Christmas Eve on Sesame Street Movie Review

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Christmas Eve on Sesame Street Review

Ever wonder how Santa gets down all those chimney’s on Christmas Eve?


In Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, all of the classic Sesame Street characters are preparing to celebrate Christmas. Bert and Ernie are trying to figure out the best present for each other. Cookie Monster is trying to write the perfect letter to Santa but he can’t stop thinking about cookies. The main plot centers around Big Bird who due to Oscar is worried about how Santa will get down the chimney to deliver the presents. The movie, Christmas Eve on Sesame Street is filled with music, magic and so many moments that will make this movie a staple of your holiday movies.




Why I Enjoy Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

  • I love how the story explains the logistics of Santa getting down the chimney. This movie is perfect for kids who may be asking some questions about Santa.
  • The music in this movie is wonderful. The original songs True Blue Miracle and Keep Christmas with You are beautiful.
  • The children’s explanations of how Santa comes down the chimney.


Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

Christmas Eve on Sesame Street has long been a favorite Christmas movie in our family. I remember watching it with my brother when we were little and now I get to share this movie with my son. The movie is timeless and I find that my son laughs at the same parts of the movie that I enjoyed as a kid.


What My Kid Likes About Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

  • The opening scene where the characters play “stop the whip” brings on huge laughs
  • Cookie Monsters failed attempts at letters to Santa
  • Snuffaluffagus trying to fit down a Chimney


Christmas Eve on Sesame Street is perfect for kids of all ages. It is one of those movies that when I had kids I knew I wanted to share with them. Christmas Eve on Sesame Street is Sesame Street at it’s best, explaining things to kids in a way that they get it with plenty of laughs and songs along the way.

Check out Christmas Eve on Sesame Street¬†we know you’ll love it as much as we did.

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