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The Best Places to Go Sledding in New Jersey

 Enjoy our list of the best sledding hills in New Jersey. Updated annually and frequently since 2012 to help you find local sledding hills.

Looking to get out of the house with the kids to go sledding in New Jersey? This slightly New Year’s snow storm in the southern half of New Jersey’s got me so excited, I couldn’t wait to update our list of the best places to go snow sledding in New Jersey. I’m so happy to help you find snow sledding hills in NJ.

Were you searching for sledding hills near me?

Best Places to go Sledding in New Jersey

If so, you’ve come to the right place. We’re scouring our state to check out the best places to go sledding in New Jersey you want to know about. So many communities in the Garden State have great hills to enjoy sledding.

Check out our listing below to find a great local sledding location near you. This is a work in progress. Keep checking back as we discover more places to enjoy winter fun. If you have one we should add or see one listed that no longer allows sledding, please note it in the comments.

These are the best places to go sledding in New Jersey that we have heard about from readers like you. Readers who have their favorite local sledding hills have commented on this post and our social media articles. However, you should check with your township before heading out to sled for any restrictions or limitations.

Kids on a sledding hill in New Jersey

The Best Places to Go Sledding in New Jersey

Please read below for your county’s name to find our listing of the best places to go sledding in New Jersey and to find local sledding hills. We’ve organized NJ’s sledding hills by region, county, and town.

Awesome North Jersey Sledding Hills

Best sledding hills in Bergen County New Jersey

For sledding in Bergen County NJ, check out these great sledding hills in North Jersey.

Sledding in Closter

  • Hillside Elementary School, Closter

Sledding in Carlstadt

  • Cobblestone Hill, Carlstadt

Sledding in Demarest

  • Northern Valley Regional High School, Demarest

Sledding in Fair Lawn

  • TJ Hill/ Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Fair Lawn

Sledding in Fort Lee

  • Bear Mountain, Fort Lee
  • PIP Park, off North Central Road, Hudson Terrace at Palisades Interstate Parkway, Fort Lee

Sledding in Haworth

  • White Beeches Golf & Country Club, Haworth

Sledding in Leonia

  • Leonia Swim Club, Grand Avenue and Moore Street, Leonia

For Sledding in Mahwah check out Campgaw Mountain

  • Campgaw Mountain is located at 200 Campgaw Road in Mahwah NJ. The small mountain offers skiing, snow tubing and snowboarding. They even offer a lift for snowtubing and snowtube rentals. Learn more by visiting their website or calling 201-327-7800.

Sledding in New Milford

  • Borough Hall, New Milford
  • New Milford Town Hall, New Milford

Sledding in Paramus

  • Midland School, Paramus

Go Sledding in Park Ridge at Atkins Glen Park ‘The Sand Pit’

  • Atkins Glen Park (The Sand Pit) is located at Freemont Avenue in Park Ridge. For more information call 201-573-1800.

Sledding in Ramsey

  • Ramsey High School, facing Island Avenue, Ramsey

Sledding in Ridgefield Park

  • Ridgefield Park High School, Ridgefield Park

For the best Sledding in Ridgewood check out Citizens Park

  • Citizens Park is located on North Monroe Avenue in Ridgewood. There’s not one but TWO options for sledding. Daredevils looking for a sledding thrill can take the sledding hill with two levels. The other option provides for a longer gentler sledding experience. For more information call (201) 592-8118 or visit the town website,

Sledding in River Edge

  • Van Saun County Park, River Edge

Sledding in Rutherford

  • Lincoln Woods, West Pierrepont Avenue and Carmita Avenue, behind Lincoln School, Rutherford

Sledding in Teaneck

  • Votee Park, Teaneck

Sledding in Tenafly

  • Froggy Park, Tenafly

Sledding in Wallington

  • Samuel Nelkin County Park, Wallington

Best sledding hills in Essex County New Jersey

WOW! Essex County has A LOT of great places to go sledding in North Jersey.

Sledding in Bloomfield

  • Brookdale Park, Rose Garden Hill, Bloomfield
  • Pulaski park, Bloomfield

Sledding in Glen Ridge

  • Carteret Park, Glen Ridge

Sledding in Livingston

  • Riker Hill Park, Livingston
  • Hillside School (Hillside Ave.) Livingston
  • Cedar Hill, Livingston

Sledding in Maplewood

  • Jefferson Elementary School, Maplewood
  • Maplewood Memorial Park, Maplewood

Sledding in Montclair

  • Nishuane Park, Montclair
  • Montclair Public pool, sledding hill across the street, Montclair
  • Montclair University, Montclair
  • Mountainside Park, supervised sledding from 12 pm – 4 pm, Montclair

Sledding in Newark

  • New Newark Baptist Church, Newark
  • Branch Brook Park, Newark

Sledding in North Arlington

  • Fisher Field, North Arlington

Sledding in Nutley

  • Reinheimer Park, Nutley

Two great options for Sledding in South Orange

  • Start with Flood’s Hill located at North Ridgewood Road and Mead Street in South Orange. Some of NJ’s best sledding is available next to Meadowland Park and The Baird Community Center, so be prepared for crowds. Learn more by calling 973-378-7754 or visiting the town website,

  • Cameron Field, South Orange

Sledding in Verona

  • Verona Park, Verona

Lots of Sledding hills in West Orange

  • Redwood Elementary School, West Orange
  • Francis A. Byrne Golf Course, West Orange

Best sledding hills in Hudson County New Jersey

Here are a few places in Hudson County with great places to go sledding in North Jersey.

Sledding in Bayonne

  • Bayonne County Park, Bayonne

Sledding in North Bergen

  • Braddock Park, North Bergen

Sledding in Kearny

  • Bunny Hill, Kearny
  • Veterans Memorial Field, Kearny

Best sledding hills in Morris County New Jersey

Look at all the Morris County sledding hills for great places to go sledding in North Jersey.

Sledding Hills in Boonton

  • Tourne County Park is located at 1 Old Denville Road in Boonton. On snowy days a portion of the park road is officially closed off and designated as a sledding hill. How cool! The park also offers snowshoeng and cross country skiing trails. While you’re in the area, check out the Boonton Falls at Grace Lord Park. They are gorgeous in the winter. For more information about Tourne County Park please call (973)326-7631 or visit their website,

Sledding Hills in Budd Lake

  • Village Green Apartment Complex Golf Course, Budd Lake

Sledding hills abound in Chester

  • Chubb Park on Route 24 in Chester Township is likely the most popular sledding location in Chester Township, NJ. The 85-acre park features a hill where winter snow sledding is allowed. Ice skating is permitted under certain conditions as well. For more information call (908) 879-5100 or visit their website,

  • Chester Grove St. Park, Chester
  • Telecordia Property, behind the white barn on North Road, Chester
  • Highland Ridge Park, Chester Township

Sledding Hills in Gillette

  • Gillette School, Valley Rd., Gillette

Take in the Sledding Hill in Landing at Hopatcong State Park

  • Hopatcong State Park in Landing at Lakeside Boulevard is another NJ State Park that offers sledding. The middle part of the snow sledding hill is the steepest. So if your kids aren’t too daring or are still beginners stick with the sides of the slope. To learn more call 973-398-7010 or visit their website,

Sledding Hills in Long Valley

Sledding Hills in Mendham

  • Buck Hill Tract, Cherry Lane & Hardscrabble Rd, Mendham

Sledding Hills in Morris Plains

  • Mountain Way Park, Morris Plains

Sledding Hills in Morristown

  • Jacob Park, Morristown
  • Jockey Hollow, Designated areas dictated by Visitors Park open 8am-5pm, Morristown
  • Villa Walsh Academy, Morristown

Sledding Hills in Mountain Lakes

  • Tower Hill Sled Run, Mountain Lakes

Sledding Hills in Parsippany

  • Knoll Country Club, Parsippany

Sledding Hills in Pequannock

  • Greenview Park, Pequannock

Sledding Hills in Randolph

  • Brundage Park, Carrell Road, Randolph

Sledding Hills in Stirling

  • Central School, Stirling

Sledding Hills in Washington Township

Sledding Hills in Wharton

  • Robert Street Park, Wharton

Best sledding hills in Passaic County New Jersey

Lots of great places to go sledding in North Jersey, Passaic County.

Sledding in Clifton

  • Garett Mountain, Clifton
  • Nash Park, Clifton
  • Zelenka Park, Clifton

Sledding in Hawthorne

  • Gofffle Brook Park, Hawthorne

Sledding in Little Falls

  • Clove Road, between Clove and Long Hill Road, Little Falls

Sledding in Paterson

  • Eastside Park, Paterson
  • Westside Park, behind Kennedy High School, Paterson
  • William Patterson University, Paterson

Sledding in Ringwood

  • Ringwood State Park, Ringwood

Sledding in Wayne

  • Fallon Elementary School, Wayne
  • Packanack Golf Course, just outside of Osborne Terrace and Lake Drive West, Wayne

Sledding in West Milford

  • Bubbling Springs Park, West Milford

Best sledding hills in Sussex County New Jersey

Sussex County has a couple great places to go sledding in North Jersey.

Sledding Hills in Andover

  • Andover Park, Andover

Sledding Hills in Newton

  • Sussex County Community College located at One College Hill Road in Newton.

Sledding Hills in Stillwater Township

  • Swartswood State Park, Stillwater Township

Sledding Hills in Sussex

  • Highpoint State Park, 1480 Rt. 23, Sussex, NJ – Some great hills for sledding. However the roads leading into the park can be hazardous so this location is best to try when the roads have been totally cleared of snow.

Sledding Hills in Vernon

  • Mountain Creek, Vernon – Mountain Creek recently added a brand new snow tubing area to its slopes. If you don’t have the equipment you can spend a day using their runs and equipment. There are 25 runs and a lift for tubers (no climbing up the big hill).

Sledding Hills in Wantage

  • High Point State Park, Wantage

Best sledding hills in Union County New Jersey

Union County has several great places to go sledding in North Jersey.

Click here for the county policy on sledding in county parks.

Sledding in Berkeley Heights

  • Hughes School, Berkeley Heights

Sledding in Clark

  • The Pit Ball Field, Lupine Way by Malvern Drive,a small hill perfect for toddlers, Clark

Sledding in Cranford

  • Cranford High School’s Memorial Field, Myrtle Avenue, Cranford
  • Lenape Park areas that are not close to waterways, Cranford
  • Raritan Road hill just past the Parkway overpass by International House of Prayer, Cranford

Sledding in Garwood

  • Unami Park, Garwood

Sledding in Hillside

  • Hillside High School, field across the street on Liberty Avenue, Hillside

Sledding in Kenilworth

  • Galloping Hill Golf Course, Kenilworth

Sledding in New Providence

  • Lucent Hill, New Providence

Sledding in Plainfield

  • West Nine Golf Course, Plainfield

Sledding in Scotch Plains

  • Kramer Manor Park, Scotch Plains
  • Scotch Hills Golf Course, keep away from greens, Scotch Plains

Sledding in Springfield

  • Meisel Park, Springfield

Sledding in Summit

  • Briant Park, Summit

Sledding in Westfield at Echo Lake Park

  • Echo Lake Park, at the Summer Arts Hill at 1165 Globe Avenue in Westfield. Just a little walk up the road and hill. Then, sled down the other side away from the road. For more information call 908-527-4000 or visit the Echo Lake Park map with the sledding hill clearly marked.

  • Behind Tamaques School, Westfield

Best sledding hills in Warren County New Jersey

Warren County has a few great places to go sledding in North Jersey.

Sledding in Hackettsown

  • Allamuchy Mountain State Park is located at 800 Willow Grove Street in Hackettstown. (It also uses the address of Waterloo Road in Stanhope, NJ.) If you haven’t checked out this NJ State Park, then a sledding outing is the perfect excuse to do so. In addition to sledding you and the kids can go ice skating, ice fishing, or cross-country skiing. Learn more by calling (908) 852-3790 or visiting the state park website,

Sledding in Phillipsburg

  • Target, hill behind the strip mall, Phillipsburg

Sledding in Washington Borough

  • Meadow Breeze Park, Washington

Amazing Sledding Hills in Central Jersey

Best sledding hills in Hunterdon County New Jersey

In the middle of the state, Hunterdon County has great places to go sledding in Central Jersey.

Sledding in Annandale

  • Round Valley Recreation Area, Annandale
  • Spruce Run Elementary School, Annandale/Clinton

Sledding in Bethlehem

  • Tower Hill Park, Bethlehem
  • Musconetcong Gorge Perserve, Bethlehem

Sledding in Flemington

  • The Sledding Hill at Tuccamirigan Park, Flemington

Sledding in Glen Gardner

  • Voorhees State Park, Glen Gardner

Sledding in Lambertville

  • Old Belle Mountain Ski Area, Lambertville

Sledding in Tewksbury

  • Cold Brook Reserve, Tewksbury

Sledding in Union Township

  • Hoffman Park, Hampton, Union Township

Best sledding hills in Mercer County New Jersey

Mercer County has a few great places to go sledding in Central Jersey.

Sledding hills in Ewing

  • Banchoff Park, Ewing

Sledding hills in Hamilton

  • Hamilton Public Library, hill behind, Hamilton
  • Veterans Park, Hamilton

Sledding hills in Lawrence

  • Rosedale Park, Lawrence

Sledding hills in Princeton

  • Springdale Golf Course, Princeton

Sledding hills in Titusville

  • Mcgills Hill in Washington Crossings Park, Titusville
a group of kids together on a sled in New Jersey

Best sledding hills in Middlesex County New Jersey

Make a visit to Middlesex County for these great places to go sledding in Central Jersey.

Sledding in East Brunswick

  • East Brunswick High School, East Brunswick
  • Jamesburg Park, East Brunswick

Sledding in Edison

  • Roosevelt County Park, Edison
  • Ethel Eoad, Edison
  • Watchung Circle, Edison

Sledding in Highland Park

  • Donaldson Park, Highland Park

Sledding in Jamesburg/Monroe Township at Thompson Park

  • Thompson Park is located at Forsgate Drive in Jamesburg, Monroe Township. This sledding hill used to be the site for downhill skiing so it provides a very long and gentle ride for sledders. The sledding area is located near the Grove 4 picnic area. For more information call (732) 745-3995 or visit the park website.

Sledding in Old Bridge

  • Home Depot, Rt 9, Old Bridge

Sledding in New Brunswick

  • Buccleuch Park Between the Raritan River and Easton Avenue, New Brunswick
  • Red Barn Hill, New Brunswick

Sledding in Sayreville

  • Samsel Upper Elementary School, Sayreville

Sledding in South Brunswick

  • Woodlot Park, South Brunswick/Kendall Park
a couple with 3 children sledding in New Jersey

Best sledding hills in Monmouth County New Jersey

Our Monmouth County sledding hills got inadvertendly deleted during our most recent update. We’re working to restore those listings.

Best sledding hills in Somerset County New Jersey

Check out where Somerset County has great places to go sledding in North Jersey.

Sledding Hills in Bridgewater

  • Duke Island Park located at Old York Road in Bridgewater, is the first place we’re featuring for sledding in Bridgewater. It offers a gentle sled ride from the top of a hill near Old York Road and down into the park. For more information call 908 722-1200 Ext. 5013 or visit the park website,

  • Hillside School, Bridgewater
  • Somerset County Vo-Tech High School, Bridgewater

Sledding Hills in Brookdale

  • Phillips Field, Brookdale

Sledding Hills in Green Brook

  • Top of the World Park, Green Brook

Sledding Hills in Martinsville

  • Chimney Rock Park, Martinsville

Sledding Hills in Montgomery Township

  • Village School, on Burnt Hill Road, Montgomery Township

Sledding Hills in Warren

  • Central School, Mt. Bethel Road, Warren
  • Greenwood Meadows Park, Warren
  • Mt. Horeb School, Warren
  • Warren Township Municipal, Warren

Sledding Hills in Watchung

  • Bayberry School, Watchung
  • Valley View School, Watchung
  • Watchung Hills Regional High School, Watchung
  • Watchung Lake, Watchung

Awesome South Jersey Sledding Hills

Best sledding hills in Atlantic County New Jersey

Atlantic County has great places to go sledding in South Jersey.

Sledding in Absecon

  • The Pit, Behind Franklin Boulevard, Absecon

Sledding in Egg Harbor Township

  • Egg Harbor Township Police Athletic Club, Egg Harbor Township
  • Nature Reserve, Egg Harbor Township

Sledding in Galloway

  • Manheim Hills, Galloway – Now marked with No Trespassing signs and sledding is prohibited.
  • The Pit, on Old Port Rd, Galloway

Best sledding hills in Burlington County New Jersey

Burlington County has great places to go sledding in South Jersey.

Sledding in Cinnaminson

  • Memorial Park, Cinnaminson

Sledding in Lumberton

  • Golden Pheasant Country Club, Lumberton

Sledding in Maple Shade

  • Steinhauer Hill, Maple Shade

Sledding in Medford

  • Tomlinson Park, Medford

Sledding in Moorestown

  • Stokes Hill, Moorestown

Sledding in Mount Laurel

  • Laurel Acres Park, Mount Laurel

Sledding in Willingboro

  • Millcreek Park, Willingboro

Best sledding hills in Camden County New Jersey

Camden County has lots to offer local families for sledding in South Jersey.

Sledding in Audubon

  • Audubon Lake Park, Audubon

Sledding in Cherry Hill

  • Bunker Hill Road in the Woodcrest are of Cherry Hill has been recommended as a great place for snow sledding for younger kids. The sledding area is in a basin. Children can sled down from any area around the bowl-like basin. Just be cautious of kids coming down from the opposite direction. Some have suggested using these GPS coordinates to find the location: N 39° 52.860 W 074° 59.302 18S E 500994 N 4414549

  • Haddonfield Friends and Erlton School Park, Cherry Hill

Sledding in Gibbsboro

  • Blueberry Hill Trail, Gibbsboro

Sledding in Gloucester Township

  • Fairmont Drive and Johnson Road, Gloucester Township

Sledding in Haddonfield

  • Haddonfield Hill, Haddonfield

Sledding in Haddon Heights

  • Haddon Lake Park, Haddon Heights

Sledding in Pennsauken

  • Penn Hill, Pennsauken

Sledding in Sicklerville

  • Frank Donio Memorial Park, Sicklerville
2 girls sledding down a hill in New Jersey

Best sledding hills in Cape May County New Jersey

We’ve discovered Cape May County has at least one great place to go sledding in South Jersey.

Sledding in Cape May Court House

  • Stone Harbor Golf Club, Cape May Court House

Best sledding hills in Cumberland County New Jersey

Cumberland County has two great places to go sledding in South Jersey.

Sledding in Millville, NJ

  • Waltham Park at City Park Drive in Millville
  • Union Lake Bluffs, Millville

Best sledding hills in Gloucester County New Jersey

Gloucester County has these great places to go sledding in South Jersey.

Sledding in Mantua Township

  • Chestnut Branch Park located at 401 Main Street and Center Street in Mantua Township. For more information call 856-415-9999 or visit the park website,

Sledding in Turnersville

  • St. Patrick’s Elementary School, Woodbury

Sledding in Woodbury

  • St. Patrick’s Elementary School and Holy Angels Catholic Elementary School (211 Cooper Street) have both been recommended as great places to go snow sledding in Woodbury.
3 kids in snowtubes on a sledding hill in New Jersey

Best sledding hills in Ocean County New Jersey

Ocean County has great places to go sledding in South Jersey.

Sledding in Brick

  • Windward Beach Park, Brick

Sledding in Jackson

  • 60 Acre Park, Jackson

Sledding in Lakewood

  • Ocean County Park, Lakewood

Sledding in Little Egg Harbor

  • Frenchies Pit, Little Egg Harbor Township
    • Frenchies Pit is private property and no trespassing is permitted.

Sledding in Manahawkin

  • Old Stone Store, Manahawkin

Sledding in Point Pleasant

  • Beaver Dam Hill, Intersection of Route 88, Point Pleasant
An Asian girl is now tubing on a hill in South Jersey

Best sledding hills in Salem County New Jersey

Salem County has at least one great place to go sledding in South Jersey.

Sledding in Pennsville

  • Fort Mott State Park, one of my favorite NJ State Parks, at 454 Fort Mott Road in Pennsville, has some epic hills for sledding. Imagine sledding down the side of a hill that used to be a fort for battles! As it is located on the Delaware River and there are some openings in the hill, make sure you only sled in the designated areas. For more information call 856-935-3218 or visit the Fort Mott State Park website,
Hill at Fort Mott State Park
Sled down hills like this at Fort Mott State Park in South Jersey.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our listing of the best places to go sledding in New Jersey. Which one is your favorite?

2 kids on a sled

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Thursday 31st of December 2020

In Monmouth County the listing for Atlantic Highlands should say Highlands Elementary School, Highlands, NJ.

Jennifer Auer

Monday 4th of January 2021

Thank you so much for letting me know. I have gone ahead and updated the listing. -Jenn


Sunday 24th of January 2016

Yeah...dead man's hill & the bleachers at the dell except u got the wind knocked of u when u hit the steps to hard and at the old Thacher house.. (haddon Heights)


Thursday 19th of February 2015

Rosedale park Lawrence new jersey only 50 feet but its cool and mcgills hill in washington crossings park you can see it from the street forget where

Jennifer A.

Thursday 19th of February 2015

Thanks Nick, we've added it to the list. ~ Jenn

Doug Dale

Monday 26th of January 2015

Freehold Mall/Toys R Us complex (Monmouth Cty) stopped allowing sledders although is was an amazing hill!

Jennifer A.

Monday 26th of January 2015

That stinks, but thanks for letting us know Doug. We have removed it from the list. ~ Jenn


Saturday 15th of February 2014

I heard knob hill (golf course) in manalapan (monmouth county) is good. I also heard they dont allow sledding anymore at the freehold mall/toys r will chase u away...this is all just hearsay...anyone else hear this?

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