6 BIG Reasons to Watch Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns on Disney XD #BigHero6

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I was honored to be invited to the #PixarCocoEvent, a Disney press junket for Disney Pixar COCO, Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, Designated Survivor, and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. As a guest, my expenses were covered in return for a series of articles about my experiences and reviews of the programming.


Big Hero 6 in Disney Television Entertainment building


Next to the Disney Pixar Coco premiere and interviews, screening and learning about Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns was one of the #PixarCocoEvent activities I was most looking forward to. My boys absolutely loved Big Hero 6. Truth be told, I did too. I couldn’t wait to learn more about Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns and share the details with you and them. We screened Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns and then had an interview, question and answer session with Ryan Potter, voice of Hiro, and executive producers Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley, and Nick Filippi.


Big Hero 6 Baymax returns interview

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Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns brings Baymax and the Big Hero team back to Disney, but this time on the Disney XD channel starting Monday, November 20th. Your kids will find the Big Hero team they have come to love but also new reasons to come back and watch Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns each week.


Disney's Big Hero 6 The Series


Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns premieres Monday, November 20th from 8:00-9:00 p.m. EST, with a one-hour primetime television movie.


About the brand new TV-movie Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns

Disney XD’s animated series Big Hero 6, picks up immediately following the events of the Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Academy Award-winning feature film and continues the adventures and friendship of Hiro, the fourteen-year-old orphaned tech genius and Baymax, his very special plus-sized inflatable healthcare companion.


Big Hero 6 Baymax returns On Disney XD 3

BIG HERO 6 – “Baymax Returns” (Disney XD)HIRO HAMADA, BAYMAX


As the new kid at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, Hiro faces daunting academic challenges at the prestigious “nerd school” and the social trials of being the “little man on campus.” Luckily, Hiro has his brains, his ingenuity, and his best friend bot to help him find his way. But it’s off-campus where things get dangerous. Along with neat freak Wasabi, bubbly mad scientist Honey Lemon, fanboy Fred and no-nonsense Go Go, the friends form an unlikely, but awesome superhero team – Big Hero 6. Together they face madness and mayhem as a colorful array of science-enhanced villains threaten San Fransokyo.


6 BIG Reasons to Watch Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns on Disney XD #BigHero6


6 BIG reasons to watch Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns

Comic book artist and legend Stan Lee will be back making cameo appearances as Fred’s dad. Mark McCorkle, an executive producer said, “Somebody we’re very excited that we brought back, Stan Lee who plays Fred’s dad in that little after credit sequence. The back story is that he was a superhero in the past and he gets to be the voice of wisdom from Fred, and then a particular episode for Hiro.  And it’s just great to work with Stan Lee like that.  Intimidating, but an honor.” Look for other cameos as well. Obake, the main villain, is voiced by Andrew Scott, who is Moriarte in the BBC Sherlock series. Globby, who is one of the more comedic villains is voiced by Andy Richter.


Look for Ryan Potter to have more fun and show more of himself in his role as Hiro. During our interview, I got things started by asking Ryan “How did making the TV series compare to making the movie?” His response, “I think with the series, we could just have a lot more fun, not to say we put less work into this, because that’s not true at all. I would go in for a specific scene for the film four, five, seven, eight times, but with the series I go in once to record an episode. We get to go in the booth and play around with the entire episode. And we throw ideas back and forth, as opposed to me coming in two months later with brand new ideas. A lot of it is actually coming from, us in the room, not me personally, the writers do a lot of work. There’s a lot of synergy for the episodes in the sense that we get to create a lot on the spot, because we still animate post voice, so we don’t have to always stay true to the script.” That synergy and spontaneity is one that I am sure will encourage other kids to watch Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns.


Episodes will explore each of the characters more deeply. While the Disney creators couldn’t do that in the timeline of the Big Hero 6 movie they can do that over the course of a season with several episodes of Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns. Mark let us in on what we could expect. “The first couple of episodes we did a spotlight on Fred and a spotlight on Go Go and Honey Lemon.  We felt like we knew that Hiro and Baymax were the heart of this show….  We knew that would be the big thrust for the series, but as fans we got to see so little of those other characters in the movie.  It was fun to say, okay, let’s do more with them.” Bob Schooley added before Mark continued, ” and to dig into the movie, they were such great, vivid characters, but they had so little screen time really because of the scope of what the movie was all about.” Mark shared about another character we’ll learn more about. “The other character we’ve had a great time with is Aunt Cass. Maya Rudolph is super funny, super talented…. She’s a flawed caregiver.  She’s not entirely confident, which to me is real.  That’s how it is being a parent.  You don’t have all the answers, so for us, that’s a really fun, rich character.” Who is your kid’s favorite Big Hero 6 character? Comment below and let us know.


Big Hero 6 Baymax returns on Disney XD 2



There will be new powerful villains on Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns. Prepare to see both men and women playing the role of villains. You’ll get an early look at some of those villains in the movie. Watch for clues. Here’s what we can share from the executive producers, Mark and Bob. Mark, “We do have a good mix with our villains on the gender front that we have a number of female villains as well.” Bob shares the details on one villain, “We have Katy Mixon from American Housewife and she’s hilarious.  She’s part of a mother-daughter 80’s themed dance crime team called High Voltage.”


Being smart is a superpower! In each Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns episode, we will see smart kids using their wits to solve problems and fight crime. I love that and especially because that’s part of the motivation for Mark and Ryan. Mark shared, “As soon as Bob and I first saw the movie on our way out, Bob turned to me and goes, it’s so refreshing to see science being positive, or being portrayed in a positive way that’s not dystopian future or whatever. When we grew up, science was, let’s get an astronaut to the moon, like it was about solving problems. It was about the future and reaching and striving and I feel like we kind of lost that a little bit.  For us, it’s nice that you have this group of kids that are all smart and being smart is cool.” Ryan added, “That’s one thing that’s never changed and I don’t think ever will change.  At the heart of the story, it’s just a bunch of smart kids and every problem that they encounter, they tend to solve it with their wits.”


Mark continued, “We did a specific story with Hiro, that Ryan did a great job on, where he suddenly looks around and goes boy, I gave everybody else a superpower, but I don’t have one.  And he gives himself one and that’s the one where Stan Lee kind of gives him advice and he learns his superpower is his brain. Being smart is his superpower.”


Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns Group Interview picture


The creators behind Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns have created 30 episodes and are already for season 2, Bob said they knew from the beginning there would be more Big Hero stories to tell and they have been working on this since the Big Hero 6 movie was released 3 years ago. While talking about favorite characters Bob chimed in to say, “… I love writing for all of them, just because I think they all have such distinct personalities.  And it really is, by this point, we’ve done maybe 30 episodes we’ve recorded. We’re into the second season in terms of production.  You really get to sort of feel like the characters and the actors are the same thing to a degree, so you’re really writing for what you know they are.”


Take a look at these Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns videos to get a glimpse of what you can expect.



Learn more about Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns at any of these links:


How excited are your kids to see Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns?


Big Hero 6 Baymax returns on Dixney XD

BIG HERO 6 – “Baymax Returns” (Disney XD)HIRO HAMADA, BAYMAX


Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns premieres on Disney XD Monday, November 20!

  • Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns will air simultaneously on Disney XD and Disney Channel, and on the DisneyNOW app and Disney XD VOD
  • Big Hero 6 Baymax Returns new episodes will begin in early 2018.


Next Monday, #PixarCocoEvent series continues tomorrow with a COCO interview with Gael Garcia Bernal (voice of “Hector”). You can get caught up with our #PixarCocoEvent series anytime by clicking on #PixarCocoEvent.

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