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We received CitiBlocs at no charge, to review. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about toys we think your family may enjoy.


Building blocks have been a staple in every child’s toy collection for as far back as I can remember. Blocks are simple, versatile, and encourage imaginative play. CitiBlocs take traditional building blocks and improve on them for a new and unique building experience.


Citi Blocs


What exactly are CitiBlocs?

CitiBlocs are a unique version of building blocks. They are not the traditional cube shape. Instead they are a flatter rectangular shape. This allows you to build with them in different ways. You can lay the blocks flat and build that way or you can put them on the narrow side and build up that way. You can also combine the two stacking styles into one creation. CitiBlocs are eco-friendly because they are made of natural wood. There are many options for CitiBlocs. They come in several different colors and you can buy boxes with various amounts of blocks. The set we received had 200 blocks and come in the colors turquoise, navy, green, and natural wood. They even have a cool collapsible tote to store the CitiBlocs.


Look how much comes in one box!

Look how much comes in one box!


She's working hard on building with the Citi Blocs.

She’s working hard on building with the Citi Blocs.

How can you use CitiBlocs?

  • CitiBlocs are so versatile you can use them however you’d like. When we first started playing we just used our own imaginations. I built a tower as high as I could before my 2 year old knocked it over. My daughter stood the blocks on top of each other to create these T-shaped structures. Then, we combined our ideas and built a tower with her creation on top. We could have spent hours coming up with new ways to use the blocks.


  • Once we had a chance to play freely with the Citi Blocs we took a look at the instruction booklet. The blocks came with an entire booklet of ideas. Each idea included pictures and showed how many blocks you needed. This made it easy to decide which ones we could build and which needed too many pieces. The designs were simple enough that my 5 year old could study the picture and create something that looked very similar. But don’t worry, if you have a master builder in your house there were many more complex creations in the book (I’m definitely not a master builder, so we have not attempted those yet!).


 What do I like about CitiBlocs?

  • The Unstructured Play Time – So many toys today only have one way to play with them. CitiBlocs is not one of those toys. Children are free to use their imagination and create hundreds of different designs. You can create something different each time you play with them. This means that Citi Blocs are a toy your child will love for a long time and not get tired of quickly.


  • Unique Shape – I love that CitiBlocs are not the traditional block shape. I think that the rectangular shape creates so many more possibilities for creating with the blocks.


  • Fun for all ages – It is difficult to find a toy that my 5 year old and 2 year old can both play with. Most of the time the toys is either too difficult for N or too babyish for M. CitiBlocs can be used in so many different ways that both kids found their own age appropriate way to play with CitiBlocs.


Where can you buy CitiBlocs?

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