Clementon Park

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Clementon Park Sky River ride

This could be you next Monday!

Can you believe that in a few weeks summer will be over?


Are you ready?

I’m not either. :)




We have two ways to get your family there

  • Enter our giveaway listed below. We will be awarding one family with a family-four pack of tickets.
  • Arrive before 11 am and pay $10 a ticket. Typical ticket prices range from $19.99 – $37.99.


Clementon Park

Jersey Family Fun has teamed up with BEN-FM and Real Mom in the Media to offer you a family-four pack of tickets to Clementon Park in Clementon, New Jersey on Monday, August 15, 2011.


Picture this you and the kids riding the roller coaster, splashing it up at the Laguna Kahuna, drifting along the Lazy River.  Clementon Park has thrill rides, family rides, water park attractions and more for every family looking for some fun.


Clementon Park & Splash World Family-Four Pack Ticket Giveaway

This giveaway ended August 13, 2011.

Some things to consider before you enter:

  • Clementon Park & Splash World operates out of Clementon, New Jersey.
  • We will pick one winner.
  • The winner will have four tickets held for them. The tickets are only valid for Monday, August 15, 2011.
  • The winner is responsible for his/her own traveling and parking costs.
  • You can enter as many times as you like until Saturday, August 13, 2011 at 10 am. How to enter is listed below.
  • The winner will be announced later that day,  Saturday, August 13, 2011. You will have 24 hours to claim your ticket by emailing us back your name at

We’ve just partnered up with Rafflecopter to host our giveaways.  Now,  you can complete all your entries without ever leaving this page. Isn’t that cool? Try it out and please let us know what you think. Your opinion is important to us.

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24 thoughts on “Clementon Park

  1. Ekram I says:

    Why was it only 10 dollars that day is there another day with a great deal like that

  2. Ekram I says:

    It’s okay I just went yesterday

  3. Ekram I says:

    I love that park.It is soo much fun.My whole family would be more than just happy to go for Free!I hope I win

  4. Here we go again, Jessica didn’t claim her tickets. Isbel can’t go. Heather McCurdy is our latest winner. She needs to claim the tickets by 5 pm.

  5. Unfortunately, Jessica, our original winner did not claim her prize in time. Isbel Obst is our new winner. She has until 5 pm tonight to claim her tickets.

  6. heather mccurdy says:

    We went to the shore for a day with my aunt who we only see every 2 years. Other then that…it’s summer???

  7. Nicole Deitrick says:

    i’d love to win! my daughter loves water rides =)

  8. Martha(Mom on Caffeine) says:

    I mentioned the give away on my blog today.

  9. Martha(Mom on Caffeine) says:

    I blogged about this this morning, but it won’t seem to let me add this. Not a big deal as far as the giveaway, just wanted you to know that it’s out there!
    Mom on Caffeine

  10. Courtney says:

    skydiving with the boyfriend!

  11. Melissa says:

    We just had a baby so we have made some fun memories at home. We have done some campstyle BBq’s in our yard and roasted marshmallows. We also made smores. My 4 year old loved them:)

  12. Renee Clark says:

    Clementon Park is a tradition to visit since I was in the first grade and now we have started it with my son. Its a great place with great memories

  13. Jacqueline leach says:

    I was planning on bringing my three kids one monday in August. This would be great to win. My kids love Clementon Park and my sons 13th birthday is this August and we usually come around that time every year:)

  14. Martha(Mom on Caffeine) says:

    Sadly, we have not yet made any great summer memories. My daughter is a teen now, and it’s all about her friends. I would love to got to Clementon Park, a day out for the two of us!

  15. Jessica says:

    We went down the shore, to Wildwood Crest. We had a great time with family.

  16. Desiree F says:

    We took our youngest two camping this summer for the first time.

  17. Dawn p says:

    Grew up in clementon. Have been wanting to go back to the park for a visit! Hope to win ;) thanks!

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