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The Best Places Baby Yoda and Other Babies Love to Play in New Jersey


Are you a fan of Baby Yoda?

It seems like it’s only been a few weeks since the Mandalorian debuted on Disney+, but it only took one episode for Baby Yoda to capture our hearts. Since then a day hasn’t gone by when we haven’t seen a Baby Yoda meme or another blog post about Baby Yoda. No one can resist Baby Yoda, The Child.


We had to, of course, offer our own Baby Yoda-inspired post.


About The Mandalorian

After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe.  “The Mandalorian” is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. We follow the travails of a lone gunfighter, Mando, in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic.


Watching The Mandalorian one thing has been clear Baby Yoda loves to play. He’s not going to be content just hanging out in his traveling carrier. The Child wants to be out where the action is and having fun. Who can blame him? 


Baby yoda with Mando in ship 2, playing with glowing ball


In fact, I am pretty confident that if Baby Yoda and Mando ever wanted to make their home in New Jersey, they would find plenty of places babies love to play in New Jersey. Mando would also find that there are other parents who would be happy to help him as he raises Baby Yoda. Force or no force, us parents need to stick together and help each other out. 


Whether you are raising your own Baby Yoda or a human baby take advantage of this list to help you and your baby have fun together in New Jersey.


The Best Places Baby Yoda and Other Babies Love to Play in New Jersey Facebook


The Best Places Baby Yoda and Other Babies Love to Play in New Jersey


Local Museums with Baby Play Areas

New Jersey is home to a number of baby-friendly museums. These museums have special areas that are off limits to big kids and dedicated to babies.


Garden State Discovery Museum Little Discoveries

The Little Discoveries area of the Garden State Discovery Museum is a designated space for infants up to 4 years old. It’s a farm-themed area where kids can pretend to feed horses, climb through a pretend farm, and do other farm related activities.


feeding horses at Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill New Jersey



Another area your little one may love to explore is the Dinosaurium. Read more in our article, Garden State Discovery Museum Dinosaurium.


Dinosaur dig at Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill NJ

Exploring the Dinosaur dig at Garden State Discovery Museum in Cherry Hill NJ


Learn more about this baby-friendly museum the Garden State Discovery Museum website. At the Garden State Discovery Museum children under 1 year old are free and do not need a ticket.


Liberty Science Center I Explore

The Liberty Science Center’s I Explore is the perfect area for young learners! Kids can learn, play, discover, and get curious in an exhibition filled with hands-on activities designed to bring out the natural scientist among all children. That’s not the only exhibit little hands will love to explore. 


In the Block Party, tots can play with oversized blue foam blocks. The Tot Lot offers traditional wooden blocks to build with. Either way, take your baby and see how big of a tower you can build.


As an added bonus, the Liberty Science Center always has a traveling exhibit targeted to their littlest of guests. Currently, it’s Dinosaur Train. Past exhibits have included Sesame Street, Mr. Rogers/Daniel Tiger, Curious George, and more. 


Learn more at the Liberty Science Center website. At the Liberty Science Center children under 2 years old are free and do not need a ticket.


Dino Dig- Liberty Science Center babies love to play in the sand


Trailside Nature & Science Center

We discovered the Trailside Nature & Science Center, another one of New Jersey’s gems, this past summer. It’s a fabulous place to explore with kids of all ages. The most baby-friendly toddler-friendly area of this science center is at the base level of the building.


On the lower level little ones can watch for birds by the bird observation windows or color a butterfly. There is a two-sided chalkboard with outlines of butterflies. The nature center offers so many wonderful areas for little ones to touch, see, feel, and engage just about all the senses.


There are two spinning wheels and dials and one spinning ball area as part of the Union County sensory Trail

These spinning wheels outside are lots of fun.


Get more details by clicking over to read, Explore Trailside Nature and Science Center with Kids. Learn more at the Trailside Nature & Science Center website. At the Trailside Nature Center admission is always free for everyone.


We are so fortunate in New Jersey that not only do we have great museums , but we also are close to fabulous baby-friendly museums in Philadelphia.


Please Touch Museum

When my boys were littler we absolutely loved the Please Touch Museum. It was one of those Philadelphia family attractions where we would get there at opening and stay till closing. There was always so much to do there. Between the pretend Shoprite to the water play area, from the train station to the subway, it’s impossible to be bored.


Shoprite at please touch museum in Philadelphia Photo credit Jersey Family Fun

Shopping at the Please Touch Museum’s Shoprite.


One of the things that always made the Please Touch Museum special for me were the designated areas for babies and toddlers. In each of their most popular exhibits was a gated off area for toddlers and babies to play. Now that my boys are 15, 13, and 11 it’s one of the attractions they miss visiting the most. They talk about it a lot.


Learn more at the Please Touch Museum website. At the Please Touch Museum children under 1 year old are free and do not need a ticket.


Academy of Natural Sciences Outside In

Another Philadelphia museum that we spent a lot of time in was the Academy of Natural Sciences. The Outside In space on the third floor was always a retreat of sorts for me. My boys could crawl on animal skins, pet a rabbit, or climb through a tunnel. 

academy of natural sciences outside in


As they got to be bigger little kids, we would read books together in the corner, put together a puzzle, or act out a puppet show. It was a safe, quiet, space where little ones can play without too many grown ups. Click over to read more about the Academy of Natural Sciences ‘Outside In’ Exhibit.


Learn more at the Academy of Natural Sciences website. At the Academy of Natural Sciences children under 2 years old are free and do not need a ticket.


Franklin Institute

While it appears the specially-designated toddler and preschool area of the Franklin Institute may be gone, there are still places your little ones will love. One of our favorite areas is the Franklin Air Show. It’s a space designed with planes and the physics that keep them moving. Baby Yoda and pilots in training will love climbing the stairs (with a parent) and into the cockpit of a fighter jet. Given Baby Yoda’s fascination with the controls of Mando’s ship, we know he would approve.


mando baby yoda looking happy and flying a plane

@2018 Lucasfilm Ltd.


Franklin Institute air show airplane


Another area, sure to be a hit with the little ones is the Franklin Institute Train Factory. Here kids of all ages can walk through a real 350-ton Baldwin 6000 steam locomotive.


Franklin Institute baldwin 6000 steam locomotive


And of course you can not visit the Franklin Institute without letting your child crawl through an artery.


Franklin Institute toddlers love to play by crawling through the arteries.


Learn more at the Franklin Institute website. Additionally, at the Franklin Institute children under 3 years old are free and do not need a ticket.


Outdoor Playgrounds

While most playground equipment may seem to be too big for little ones, there’s one area babies love… baby swings. There’s something about that motion and the wind through their little baby curls that makes babies giggle. Baby Yoda may not be able to go as fast as he’s used to but I think he’d still love to check out New Jersey playgrounds in search of the perfect baby swing.


baby swings at Albert I. Allen Memorial Park in North Wildwood

Baby swings at Albert I. Allen Memorial Park in North Wildwood


Mall Playgrounds

The weather is getting cold. Sometimes it’s a little rainy, but babies still want to play. Many of New Jersey’s malls have indoor playgrounds. Here are a few we love.


The slide and tunnel portion of the Disney Junior Play Zone at the Menlo Park Mall

The slide and tunnel portion of the Disney Junior Play Zone at the Menlo Park Mall



Local Waterparks with Baby Play Areas

Do you think Baby Yoda ever swam in the water at planet Sorgan? Who is to say he didn’t splash in that pond with the other kids before having to leave?


Baby yoda with other kids


When my kids were younger they loved the water (still do). It would be so fun to let them sit around a waterspout and have the water shoot up between their legs. Or we’d find water slides designed for their size at a waterpark and they’d slide, slide, slide.


When it comes to places Baby Yoda and other babies love to play in New Jersey, we had to include one of our favorite places to play in the water.


Sahara Sam’s Indoor & Outdoor Waterpark Lizard Lagoon

Lizard Lagoon is the perfect area for babies and toddlers at Sahara Sam’s! It has low water depth and a safe playing area for even the youngest of guests that visit Sahara Sam’s! There is also a set of double slides for riders less than 48 inches. These slides are short and inviting for little ones. They are also monitored by a lifeguard who can also see the entire playing area. Lizard Lagoon offers babies a baby bungee, a small falling waterfall, and splashing water and sprinklers.


Sahara Sam's baby area and toddler area is named Lizard Lagoon and contains bucket swings and water fountains


Learn more at the Sahara Sam’s website. At Sahara Sam’s children under 3 years old are free and do not need a ticket.


Sahara Sam's Preschooler walks across lily pads



Splash Pads & Spraygrounds

Splash Pads and spraygrounds offer the fun of a playground with an element of water that kids love. There are small waterslides and unique fountains and sprinklers spraying water to kids’ delights. View our listing of New Jersey Splash Pads and Spraygrounds to find one near you. Then save it for the warmer months when they will be open again for water play.


The Loop Playground offers two flowers that mist water.

Loop Playground sprayground


Baby Swimming Lessons

We know babies love the water. Keep your baby and young padawans safe by signing them up for baby swimming lessons. Goldfish Swim School, Bear Paddle Swim School, YMCAs, and community pools are all great places to find swimming lessons for babies.



Take your baby for day at one of New Jersey’s beaches. Let those little toes dig in the sand and hands splash in the water. While most beaches do charge a fee, babies are usually always free. Get the details on all of New Jersey’s beach and their beach tag requirement in our guide to New Jersey Beaches and Beach Tag Information.


Thunder Over the Boardwalk Atlantic City Air Show

One of my favorite pictures of my baby at the beach.


Stroll the Boardwalk

Baby Yoda likes to walk. We might see him in his carrier sometimes but we never see him in a stroller. A walk along the boardwalk with your baby is another way to awaken your baby’s senses. Listen and watch the waves, the bikers, the tram car. Just keep that food close and away from the seagulls and you’ll have a great time. Should you find yourself with your babies at the Wildwood boardwalk take a look at our Ultimate List of Fun Things to do in Wildwood With Kids for fun you can have on and off the boardwalk.



mando_baby yoda looking sad on boardwalk

@2018 Lucasfilm Ltd.


New Jersey Aquariums

New Jersey aquariums offer babies not just the chance to go go and ga ga over interesting sea life, but they can also have a sea encounter with touch tanks that are filled with sting rays, baby sharks, starfish, shrimp, and more. Most touch tank experiences are included with admission. For an additional charge preschoolers can feed sting rays at some aquariums.


Adventure Aquarium Baby Friendly Activities

The Adventure Aquarium KidZone is bright and vibrant and so welcoming to babies and little kids that love to play. Lizzie’s Lagoon, Bobbie’s Beach, and Shelldon’s Shore all provide areas to crawl over, under, and through sea-themed structures. 


Adventure Aquarium Pop Up Bubble

One of my favorite aquarium pictures of my boys.


There’s also Gill’s Grotto with touchable exhibits where children can feel a great array of sea creatures. Learn more from our visit Adventure Aquarium’s KidZone.


Adventure Aquarium


Learn more at the Adventure Aquarium website. At the Adventure Aquarium children under 2 years old are free and do not need a ticket.


Atlantic City Aquarium Baby Friendly Activities

The Atlantic City Aquarium first floor features a large tank where you can view a wide variety of marine life. Toddlers can walk right up to the glass and look through it. There’s a touch tank on the first floor with starfish and other creatures. The second floor features a sting ray touch tank, coloring area, and other play areas.


Atlantic City Aquarium


The Atlantic City Aquarium offers a preschool story time from October through April with new fishy tales each week. Story Time is on Thursdays, starting at 11 a.m. and includes a craft or activity perfect for little hands.


Read about our visit to the Atlantic City Aquarium. Learn more at the Atlantic City Aquarium website. At the Atlantic City Aquarium children under 4 years old are free and do not need a ticket.


Jenkinson’s Aquarium Baby Friendly Activities

The Jenkinson’s Aquarium is the perfect size for little ones. Mom and dad can visit all the exhibits and still get home in time for nap time. Guests of all ages can watch the handlers feed penguins, seals, and sharks, just check the schedule for times. 


penguins at Jenkinson's Aquarium

It was so cute watching the penguins eat their fish, they new when it was time t eat!


Read more about the Jenkinson’s Aquarium from our visit. Learn more at the Jenkinson’s Aquarium website. Admission at the Jenkinson’s Aquarium for children under 3 years old is free and they do not need a ticket.



Speaking of animal watching, we have 6 amazing zoos in New Jersey. Two of our zoos are free, Cape May County Zoo and Cohanzick Zoo. Some charge a small fee. All have stroller friendly trails and most have a petting area or children’s area. 


New Jersey Zoos photo credit Jersey Family Fun


Baby & Me Classes

I can remember when I only had one little one. Baby and Me classes used to be one of my favorite mother-son activities. We were registered with Kiddie Korner in Egg Harbor Township. Our babies climbed through tunnels, danced around, and did other fun interactive games with each of us. Those teachers were so darn creative and it was always fun to see what they would come up with next. One of the nice benefits of being students there was the access to open gym time. We could go and play as much as we wanted during those times.


Whether it’s a local kids gym, nursery school, Music Together program or something else look for baby and me classes near you. 


Baby & Me Story Times

Another option for a Baby and Me class is to take advantage of Baby and Me Story Times. Nearly every library offers them at no charge. Many don’t even require advance registration. You can find baby story times held at a variety of times to accommodate all parents’ schedules. 


The last few years we’ve also noticed bookstores and other stores picking up on this trend. Follow our Calendar of Events, your local library’s, or your local bookstore to find local baby story times.


Baby yoda looking sad.

No need to be sad Baby Yoda. There’s lots of fun to be had. @2018 Lucasfilm Ltd.


Music Classes for Babies

Babies love to play music! Music Together is an early childhood music and movement program for children ages birth through kindergarten and the grown-ups who love them. Sing, dance, play, and learn! To try out a free class in Galloway visit To find another Music Together program closer to you visit



If you are still looking for more places babies love to play in New Jersey try a local playgroup. In Atlantic County, Elizabeth Ann Seton has a weekly playgroup in one of their meeting rooms. I looked forward to this so much when my boys were little. With 3 boys under 5 this playgroup was my safe space to be with other moms, form friendships, and learn from each other. I still consider the other moms some of my best friends.


Bonus, if the playgroup is at a community church like the one we went to, the toys and mess stay there. We always cleaned up after ourselves but it was nice knowing we didn’t have to prepare our home for anyone in order to be able to participate.


Disneyland or Disney World

Yes, we know the Disney theme parks are not in New Jersey but we think Baby Yoda would enjoy a visit either location. Baby Yoda would love to make friends with Jedi, Chewbacca, R2D2, and other Star Wars characters. He can with a visit to Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland or Walt Disney Work booked through Get Away Today.


To book your next trip to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, visit or call 855-GET-AWAY to speak to a travel expert directly. Be sure to mention that Jersey Family Fun sent you! 

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disney World

At 14 acres each, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be Disney’s largest single-themed land expansions ever, transporting guests to live their own Star Wars adventures in Black Spire Outpost, a village on the remote planet of Batuu, full of unique sights, sounds, smells and tastes. (Disney Parks)


More Baby Yoda approved places to take your baby

Live outside of New Jersey but still want to find some places babies love to play near you? Here are some resources from other hyperlocal sites like us.



Baby Yoda clothing for your baby

If you are any kind of Star Wars or Mandalorian fan before you take your baby on a Baby Yoda-inspired field trip you’re going to want to have your baby look the part. We found some adorable Baby Yoda baby clothing on Amazon. Take a look with our affiliate links. (If you make a purchase using our links we earn a small commission.)


mando with baby yoda in ship

@2018 Lucasfilm Ltd.


Help for Baby Yoda’s dad, Mando and other Parents

Finally, it’s no secret that parenting is hard. It’s especially hard when you are doing it as a single parent. Whether you’re parenting with a partner or doing it alone check out these resources for parents.


Mom Groups

Many churches, community centers, and hospitals offer new mom groups. Not only can these groups serve as a way to help your baby make friends with others his/her age, it’s also a great way for moms to connect with other moms. Got a New Jersey moms group that should be listed here? Drop it in the comments, along with the details, and we’ll add it.


Dad Support Groups

Dads need support to. As we learn more about dad support groups we’ll add them to this list.


Single Parent Support Groups

Parents Without Partners

Parents Without Partners provides single parents and their children with an opportunity for enhancing personal growth, self-confidence and sensitivity towards others by offering an environment for support, friendship and the exchange of parenting techniques. Learn more at the Parents Without Partners website.


Planning Baby Yoda’s First Birthday Party (baby Yoda)

Visit Winter ONEderland Party ~ First Birthday Party Activities for tips on planning your baby’s first birthday party. Whether you are planning a party for Baby Yoda or not these ideas will take the stress out of planning a special a baby’s first birthday.


Special movie showings for parents

Did you know some movie theaters offers special movie showtimes for babies? No, the movie isn’t for the babies it’s for the grown ups. The volumes are turned down so babies can sleep through the movies while moms, dads, and other caregivers enjoy the film. Check your local theater to see if they offer such showtimes.


Expecting parents

Are you expecting a baby in South Jersey? Not sure where you should deliver or what to expect? Start here, 10 Reasons to Deliver your Baby at Inspira Medical Centers in South Jersey, for some helpful advice.


Child Seat

Even Baby Yoda knows that when traveling with Mango he needs to remain safely seated and belted in place. If you’re not sure if your baby is in the right seat or if your car seat is installed correctly visit our listing of New Jersey Car Seat Inspection Locations. Find a location near you and have your car seats inspected at no charge.


With our ideas your baby and Baby Yoda will always have places to play in New Jersey.



mandalorian baby yoda with keys

@2018 Lucasfilm Ltd.

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