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Breakwater Beach Waterpark, A New Jersey Waterpark with Something for Everyone

This post was sponsored by Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach Waterpark. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about New Jersey waterparks and things to do with families at the Jersey Shore we think your family may enjoy.



We recently had the pleasure of enjoying another New Jersey waterpark, when we headed up to Seaside Heights to visit Casino Pier’s Breakwater Beach Waterpark.  What a great time we had splashing in the water, soaking in the hot tubs, sliding down slides, and just making summer memories together. As a mom with boys of different ages, I know how difficult it can be knowing if a waterpark has something for kids of all ages. Breakwater Beach Waterpark is one of those parks to put your worries at rest; from the youngest of kids to the oldest of teens Breakwater Beach had water thrills for each of them.


Breakwater Beach Waterpark offers something for kids of all ages

Revolutionary Wild River ~ Minimum height 36″ unless accompanied by a parent.

Revolutionary Wild River is more than your typical lazy river. Along your trip down the river, cannons and chargers may burst water up at you from under your tube. And there are some colorful fish along the way that you can hit to create other water effects.

Best parts of the Revolutionary Wild River ~ There were tubes for the kids with flat closed in bottoms. On our second trip around the river, I could confidently give my 5 year old his own raft without worry he would slip through it.


Breakwater Beach Waterpark Lazy River


The Perfect Storm ~ Minimum height 40″ unless accompanied by a parent.

The Perfect Storm is the water playground with slides, spouts, sprayguns and of course a large ship-shaped Nantucket Bucket that drops about 800 gallons of water. My boys loved all the variety of slides from simple ones for the youngest of kids to ones with a few more twists and turns for my older boys.

Best parts of the Perfect Storm ~ It is adjacent to the Lighthouse Cove. My five year old took turns between the two areas and since they were so close to each other I could keep track of all my kids a bit more easily than at most waterparks. Two of my boys are not fans of big dumping buckets, so the nature of this one and it’s shape made the intensity of the downpour less intense.

Breakwater Beach Waterpark Water playground

Plymouth Rock Hot Tub Springs ~ Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Who doesn’t love a good little soak in the hot tub? Breakwater Beach Waterpark has two hot tubs located right next to each other.

Best parts of Plymouth Rock Hot Tub Springs ~ It was not any deeper than 3 feet and my boys were easily able to walk around in it. This area also has its own lifeguard to ensure the safety of guests.


A great photo op outside the hot springs area at Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach

A great photo op outside the hot springs area.


Breakwater Beach Waterpark activities for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Lighthouse Cove ~ must be under 40″ in height and 150 pounds.

Lighthouse Cove is the toddler and preschool area where my just-turned five year old spent most of his time. He ran through the fountains, slid down slides, and pretended to be a captain sailing the ship. He loved it!


Breakwater Beach Waterpark toddler area


Breakwater Beach Waterpark activities for School Age kids 42 inches or taller

Two if by Sea ~ Minimum height 42″ with 48″ rider for single and double riders

Two awesome rides off of one tower! Speed down the centrifugal force of the BulletBowl or embark on a surprise adventure that takes riders through a serpentine, enclosed tube with two funnel opening featuring gentle oscillation within the funnels and high banking turns along the ride.

The Two if by Sea slides have enclosed tubes that you slide through with open areas. Rafts are available at the bottom to carry up to the top.


Minute Man Express ~ Minimum height 42″. Must have a partner.

Minute Man Express is a slightly different waterslide that requires two riders. I do believe it was a higher climb to the top than the Two if by Sea slides. The slide is an open tube the whole way down. Rafts are available at the bottom to carry up to the top.


Both the Two if by Sea slides and the Minute Man Express slide dump your tube into a 3 foot pool of water and give you plenty of room to swim out of the way before the next tubers come down. These were my six year old’s favorite slides to visit. Each time one of us took him down the slides he would yell, “Awesome!” He must have gone down at least 7 times.

Best part of Two if by Sea & Minute Man Express slides ~ I love that they were two-person rides. I’m not comfortable yet sending my 7 year old down the slides by himself and this gave us an option that was both fun and put my safety concerns at ease.


Patriot’s Plunge
Patriot’s Plunge is a 6 lane racing slide. Grab a mat and slide on down to the finish in a shallow pool of water. It’s a great option for kids wanting to race each other or their parents. (We didn’t take a ride on this slide.)


Breakwater Beach Waterpark activities for School Age kids 42 inches or taller & Strong Swimmers

We didn’t participate in these slides as my boys are still on the younger side and building up their swimming skills. At the end of each of these slides you plummet into a pool area with deeper depths. At the lower base of one of the swimming areas, there is an area for swimming.

  • Salem’s Serpent
  • The Nor’ Easter
  • Pilgrim’s Plummet

Breakwater Beach Water Slides


What else you should know about Breakwater Beach Waterpark

  • Signs painted on the ground help direct guests to lockers, bathrooms, and other areas.
  • Safety is a priority! Everywhere we looked we saw lifeguards and before going down any waterslide we were reminded of the rules. There were also signs reminding parents that it is a team effort to keep children safe. Parents are not to leave their kids unattended.
  • Life vest are available for children but children wearing life vests are not permitted on some water slides.
  • Medium and larger lockers are available for rental beginning at $15. They have a key that provides you with in and out access throughout your visit.
  • Multi-stall restrooms are available near the lockers as well as family bathrooms towards the front of the water park.
  • There is ample seating throughout the park.
  • Outside food is not allowed in the waterpark. There were multiple stations for buying food.
    • The area near the Lighthouse Cove & The Perfect Storm has a snack stand that will deliver the food to your chairs.
    • There is a food stand across from the hot tubs and more towards the back of the park.
    • Healthy & gluten-free options are available for purchase.
  • Street parking and parking lots are available for either $2 an hour or $7 and up for the day.


Breakwater Beach Waterpark Map


Breakwater Beach waterpark toddler area 2View more of our Breakwater Beach Waterpark photos in our Facebook Gallery.


Breakwater Beach Waterpark is located at 800 Ocean Terrace in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.


Breakwater Beach Waterpark is open till September 8 for the summer season. Check the Breakwater Beach Waterpark website for hours and days.


Breakwater Beach Waterpark admission begins at $25.95 per child. Discounts are available for seniors. Twilight admission and early bird rates are available as well.


In full disclosure, we were provided with complimentary tickets and food vouchers to make our review possible. Like always, all opinions are our own and honest, based on our experience.

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Rini James

Monday 5th of December 2016

This is an awesome park! Happy to know about it. Lighthouse cove seems fabulous! My niece loves dancing in the water, she keeps on insisting for a water park trip. Recently we planned for an indoor Waterpark in Montana. And it was a total fun to be there! She was overjoyed seeing the colorful slides and was splashing and jumping and laughing. It made her day. Planning for a trip to this park when I visit my uncle in Jersey.

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