Chicken Run Restaurant, a Windham Restaurant for Families

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Chicken Run restaurant, a Windham Restaurant for families


Chicken Run restaurant is a family friendly restaurant in Windham, New York near Windham Mountain Resort. They hosted us for a dinner as part of our Family Travel to the Catskills series.


When we arrived at the Chicken Run restaurant for dinner we were greeted by a friendly waitstaff in a country-like atmosphere. With its country décor and hospitality it was almost as if we were eating in the South and not Upstate New York in the Catskill Mountains. The Chicken Run restaurant is a fun place for a family dinner year round.


What makes Chicken Run restaurant extra special for families?

  • Popcorn – Some restaurants give complimentary bread. The Chicken Run restaurant gives a community bowl of popcorn to munch.


Popcorn at the Chicken Run restaurant in Windham, NY


  • Outdoor seating and decor – During the warmer months, the Chicken Run restaurant has plenty of outdoor seating. Enjoy your dinner at a table near the seafood shack or closer to the campfire. The teepee is a fun touch.


Outdoor seating at the Chicken Run restaurant in Windham, NY


  • Ice cream/penny counter – Kids can buy candy at the old-fashioned penny counter or have their favorite candies added to their ice cream sundaes. My 8 year old chose Swedish Fish.


Penny candy counter at Chicken Run restaurant in Windham, NY


  • Arcade – Near the front entrance the Chicken Run restaurant has an arcade with a few video games.


Arcade games at Chicken Run restaurant in Windham, NY


  • Wikki Stix Wall – When we sat down with my boys at the Chicken Run restaurant Melanie, our waitress, gave each boy a pack of Wikki Sticks. They were encouraged to get creative and add their creations to the Wikki Stix Wall.


Wikki Stix Wall at the Chicken Run restaurant in Windham, NJ


  • S’mores – During the warmer months, Chicken Run restaurant guests can order S’mores for dessert and make them over the campfire outback.


Campfire ring seating at Chicken Run restaurant in Windham, NY

In warmer months, you can sit around the fire to make s’mores as your dessert.


  • Quick service – The food came out quick when we dined at the Chicken Run restaurant. So quick that it was almost hard to get pictures taken before courses. But as a mom, I appreciate when the food comes out quickly enough that kids don’t have enough time to get bored.


Chicken Run Restaurant Menu

The Chicken Run menu features chicken, ribs, steaks, meals you might expect in a country restaurant. We did not see any special menu options for those with food allergies or sensitivities. I ordered Dry Rubbed Rotisserie Chicken. My husband ordered a homestyle turkey dinner with all the fixin’s, my 12 year old had an adult plate of pasta. My 8 year old had cheeseburger and fries. My 11 year old had a kid-sized order of pasta.


Chicken Run restaurant pasta dinner


Rotissiere chicken at the Chicken Run restaurant in Windham, NY

The Chicken Run restaurant Dry Rubbed Rotisserie Chicken


There were plenty of dessert options at Chicken Run too, chocolate cake, apple pie, carrot cake, ice cream sundaes, Chicken Run seemed to have it all. I had Chocolate Mousse. My 2 older boys had ice cream cones, my husband had vanilla ice cream, and my 8 year old was content with a small bowl of Swedish Fish.


Ice cream cone at the Chicken Run restaurant in Windham, NY


Chicken Run restaurant Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse


You can learn more about Chicken Run restaurant on their website, For more help planning your family’s visit to the Catskills and your Catskills family vacation, please visit our series or click over to Eat, Stay, & Play in the Catskills (coming soon). The Great Northern Catskills of Green County is also a great resource with more information on Catskills lodging, attractions, dining, and more. You can visit their site at


Family travel to the Catskills


See more Chicken Restaurant photos in our Facebook album. Here’s a preview below.

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