Breathe In: Children’s Songs for Mindfulness and Awareness by Lianne Bassin

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We received this Children’s CD, at no charge, to review from Lianne Bassin. We appreciate her support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about children’s music we think your family may enjoy.


Lianne Bassin’s Breathe In 


Breathe In by Lianne Bassin

Breathe In by Lianne Bassin


In a busy world, take time to Breathe!

We all experience some level of anxiety in our lives, and sadly, so do many of our children. As parents, we want our children to feel safe, happy, and connected to their surroundings. Our family is familiar with meditation and yoga as a method for calming children and encouraging coping strategies, so the opportunity to explore a new CD for our practice was welcome. We’ve listened to this in the car and at home, and both my 9 and 5 year old were singing along.


The 21 tracks  from Breathe In total almost an hour of music. You might think that a meditation CD is about repitition, but most of these songs sound more like what you’d hear in a children’s music class. My favorite is “Monkey Brain,” which encourages children to be in the moment in a way which they can understand. I envision us playing this CD, and especially individual songs, when my children are in need of some confidence boosting, or calming words.


Lianne’s website offers a lyric sheet, and each song in the CD booklet lists an accompanying mindful activity or mindful moment. This CD is truly more than just music; children who can use some downtime and some time with their thoughts will do well to spend some time with Breathe In.


Breathe In Song List

  1. Bye, Bye Thoughts
  2. Together We’re Beautiful
  3. I Am
  4. Trees
  5. Mr. Bear and Birdie
  6. Monkey Brain
  7. Wishing Tree
  8. Hugging Words
  9. Love Inside My Heart
  10. Be Still
  11. Chirp Chirp
  12. All Our Voices
  13. What Do I Feel?
  14. Two of Us
  15. Check In
  16. 10 White Doves
  17. Peaceful Place
  18. Thank You
  19. Listening Within
  20. One Step at a Time
  21. Breathe In, Breathe Out


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Breathe In: Children’s Songs for Mindfulness and Awareness

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