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Childs-Kirk Memorial Park – Atlantic County, New Jersey – Parks & Playgrounds


Childs-Kirk Memorial Park in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

This is a Swiggle Stix® Bridge at the Childs-Kurk Memorial Park. Kids have to balance and hold on as they walk across.


This week, my husband invited me out for a lunch date. He talked about grabbing lunch from somewhere and then heading to a park near his office to eat. It was a beautiful day and considering the summer days will soon give way to chillier fall days, I, of course, said yes. Imagine his surprise and mine when we arrived at Childs-Kirk Memorial Park and it was a park that I never knew existed. He laughed because he actually knew an Egg Harbor Township playground that I didn’t. That doesn’t usually happen. He knew what would come next. I would need to take pictures and write about it for Jersey Family Fun. So while the weather started to rain after we ate, I was still determined to get pictures of the Childs-Kirk Memorial Park before the rain got too heavy and he had to go back to work.


There are actually TWO playgrounds at Childs-Kirk Memorial Park. Allow me to share my favorite parts of this Egg Harbor Township park.


Childs-Kirk Memorial Park in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

Childs-Kirk Memorial Park in Egg Harbor Township has some unique structures like a the PlayBooster® RingTangle® Climber.


3 Reasons to Love Childs-Kirk Memorial Park


  • This Egg Harbor Township playground not only features two playgrounds but also multiple sports fields. Let your kids play while a sibling has a softball or soccer game. Or bring your sports equipment and have your own pick up game at Childs-Kirk Memorial Park.


Childs-Kirk Memorial Park in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

The second playground structure at Egg Harbor Townships Childs-Kirk Memorial Park.


  • Childs-Kirk Memorial Park has colorful and unique playground equipment. There are lots of ways kids can climb, crawl, and play to get the wiggles out.


Childs-Kirk Memorial Park in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

These Supernovas, otherwise known as playground spinning wheels have started to turn up at playgrounds across New Jersey.


  • This Egg Harbor Township Park also offers picnic tables and benches for parents to watch their children at play. Make sure to pack a snack or lunch to help your kids refuel during their outdoor playtime.


Picnic tables at Childs-Kirk Memorial Park in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey


Childs-Kirk Memorial Park in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey

This interesting spinning playground equipment is actually called a Gyro Twister® spinner.

What Childs-Kirk Memorial Park offers

  • Two playground structures
  • Climbing structures & walls
  • A PlayBooster® RingTangle® Climber
  • Slides
  • Monkey bars
  • Crawl through tubes
  • Swiggle Stix® Bridge
  • A Gyro Twister® spinner
  • Saddle spinners
  • A Supernova, Playground spinning circle
  • See saws
  • Stepping pods
  • Activity walls
  • Soccer Field
  • Softball Fields
  • Restrooms


What you also should know about Childs-Kirk Memorial Park

  • The playground area and sports fields are set back from the road. There is not a lot of vehicle traffic near the playgrounds.
  • The park does not have trees or shade on the playground structures or around the picnic tables. If you’re scheduling a special playdate, consider a time when the weather is cloudy or the sun’s rays are less intense.
  • There is a building with a concession stand and bathrooms. I am not sure if the restrooms are open during non-sports times.


Childs-Kirk Memorial Park is located in Egg Harbor Township in Atlantic County at 31 Idlewood Avenue. The park also goes by the name of Peter Kirk Memorial Park. There is no fee to enjoy the parks or playgrounds.


View more Childs-Kirk Memorial Park Pictures in our Facebook Gallery.


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  1. Linda (Childs) Gagnon says:

    Nice article. Do you know this park was dedicated to four football players who tragically died in a car accident. James Childs, jr, Kenneth Cilds, Michael Childs and P Kirk

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