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Children’s Park ~ Cumberland County Parks & Playgrounds


Children's Park, Millville


3 Reasons my Family Loves Children’s Park


  • The size. This small playground is perfect for the littlest ones. This playground in Millville is in the middle of a neighborhood and the size of one property, so there is a small enclosed area to play- no more running all over the park worrying about what your little one is getting into.


  • The equipment. For a small park, there are a lot of different things to play on- a big climbing structure, two slides, and two sizes of swings.


Children's Park, Millville


  • The enclosed space. This Millville park feels more private because it has a 6 foot fence on three sides.  You only have to cover one entrance if you have a little one who tried to escape.


What Children’s Park offers

  • Bench
  • Fence
  • Large Swings
  • Playground Equipment
  • Tot swings


Children's Park, Millville


Children’s Park is located at 4th Street and Sassafrass in Millville in Cumberland County.


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