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Cape May County’s Best Kept Secret, Good Old Days Sunflower Farm

Good Old Days Sunflower Farm, a Hidden Gem in Cape May County


sunflowers from Good Old Days Sunflower Farm in woodbine

The beautiful sunflowers


Driving down Old Tuckahoe Road in Woodbine, my family and I happened upon what might just be Cape May County’s best kept secret! On the corner of Dennisville-Petersburg Road and S. Old Tuckahoe road just before a stoplight sat a beautiful field of sunflowers! We had to stop and take a look. As we got closer, it seemed we had stumbled upon a scene right out of the 1920’s!


antique flower cart at Good Old Days Sunflower Farm

The antique flower cart


As it turns out, farm owner Donald Westergom has been planting the sunflowers on his property, Good Old Days Sunflower Farm, for over 15 years. This sunflower farm is known locally as a place to stop and grab a few flowers on the way home just to brighten someone’s day. Westergom ventures out into the 5 acre field of flowers early each morning to cut several dozen of the flowers to fill his antique cart, as well as a few dozen extra, to replenish his stock throughout the day. Westergom uses the honor system, and has a metal lockbox attached to the cart which reads “Please pay here. Thank You“. On his cart is a hand painted sign which advertises the price of 50 cents each.


Cape May County's Sunflower farm


During our visit to the sunflower farm, we wandered into the sunflower fields to take a few pictures; the setting seemed too perfect to pass up! The kids loved getting to walk up and down the rows of flowers and see the bumblebees and butterflies dancing among them. Also on the property sat an old barn and an antique flat bed pickup truck (my son’s favorite part!), which were great backdrops for photos as well. Westergom welcomes visitors of his stand to check out his sunflower farm and never denies anyone the opportunity to stop and snap a photo or two.


Keeping up with the flowers at Good Old Days Sunflower Farm is a big task but it’s not something farm owner Donald Westergom is planning on giving up any time soon! The first seeds are planted in Mid April to bloom in the end of June. Every few weeks after that, more seeds are planted in order to keep the sunflowers blooming through late August or early September. In all, several thousand sunflowers are planted on the sunflower farm each year.


Many regulars have been known to return to the stand several times over the summer to make sure they never run out of fresh blooms to brighten up their homes. My girls couldn’t wait to get home with our flowers and get them straight into a vase on our dining room table! I am sure the next time we are in the area, they will insist we stop in again, and at 50 cents apiece, how could I say no?!


sunflower fields at Good Old Days Sunflower Farm

Venturing through the fields


Aside from selling his sunflowers at his roadside stand, Westergom also takes order for parties, wedding showers, and any other private event. He can be reached at 609-536-4080, or just stop by the sunflower farm for a visit! The Good Old Days Sunflower Farm is located at 119 S. Old Tuckahoe Road in Woodbine, Cape May County. The farm is open most days from 8 am to 8 pm.


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Donald Westergom

Monday 19th of August 2019

We have a new is now called "Good Old Days Sunflower Farm" Hours are 8am to 8pm

Jennifer A.

Monday 19th of August 2019

Thank you for the information. We have updated our article.

Donald Westergom

Tuesday 31st of July 2018

We have a new phone number now 609-536-4080

Jennifer A.

Wednesday 1st of August 2018

Thank you for letting us know. We've updated the information. - Jenn

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