The Best Children’s Books about Food Allergies

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Childrens book food allergies

We received some of these books, at no charge, to review from the authors and some we checked out from our local library. Jersey Family Fun does participate in affiliate programs. If you use our link to purchase these children’s books about food allergies, a small commission does go to Jersey Family Fun to support our free services to readers, but this does not affect your price. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about children books we think your family may enjoy.

For the past two years we had the pleasure of cohosting the Gluten & Allergen Free Kids’ Area with other sponsors. When we started planning the activities we would do, one of the ideas that was most important to me was to share with children stories created just for them about kids and characters with food allergies.

From the moment we started sharing pictures of these books with our readers, like you, there were many requests that we share all these books in one place for you. This is what we’ve found so far to be the best children’s books about food allergies. Each of the stories below, we read during our story times. The stories went beyond characters with just nut allergies but included a wide variety of allergens and situations kids might encounter but in a story type format for kids. They ALL were a big hit with the kids.

Children’s Books about Food Allergies

Kylies Special Treat Author Letizia Barbetta 500Kylie’s Special Treat, A Food Allergy Fairy Tale by Letizia Barbetta

About Kylie’s Special Treat, A Food Allergy Fairy Tale
Kylie is a special young lady who loves arts and dreams of falling in love with Prince Steven. She doesn’t let her food allergies slow her down or keep her from participating in special events. When an invitation to the ball arrives, and every guest is to bring a special treat, Kylie knows just what special treat she’ll make. With the help of a food fairy, Kylie creates a beautiful cookie that is safe for her and everyone in the kingdom to eat. But before Prince Steven can decide on his favorite snack, his guests are all gone and the wind has blown down the name cards. Will he ever figure out who made those delicious sugar cookies? Ready Kylie’s Special Treat to find out.

Food Allergies covered in this book: Dairy, eggs, tree nuts

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Letizia Barbetta
Quite possibly my favorite moment from the Gluten Free & Allergen Free Expo was having author Letizia Barbetta come by to visit us and sign copies of her book.
BugyBops BugaBees Author Amy Recob 500

The BugaBees, Friends with Food Allergies & The BuggyBops, Friends for All Time by Amy Recob

About The Bugabees and BugaBops books
The BugaBees are 8 insect friends that all live with different food allergies. In this collection of books, we learn how ‘sweet’ friendships can be even without certain treats. We follow along with the insects as they go special places, celebrate occasions, visit with friends all while being careful to avoid allergens. Their friends have learned just what to do if there has been contact with an allergen too. With colorful, graphic pictures, and rhyming words the BugaBees series makes allergies easy to understand and not something scary that should keep friends away.

Food Allergies covered in this book: Peanuts, soy, dairy, fish, eggs, tree nuts, shellfish, wheat

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The Princess and the Peanut Allergy Author Wendy McClure 500The Princess and The Peanut Allergy by Wendy McClure

About The Princess and The Peanut Allergy

Regina and Paula are best friends. They both love to play princesses. As Regina looks forward to planning the best princess birthday party she encounters a problem. Regina wants a fabulous castle cake with great big nutty brownie bricks and ice cream cone and candy towers. When Paula explains her peanut allergy and why she can’t come to the party a terrible argument begins. Regina thinks Paula is being a pain. Paula is hurt and wonders if she should have stayed quiet about her food allergy. What will the girls do? Can they still have a perfect princess party without nuts and hurt feelings? You have to read to find out.

Food Allergies covered in this book: Peanuts

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Horace and Morris Say Cheese Author James Howe 500Horace and Morris Say Cheese (which makes Dolores sneeze) by James Howe

About Horace and Morris Say Cheese (which makes Dolores sneeze)

In these cute little story, we learn about mice that love cheese, especially Dolores. They have a different cheese variety every day of the week. Then, all of a sudden one day Dolores has a reaction to the cheese. She gets spots that itch and she starts sneezing. Dolores is diagnosed with a cheese allergy. She wonders how she’ll ever go on. What will she eat? What about the town’s Everything Cheese Festival? She can’t resist the temptation and ends up eating cheese. You’ll have to read to see what happens next to this lovable mouse with who can’t have cheese.

Food Allergies covered in this book: Cheese 

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Peanut Free Cafe Author Gloria Koster 500The Peanut-Free Cafe by Gloria Koster

About The Peanut-Free Cafe

In this story, we meet two boys Simon and Grant. Simon is a school kids who loves lunch and bringing the same food to lunch every day: peanut butter on a bagel, green grapes, and a purple lollipop. Grant is the ‘new’ kid in school who has a peanut allergy and can’t eat or be around peanuts. The principal must decide what to do about lunch time in the school cafeteria. A special peanut-free lunch table is selected for Grant. Initially, it was a lonely table to set at. And Grant’s new friends, knowing how cool Grant is don’t want him to be alone. They want to help, even Simon who really likes Grant. But Simon also really loves his peanut butter on a bagel. Can two new friends overcome their differences to enjoy a safe lunch together. No spoilers here. You’ll have to read the book.

Food Allergies covered in this book: Peanuts

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Squirrely Over Nuts Author Angela Baron 500Squirrely Over Nuts by Angela T. Baron

About Squirrely Over Nuts

In this story, our main character a squirrel, named Carol finds out the hard way she is allergic to peanuts. As she tries to recover from her allergic reaction she encounters never animals in her habitat. Each animal reacts in a different way to how Carol looks. They are surprised by her appearance but also helpful in suggesting new foods that Carol can try. While we learn more about what other animals eat, Carol learns what else she doesn’t like. Eventually with the help of her friends and mom, Carol finds a food she can enjoy.

Food Allergies covered in this book: Peanuts

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Jude the Dude The Peanut Allergy Kid Author Bridget Batson 500JUDE THE DUDE The Peanut Allergy Kid, Jude has a Peanut Safe Halloween Party by Bridget Batson

About JUDE THE DUDE The Peanut Allergy Kid, Jude has a Peanut Safe Halloween Party

Jude, is a boy with a peanut allergy, who is planning a Halloween party for his friends. He takes great care to make sure all of the party foods will be free from peanuts, even making the special ghost cake and cheese sandwiches with his friends. What happens when one of his friends is allergic to dairy? Through the use or rhymes, simple sentences, and great pictures we see how Jude and his friends handle the situation and keep the fun going at their party.

Food Allergies covered in this book: Peanuts, Dairy

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For your own copy of these children’s books about food allergies.

Check our our children book review series for more recommendations on children books you and your kids will love.

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