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Clip & Climbing Our Way to Fun at Spooky Nook Sports

This post was sponsored by Spooky Nook Sports who provided us with passes to enjoy the Clip N’ Climb activities. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families family-friendly destinations we think your family may enjoy.


Spooky Nook Sports in Manheim, Pennsylvania offers a climbing experience offered nowhere else on the East Coast. I remember when I first learned about the Spooky Nook. While I could only see one picture on their site I knew I had to visit with my boys. As much as I love Lancaster I was not returning without making a visit to Spooky Nook and climbing those walls. As our planning got underway and I shared this post on Facebook, you all were just as excited as me.


We made our visit late this summer. Let me just tell you now the pictures on their website do not do Spooky Nook Sports justice.


The Clip N’ Climb area was phenomenal!


Clip & Climbing Our Way to Fun


Spooky Nook HarnessAfter signing waivers and getting suited up in our harnesses we got a brief training. Kids need to be clipped by a parent or staff member. Parents can clip themselves before climbing. Yes, parents can climb! Kids and parents can climb to their hearts’ content for either a half-hour or hour. We were treated to an hour and even that was not enough to climb everything.


Spooky Nook has so many different climbing walls. You and your kids are sure to find one to meet your level of ability. You can even use a score card to track your progress and see who scores the most points. My boys and I tried to give each one a try. Here’s our favorites.

  • The Big Cheese ~ My seven year old’s favorite. With round, colorful circles and rims you could grasp, this wasn’t too difficult, yet was fun.


He made it to the top of the Big Cheese wall at Spooky Nook Sports Performance #VisitLancaster #FamilyTravel #sponsored

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  • The Skyscaper ~ My nine year old’s favorite. This climbing wall had square like sections where feet could rest as you grabbed the next set of squares to pull yourself up.


Spooky Nook Skyscraper


  • Steelworks ~ My ten year old’s favorite. This wall had steel-like siding with long red bars that ran vertically. It was easy for them, but looked a tad bit tricky for me. I passed on it and did the other walls including my favorite.


Spooky Nook Steel Works


  • Stairway to Heaven ~ This was my favorite and potentially the most difficult. Not only were my kids surprised I was going to climb at Spooky Nook, but they also couldn’t believe I was going to attempt to get to the top of the Stairway to Heaven. The Stairway to Heaven has these green poles that go around in a circle shape. The poles are spread out and increase in height, from shorter to taller, as you work your way around to the top. My boys all gave it a try but couldn’t complete it. All of the poles were difficult, but the most extreme was the highest pole. You have got to take a huge step of faith, but there is a Spooky Nook team member there to encourage you. You can’t hesitate too long. The longer I waited the more my body and poles trembled. I took a breath and made the step. What a sense of accomplishment to reach the top. My boys were in awe!


Spooky Nook Stairway to Heaven


What fun! Spooky Nook provided thrills for my boys and I and I cannot wait to go back.


Spooky Nook is an indoor sports complex open year round. Their Clip N Climb program is $8 for 30 minutes or $13 for 60 minutes. They are located just outside Lancaster in Manheim. You can learn more at their website  and see more of our Spooky Nook photos in our Facebook album. Here’s a small preview.

Tell me, when you go will you climb with your kids or leave the climbing up to the kids?


While at Spooky Nook, we stayed at the Warehouse Hotel and ate at the Forklift and Palate. Click on their names to learn more about those experiences.


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In full disclosure, this post was made possible by Spooky Nook Sports who provided our family with passes for the Clip N’ Climb. My opinions are honest and based on my experiences.

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