Camp Out / Fort Kit in a Bag – Made With Love Series

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Ideas by Crystal with a few details added by Jenn


Camp Out in a Bag, Fort Kit in a Bag, call it what you will but this Made With Love Series posts focuses on a kit of items stored in a pillowcase to make sure that everything will be handy for the kids to build a fort and you won’t have to worry about your couch cushions being used to build a fort. This fort is portable and can be used anywhere.


The front of our pillowcase before the alcohol treatment

Fort Kit in a Bag Supplies

  • Pillowcase (Use one you aren’t using from around the house or purchase one from Goodwill.)
  • An old bed sheet (Also available at Goodwill) (We didn’t find one at ours, so we bought a new sheet set at Wal-Mart for $7.97.)
  • Clothespins or clamps for holding the sheet in place. (Available at dollar stores or office supply stores.)
  • Glow sticks (Available at party stores or dollar stores. very inexpensive.)
  • Flashlight
  • Books to read
  • Journal or sketch pad to write or draw about their adventures inside the fort.
  • Pencil/pen, colored pencils, or coloring books

The front of the pillowcase bag after the alcohol treatment.

Ideas to make your Fort Kit in a Bag special

  • Add a  drawstring in the hem of the pillowcase so the kit can be tied close.
  • Add a strap to the pillowcase bag to make it easier to carry.
  • Personalize the Fort Kit in a Bag pillowcase with the child’s name and a design using fabric markers, stitching, iron ons. Use your imagination to show who the bag belongs to. This is especially helpful if you will be making a kit for more than one kid.
  • For my own boys, I’ll include their kit with fabric markers so my boys can decorate the sheets with their own design.
  • For the kit for my nephews, my boys colored a design on the sheet and I created a camouflage design on the pillowcase.  (The design was created by first coloring spots with Sharpie markers (as seen above.)  Next, I applied rubbing alcohol to the spots that caused the marker to spread out in different directions creating our camouflage print (as seen to the left.)Finally, it needs to go into the dryer to set the design.)

The personalized fort sheet my boys are creating for their cousins.





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