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Your Brain at The Franklin Institute

Heather Schugar, from Diapered Knights, received tickets to visit the Franklin Institute at no charge, to review The Brain exhibit. She is the author of this blog post. We appreciate their support of bloggers that allows us to share with families Philadelphia Day Trips we think their family may enjoy.


The Franklin Institute unveiled its newest permanent exhibit, Your Brain, as well as a traveling exhibit, The Circus, this past June 14, and you will not want to miss it. Housed in the new 53,000 square foot Nicholas and Athena Karabots Pavilion, Your Brain, is a highly interactive, exciting experience for visitors of all ages.


My family and I got a private tour of the newest exhibit and it blew us away. We were thrilled with the interactivity, the science we learned about how our brains work, and the beautiful new space in which The Franklin Institute is hosting this new exhibit.


5 Reasons Why The Newest Franklin Institute Exhibits Are Awesome

1. The Neural Climb

This is an 18-feet tall climbing structure held together with glass discs, cable, and netting that is sized so both kids and parents can join in the fun of exploring neural connections. My 5 year old, 3 year old, and I made it to the top and were thrilled with the views, the lights, and the all around auditory experience. If you are a fan of the Franklin Institute’s giant heart exhibit, this one is even more amazing.


2. The Rotating Room

This illusion turns the ceiling into the floor and the floor into the ceiling. Figure out how your brain makes sense of the world by using the clues from its environments.


3. The Tilted Room

Lay on a bed in this room and then have friends or family walk by the bed. Your friends and family will look like they are, as my 5 year old said, “Walking all crazy!” Very cool perception experiment!



4. Distracted Driving

Have a preteen or teen that thinks he can multitask? Maybe you think you can multitask? Put your multitasking abilities to the test as you drive this car and simulate texting and driving.


5. The Circus “Acts”

The colors of this exhibit are beautiful and visitors can literally walk the high wire (with a harness, of course), engage in midair acrobatics (also harnessed), try their luck at being a contortionist (my attempt was just plain embarrassing), and attempt many other circus acts in this temporary exhibit.



The Your Brain exhibit is on permanent display, though The Circus is only visiting Philadelphia temporarily.


The Franklin Institute is located at:

222 N 20th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Click over to information about Free Admission Days at the Franklin Institute.


Click over here for more information about the Franklin Institute.

In full disclosure, Heather received tickets to the Franklin Institute, through her blog, to make her review possible. Her opinions are her own and come from her experience at The Franklin Institute.

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