“Clown Around” at an Awesome Play Place in Flanders

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Clown Around


Spring and summer are a great time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. But some days the weather doesn’t cooperate. Maybe it’s a rainy day or maybe it’s just TOO HOT to be outside. Those are the days that you need a really great indoor place to take the kids for some exercise. Clown Around in Flanders is a perfect fit. Clown Around is a hidden gem and very easy to miss in the middle of an industrial area, but once you find it you will be thrilled.


Clown Around


4 Reasons Why We Love Clown Around

  • It’s small enough to easily keep track of your kids. Clown Around consists of one large climbing structure surrounded by soft things to build with and climb on. All it takes is a quick once over and you can easily spot where your child is playing. I was relieved to not spend the entire open play searching for my 6 year old and 2 year old. It was also a relief for my daughter to not have to “keep an eye on her brother” the entire time.


  • Even though it’s small there is so much to do. Clown Around is able to fit so many different things to play with into one play structure. There are climbing walls, and obstacles to climb over. There are 2 slides to choose from. There is a ball pit to play in or pass through on your climb. There are also foam see saws and a foam balance beam. My kids love climbing on the bridge and putting on shows.


  • There’s only one way out. I love play places that think about keeping track of your children while they are there.  The way Clown Around is designed there is only one way to get out of the play place. That means that parents can sit and watch their kids play without worrying about them disappearing out another exit.


  • The party room is available for snacks during open play. A typical open play session at Clown Around is 1 1/2 hours. That can be a long time for young children to be running around without a snack or water break. That is why the party room is open during most of the open play session. We usually bring a water bottle and a snack and take a break halfway through. Children are free to come and go throughout the session and there is even a refrigerator to keep food in while you play.


Clown Around


What Does Clown Around Have to Offer

  • Open Play Sessions- There are open play sessions almost every day of the week, including weekends. Some sessions are 1 1/2 hours and others of 2 hours. You can find their monthly schedule on their website or Facebook page. You can also join their e-mail list and get updated open play information sent right to you.
  • Private Play Dates- In addition to the open plays already scheduled Clown Around is available to reserve for private groups. Clown Around will be closed to the public and your group will have the run of the place.
  • Birthday Parties- You can book your child’s private birthday party through Clown Around as well. There prices are very reasonable compared to other similar venues in the area.
  • Overnight Parties- Clown Around is also available to book sleep over parties. These parties are intended for children over 6 and give the children the chance to sleep inside the jungle themed play structure.

So, next time you are looking for something fun to do indoors check out Clown Around in Flanders. Make sure to tell them you read about them on Jersey Family Fun!




Clown Around is located at 186 Gold Mine Rd. Unit 2, in Flanders, New Jersey. You can reach them at 973-691-6999 or http://www.clownaroundinc.com/.


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