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Clementon Park

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Sad update – Clementon Park & Splash World closed permanently in September 2019. 


Thanks to Joey Fortman, from Real Moms in the  Media, and 95.7 Ben Fm my boys just experienced Clementon Park for the first time. And my long-held belief of the best time to go to outdoor places is on a cloudy day held true once more. With overcast clouds and occasional rain, the crowds stayed away and our Philadelphia Social Media Mom friends and I along with our families had most of Clementon Park to ourselves. Don’t believe me? Check out our pictures on Facebook. Everyone keeps saying, “Why does the park seem empty?” “Did you rent out Clementon Park?”


I am sure that Clementon Park is great fun no matter when you go. However, I just prefer less-crowded days so we can enjoy all the rides and get some great pictures.


We started our day in the picnic area where we learned about Clementon Park. Did you know that they have been open for 104 continuous seasons? Wow, they don’t look old at all. In fact, this year they added ? new rides, Torpedo Rush and the ?.  (You’ll have to wait till our second visit to hear about them. I don’t do roller coasters and my husband wasn’t able to enjoy this visit with us.)  Clementon Park & Splash World typically opens from 10 am to 5- 9 pm and ticket prices vary from $24.99 to $37.99 so check their site for more information.


From there we went on to the Merry-go-Round, one of our favorite places to stop. (Have you noticed there are a lot of merry-go-rounds in the New Jersey area? We have great photos from the best of them.) Then, it was on to Splash World.  We had a blast. For those not wanting to carry around their stuff all day, lockers are available for a fee.


Shipwreck Bay at Clementon Park

Shipwreck Bay at Clementon Park


  • Shipwreck Bay – This water area is perfect for the toddlers to the preschoolers. There was a pirate ship with 4 slides and 2 tunnels for kids to crawl through and a few fountains spraying water. There was also plenty of open water area for youngsters who just wanted to splash around and get comfortable in the water. But if you need a bit more adventure, head over to Laguna Kahuna.


  • Laguna Kahuna Clementon Park
  • Laguna Kahuna –  Is perfect for the preschoolers to preteens. Think of one of the best playground you’ve seen, now add water.  There were slides, rope nets, and several different platforms where you could spray, squirt, or dump water. There were fountains you could turn on and off. But beware; you may get doused by water by surprise too.  Nice little bonus, I believe all the water slides dumped you on in the front. If you are a parent, who likes to sunbathe while watching the kids, you could easily do this.  The seating area was large and provides a good view of the whole water area. I loved that the slides are like training slides for kids wanting to get ready for the even more adventurous ones. At the higher levels, staff stood by monitoring that all sliders were safe. On the downside, my 5 year-old who was big enough to ride on his own, but not quite brave enough to do so, wasn’t able to slide down. He really wanted to go with me, but was not allowed to do so by staff. However, my 6 year-old could have spent the whole day there and been very happy.


  • Lazy River – What parent doesn’t enjoy a ride down the lazy river?  Love it, so relaxing. The best part on this trip was I brought my mom along. After one trip around the river, my preschooler was sound asleep on her chest. I grabbed the other two for some more adventurous rides and she took a few more trips around the river.


  • Sky River Rapids- My kids weren’t quite sure what to expect on this ride.  My 6 year-old got a bit nervous climbing to the top of the stairs. (He doesn’t like heights.)  My 5 year-old has no fear until the moment of truth.  I could see that look in his eyes and all I could do was remind him, hold onto the straps. “If you get scared, hold on tighter.”  What’s great about these 5-person, maybe 6-person rafts were the straps.  They were along the top of the raft like most, but they were also along the bottom. For my son, on the shorter side, he wouldn’t have been able to reach the higher straps, but the ones on the raft floor were perfect.  Then, we were off. This was the perfect ride for the beginner. We stopped at several points along the ride, checking in with staff to make sure we were safe, before that final push to the bottom. It was awesome. With that last splash at the bottom, that fear washed away and we did this ride a few more times before checking back in with my mom.


  • Splash World & teens- We’ve talked a lot about the things my boys enjoyed, but don’t think your teen would be bored.  As we walked through Splash World my mom and I pointed out several things my teenage nieces would enjoy. Torpedo Rush, Vertical Limit Racer, and Black Viper are all rides I can’t wait to bring them back to.


After splashing it up, in Splash World we moved on to the dry ride side.


Victorian Railway at Clementon Park

@Jersey Family Fun


  • Victorian Railway – We started with the Victorian train, which was a great way to see the park. First, it was like being on a wild safari, only the animals weren’t wild.  We saw a lion, zebra, gorilla and more. We also got a glimpse of some of the other rides we wanted to make sure we visited.


Children Rides at Clementon Park

Children Rides area


  • Children’s rides area – I loved this little indoor area. It provided a perfect refuge for those moments when it got a little drizzly. (You have to look for it though, it’s tucked away behind the gift shop, it’s easy to miss.) In this one area, there was a moon bounce, a small train, a maze of tunnels, and rides with flying elephants, cars, helicopters, rocket ships and more. All of it surrounded a large strip of pavement with benches. Parents could sit for a rest watching their kids as they enjoyed 6 or 7 different ride options.


By then, it was almost 4 pm.  We had arrived at 9 am and had been having fun ever since. We still had so much left we wanted to explore. Unfortunately, with the threat of thunder and lightening on the horizon, Clementon Park decided to close early. We were given tickets to come back another day. (I do not know if this is the normal policy, so check before going if there is a threat of thunder or lightening.)


Not many places, can provide a full day of fun, from sun up to sun down. Clementon Park can!  On our next visit, not only do we plan to return to the Splash World side, we’ll probably also check out

  • King Neptune’s Revenge
  • Sea Dragon
  • Samba Tower
  • Kite Flyer
  • Thunder Drop


Want to see more? Go check out our Clementon Park Facebook Gallery.


In full disclosure, 95.7 Ben Fm and Clementon Park teamed up to offer Philadelphia Social Media Moms and other bloggers from the area free admission and parking for them and their families to Clementon Park on Monday, August 15, 2011.  Our opinions are honest and our own based on our experiences from Clementon Park.

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