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From our teen writer, Grace


Saturday, January 28, two of my friends and I had the opportunity to see Big Miracle 6 days before it came out in theaters.   The movie follows the story of a family of gray whales trapped under a very large sheet of ice in the little town of Barrow, Alaska. Throughout the movie we meet many different characters, all trying to do their part to help get the whales safely out to the ocean.

Big Miracle’s main characters are:

  • the town’s current news reporter – Adam Carlson,
  • his ex-girlfriend and Greenpeace spokesperson – Rachel Kramer,
  • a young Alaskan boy and grandson of the leader of the town – Nathan.

The rest of the characters include

  • a Los Angeles reporter,
  • a military colonel,
  • a powerful and rich politician,
  • and even (then President) Ronald Reagan’s assistant.


My favorite parts in Big Miracle

  • The sweet friendship that develops between Adam and Nathan
  • SPOILER (although I’m sure you already guessed that it happened) – the excitement of the scene when the whales are finally free
  • After a tragic part in the story, we get to see the big bad politician (Mr. McGraw) finally soften up.
  • During the credits, some actual news clips from the original story were shown side by side with the movie clips. For me, that really put it all into perspective. I’m sure it will for your kids too.


Overall, I liked Big Miracle. It had really cool special effects (the whales looked VERY real, but not too scary to cause any nightmares), happy scenes, sad scenes, funny scenes, and enough twists in the plot to keep you guessing what will happen next.


Note to the parentsBig Miracle is rated PG for language. There are times in the movie where strong language is used that might be offensive to families, especially if you have young children.


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This blog post was written by Grace B as a guest blogger for Jersey Family Fun.

In full disclosure, this post is sponsored in part by Allied Integrated Marketing who provided us with tickets to the advanced screening for us to review the movie as well as host a ticket giveaway to it. However, our opinions are honest and our own based on our experience seeing the movie.


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