

    • Not for those scared of the dark. In the dark, you’ll twist and turn, in your tube, through over 350 feet of enclosed tunnels before you safely land in a shallow pool.
  • Pelican Plunge

    • Similar to the Barracuda Blast, the Pelican Plunge takes you through an over 300 feet enclosed tunnel slide. Unlike the Barracuda Blast you can see the light shining through the tunnels from the outside. My 7-year-old loved it and I was impressed that he listened to the lifeguard’s rules about how to slide down safely in the tube.
  • The Slides of Parrott’s Perch & Dip-In Theater

    • There are 3 open slides in Parrot’s Perch to match the different heights of our guests. Think of them as training for the big kid slides, but still quite a bit of fun. The Dip-In theater boat also has 2 slides as well.


Other Details

  • Safety
    • At any time the CoCo Key Water Resort has 17 – 21 lifeguards on duty.  Their lifeguards have undergone an intensive training and continue to be trained 4 hours a month. Yes, they were friendly and helpful, but they were also extremely attentive. The CoCo Key Resort also had several life vests in a variety of sizes available for young guests. Between the lifeguards and the life vests, I was very impressed.
  • Key Quest Arcade
    • The Key Quest Arcade is outside the water park’s entrance.  Like your typical arcade it hosts a huge variety of games. But unlike any arcade, it was designed with convenience on mind. Load up a value card and swipe away at each game you want to play. No dirty tokens to carry around or keep track of, just one reloadable card. And when you are ready to redeem your tickets, just feed them to the prize machine, rotate it to the prize(s) you want and like picking something from a vending machine your prize(s) come out.
  • Keyless Lockers
    • Another area, I thought was incredibly NEAT. My locker key was a wristband. Waive it in front of a keypad and an available locker opens up for me.  Waive it later and it remembers which locker it assigned me and opens it again. You can return to your locker as often as you want, no key to keep track of it’s wrapped around your wrist. No locker number to remember, only one will open. The locker can hold one or two tote bags comfortably. If you need more space then you can use available cubbies or buy an extra locker tag.
  • Cafe & Souvenir Soda Cup
    • The cafes charge what you would expect to pay at a resort/theme park. However, I did notice there is a souvenir cup available for purchase at $12.95. Once you purchase it, you can refill it at anytime. At $4 a beverage if you plan to visit CoCo Key more than once the cup will pay for itself.

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