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See Silly Animals and More at Brookhollow’s Barnyard Drive Thru Farm

Brookhollow’s Barnyard, once known for a petting farm, animals to visit, tractor rides, train rides, pedal tractor, sandbox, a train barn, and more, joins the growing number of New Jersey attractions changing how they’re doing business. While they’d love to offer those activities for New Jersey families they recognize that those activities need to be put on hold for now.

Now, I haven’t personally been to Brookhollow’s Barnyard, but it appears these farm animals like to get a little silly. The farm’s Facebook page shows the animals like to get dressed up to celebrate kids’ birthdays. Take a look at how your family can still see silly horses like this and the other much-loved animals at Brookhollow’s Barnyard.

Brookhollow’s Barnyard Drive Thru Farm is open!!

One of New Jersey’s much loved petting farms, Brookhollow’s Barnyard recently pivoted to now offer a drive-thru farm experience.

About Brookhollow’s Barnyard Drive Thru Farm

Brookhollow’s Barnyard is located in Morris County, not far off from Rt. 287, at 301 Rockaway Valley Road in Boonton.

The farm will be open daily, Tuesdays through Saturdays 10 am to 4 pm, for drive thru tours, weather permitting.

two baby chickens at the Brookhollow's Barnyard Farm
Photo by The Beloved

How do I get tickets to the Drive Thru Farm at Brookhollow’s Barnyard?

The only place to buy tickets is on the farm’s website. Tickets go on sale every day at 10 am for the following day. There are no advanced ticket sales beyond one day. If you are unable to get tickets after 10 am that means the tickets have either sold out for the day or the weather is not suitable for a drive-thru. You can not buy same day tickets.

Once you have a ticket, print out the attachment. Read rules and arrive the next day at your allotted time. Guests will show tickets through the window so there is no contact between guests and employees.

How much will it cost?

Tickets will be $15 per carload, starting Memorial Day weekend, Friday, May 22, 2020. Tickets are assigned to a specific time slot. There are no refunds.

Brookhollow's Barnyard drive thru farm in New Jersey has llamas.

How long is the drive thru farm?

Tickets are issued for a designated one-hour time frame. Cars can circle the farm as many times as they like during their scheduled hour.

What kinds of animals are there?

From their website, Facebook page, and Instagram it looks like Brookhollow’s barnyard has horses, chickens, baby chicks, cows, llamas, goats, yacks, bunnies, and more.

Farm Rules

Guests must stay in their cars at all times.

Please only toss carrots from your windows. No other fruits or veggies can be given to the animals.

Do not reach out of the car to hand feed or pet the animals. While the farm usually allows petting, for this drive thru experience it is NOT allowed. 

a baby rabbit at a drive thru animal farm
Photo by Leanè Jacobs

How long will the drive thru farm be available?

Brookhollow’s Barnyard has not stated how long they will be open for drive thru visits but it looks like they want to offer this throughout the summer.

a brown and white cow sits in the grass
Photo by Diego F. Parra

Are there bathrooms available?

There is no information about the status of restrooms at Brookhollow’s Barnyard.

How can I learn more?

To learn more visit their website, for up-to-date information or call (201) 400-4505.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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