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We received tickets to Big Hero 6 advanced screening at no charge, to review this movie from Disney Films. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families movies we think their family may enjoy.


Disney has done it again! Big Hero 6 is an action-packed, powerful and inspiring movie that is sure to be an instant classic!


On October 29, 2014, we had the privilege of attending an advanced screening of Big Hero 6 at Westwood Cinemas in Westwood, NJ. You could feel the excitement and anticipation in the theater as movie-goers of all ages entered and took their seats. We could not wait to see the newest Disney masterpiece. We grabbed our 3D glasses, checked our phones at the door and got ready for an adventure!

Kids of all ages will LOVE Big Hero 6!

Kids of all ages will LOVE Big Hero 6!


About Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6 takes you on an emotional adventure with 14-year old prodigy Hiro Hamada. Inspired by the Marvel comic book of the same name, this movie is a great spin on the creation of the next great superheroes team. Presented in 3D, Big Hero 6 lets audience members feel like they are part of the action. The movie takes place in a futuristic city cleverly named San Fransokyo. Hiro is a robotics genius who, after graduating high school at age 13, is trying to find his purpose in life. With the help of his older brother, Tadashi, Hiro decides that he wants to attend San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. After tragedy strikes, we are taken on an emotional journey with Hiro as he deals with his anger and grief while establishing an unlikely friendship with an inflatable robot named Baymax. When a criminal plot is discovered, Hiro, Baymax and a group of robotic “nerds” get together to save the world!


As a HUGE Disney fan, of course I had high expectations for this movie, and Disney definitely did not disappoint. After seeing a few trailers and commercials, I have to admit, I was unsure what this movie would be about. In all honesty, Big Hero 6 is now my new favorite Disney movie (yes, it has surpassed Frozen on my list). Big Hero 6 invoked a wide array of emotions from laughter to sadness to excitement. I loved EVERY minute of this movie!


Here are 4 reasons we LOVE Big Hero 6:

  • Amazing Animation! Like all Disney movies, Big Hero 6 was an amazing display of animation skill and technique. There were so many scenes where I felt it was the real city or building. The vibrant colors and realistic facial expressions and body movements really added to the emotion and excitement of the film.
  • Family Friendly! Big Hero 6 is the PERFECT movie for the entire family. Young, old, boys and girls, everyone will love this movie. My boys, ages 2 and 5, sat in awe for the ENTIRE movie. Yes, I had two little ones at the theater who were focused and attentive throughout an entire movie! I had so much fun laughing along with my kids and husband.
  • Inspiring and Powerful! Big Hero 6 really touches your soul. It delves into important topics that can be difficult to discuss with kids at times. It paves the way for great conversations with your children. This movie also has a powerful message about dealing with grief and finding support in the most unique places. The message about being a better person and supporting those around you is inspiring!
  • Funny! Big Hero 6 is not only an action-packed adventure, it is also full of humor for kids and adults. There were so many times my family and I let out big belly laughs. Although this movie can be sad at times, it is also spirited and uplifting, and of course, funny!


I highly recommend the Big Hero 6 movie to all families! Big Hero 6 will become an instant Disney classic, and I cannot wait until it comes out on November 7, 2014!


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In full disclosure, we were provided with complimentary admission to Big Hero 6, but all opinions are honest and our own based on our experience seeing Big Hero 6.

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