Charlie Shaughnessy Park – Middlesex County Parks & Playgrounds

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Charlie Shaughnessy Park – Middlesex County Parks & Playgrounds




3 Reasons my Family Loves Charlie Shaughnessy Park


  • At first glance this looks like a small playground, but my kids and their friend loved the sliding monkey bar and the mountain climbing structure – and all of it. They were more occupied than I would have expected!


  • This playground has a great location, close to a branch of the Woodbridge library as well as a few kid friendly eateries just across the street.


  • Roller Hockey! There’s a great fenced in hockey court that sees some pick up games, or allows for some practice time.


The mountain!

The mountain!


What Charlie Shaughnessy Park offers

  • Basketball court
  • Fenced in roller hockey court
  • Climbing structure
  • Swings
  • Gazebo
  • Creek and open wooded space
  • 4 way seesaw
  • Sliding monkey bar
  • Wooden giraffe!
  • Parking lot with ample space


Enjoying the sliding monkey bar!

Enjoying the sliding monkey bar!


Charlie Shaughnessy Park is located at Inman Avenue and Jordan Road in Colonia in Middlesex County. 


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In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

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