Carteret Park and Sprayground, Middlesex County Parks & Playgrounds

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Carteret Park – Middlesex County, New Jersey – Parks & Playgrounds


Carteret Park and Sprayground


2016 Update: We understand the Carteret Park to be currently closed for the foreseeable future. If we hear of any updates we will let our readers know with an update to this post.


3 Reasons my Family Loves Carteret Park and Sprayground.


  • Carteret Park has a brand new sprayground!  There’s a cute musical theme to the structures, and the park has an attendant.  There’s also special hours just for ages 6 and under.


  • There are huge playground structures here!  They kept my two children interested for close to an hour.


  • There’s so much parking, and picnic tables in the shade – plenty of space!


Carteret Park Sprayground


What Carteret Park and Sprayground offers

  • Sprayground!  As of July 2013 Carteret Park offers a large music instrument themed fenced in sprayground.  See picture for hours.
  • Plenty of grassy areas to play on.
  • Large parking lot!
  • Two playground structures that were unique enough to keep my kids interested.  Climbing and balancing and sliding!  Swings aplenty as well.
  • The park was well maintained and clean on the day we visited.

Carteret Park and Sprayground hours


Carteret Park is located at Carteret Avenue and Cypress Street in Carteret, in Middlesex County.


 Carteret Park Playground Structure

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23 thoughts on “Carteret Park and Sprayground, Middlesex County Parks & Playgrounds

  1. Regina says:

    It is open. My friends were there yesterday.

  2. Mayi says:

    Does anyone know if the spray park is open yet?

  3. ramya says:

    Hi. I heard from the park (Official) that the Splash park is open today

  4. Jill S says:

    It’s now June 2016 and the same message is still on the website. Is the spraypark open?

  5. Hannah n says:

    Are they open this year (2016)

  6. galdys says:

    hi when will it open

  7. Sherry says:

    Do you need a permit from the town to do birthday parties in the picnic area?

  8. amanda says:

    They closed it down to do some repairs. They finished everything last week and it is now open to the public.

    • Shay says:

      So I can take my children there tomorrow? We’ve been to the one in east Orange and would like to drive to this one to check it out. Need to know before I waste my time, gas and toll

  9. Alexis says:

    Does anyone know if it has been reopened?

  10. angela d. says:

    Did they open it?

  11. Allison S says:

    Got the kids ready assuming it would be open as I saw no notification that it was closed. Park opens at 9, got there 9:30 and it was closed under construction. So much fun getting 2 kids under 3 all ready with sunblock and suited up for nothing. It was also fun hearing my niece crying as we drove away begging me to let her play at the spray park. Ridiculous.

    • Jennifer A. says:

      I am sorry you had that experience. We’ve recently learned they are closed till the end of June. The town recommends visitors call first for the status. – Jenn

  12. Anna says:

    I don’t know how Rebecca was awed on June 9, 2015 with the sprayground as we went yesterday, June 14, 2015, and the sprayground has been dismantled, all the water components have been removed and there is orange construction fencing around the facility. I cannot find anything on Carteret’s website as to why this sprayground has been closed.

    • Jennifer A. says:

      Hi Anna, we called today. The park should tentatively open back up at the end of the month but the town recommended guests call first. – Jenn

  13. Rebecca says:

    I was awed by what I saw at this park it’s amazing felt so comfortable could spend a whole day her -great job 6-9-15

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