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The Ultimate Guide to Blueberry Picking Season in NJ! Best Pick Your Own Blueberry Farms in New Jersey!

In 2004 the blueberry was declared the state fruit of New Jersey! Because of this, it is a no-brainer that this is a fruit that everyone should pick at some point while living in New Jersey. Our Ultimate Guide to Blueberry Picking Season in NJ will help you do that with tips and suggestions for the best pick your own blueberries farms in New Jersey!

best farms for pick your own blueberries in New Jersey.

9 Things You Need to Know BEFORE Picking Blueberries in NJ

Blueberries can only grow well under certain conditions, so due to this, there are only some parts of Jersey where they can grow. They were first cultivated in Whitesbog and now they are grown in many other NJ locations as well.

Hammonton, New Jersey is the self-proclaimed blueberry capital of the world. There are various types of highbush and lowbush varieties of blueberry bushes. Most NJ places with pick your own blueberries have the highbush blueberries for picking.

highbush blueberries for picking at NJ blueberry farms

Before going out to pick blueberries there are many facts people like to know. These include when the best time for picking is, how to store them, and more. Read on to find out all of this information as well as where to pick blueberries in NJ, where NJ blueberry festivals are this year and some fun facts about blueberries. Some of the information provided in this article is from the Read and Pick Blueberries Program at Terhune Orchards.

In addition to our tips for picking blueberries and where to go for pick your own blueberries in New Jersey, I’m also sharing Amazon affiliate links. These links will helpful you find the items you need and that I recommend quickly. We do participate in Amazon’s affiliate program. When you make a purchase using one of our links we earn a small commission.

What month is best for blueberry picking in NJ?

The best time for blueberry picking in New Jersey is in the month of July. The ripest blueberries will likely be found from July 5th to August 10th. There can be late blueberry picking until August 10th. For a crop harvest calendar for New Jersey visit

When does the blueberry picking season generally start in NJ?

Early blueberry picking in New Jersey can start as early as June 20th. Check with a NJ blueberry farm or below before going to see if they are ready to be picked.

How long does blueberry picking season last in NJ?

Sometimes the blueberry picking season can extend into the summer as late as August 15th.

pick your own blueberries at North Jersey blueberry farm

When are the best days to pick blueberries during the season?

The best days for blueberry picking can vary depending on where you are going since they can be fully ripe at different times depending on their location. The best way to know when to visit is by calling the farm you are planning to visit before going or checking their Facebook page for updates.

When is the best time of day to pick blueberries during the season?

Once most of the blueberries are ripe it is good to go quickly before they are all picked out. We prefer going in the early morning since July can get very hot. We also recommend trying to pick blueberries on cool cloudy days.

What do you wear blueberry picking?

The most important thing to wear is proper footwear. Make sure you and the blueberry pickers in your family wear comfortable footwear like sneakers or work shoes. Closed-toe shoes are better because it does tend to be muddy or sandy between rows of blueberries. Our family prefers to wear rain boots.

If it’s sunny then a hat would be very helpful. Wear clothes that you don’t mind getting a little dirty or sandy.

While not needed, gardening gloves can help keep your hands from getting sticky or dirty. Here are a few we’ve discovered on Amazon.

How much does it cost to pick your own blueberry?

This can vary per farm. Pricing is usually per pound of blueberries. Pricing is listed under each farm below.

Do you need to bring your own blueberry container?

Normally farms give you a container to pick blueberries with. Some places may charge for the container or want them returned. Check on this beforehand.

Most farms give you picking containers but they may not all give you take-home containers. It is a good idea to bring your own just in case. One easy way to do this is to save containers from the store after purchasing things like grape tomatoes or blueberries and bring these with you to the farm in case you may need them to take your blueberries home.

Here are a few fun and cute containers for bringing home all those blueberries you and your family picked.

How long does it take to pick a quart of blueberries?

When the blueberry plants are in full production, it can take less than 10 minutes to fill a gallon basket. As the season progresses, it takes more time to fill a basket. Some say it can take an hour to fill a basket.

Personally, I went this year with my two year old and it took him a half-hour to fill a pint container with my help. Blueberry picking time will vary depending on the ages of the people going. When it comes to picking blueberries it is one of the easiest and least messy fruits to pick with my kids so far.

child holds container of u pick blueberries from blueberry farm in NJ

6 Tips for Picking Blueberries at NJ farms

Before picking blueberries in New Jersey follow these helpful tips.

Call ahead of time for picking availability.

We have many of the picking farms at farms available in this article. Picking for any fruit or vegetable is dependent on how the crop is doing that season, time of the season, etc… Often farms may stop picking for some time to let fruits ripen as well. Call before going or check their social media pages to see what the picking status is for the farm.

How do you know when a blueberry is good to pick?

Blueberries are ripe when they are a deep purplish-blue or black. If there is any red on them they may still be a little sour. Make sure to leave the white or green ones still on the bush since they still need time to ripen. This picture shows what a pint container of blueberries should look like if only picking the dark ones as mentioned above. 

What ripe blueberries look like compared to blueberries not ready to be picked.

Blueberries often have a white or silvery sheen to their surface that is known as the “bloom.” It is a coating that helps to protect the blueberries from insects. It is usually easy to wash off and it is safe to consume. 

For blueberries, size does not matter. Their sweetness just depends on their color and not on the size of the berry.

What’s the best way to pick blueberries from the vines?

Blueberries can easily be picked off the vines with your fingers. When they are ripe they are able to be picked very easily. If you run your hand under the blueberry and it falls off then it is ready to be picked. Make sure they are ripe when you pick them.

Show care to the farm

Be careful not to trample plants, but also don’t rush from one blueberry plant to the next. Clean all ripe berries off the plant before moving to the next plant. You may have to lift the leaves to see under the plant. Many times, berries go bad on the plant because they are hidden.

When a berry set goes bad, the rot can spoil the next set of berries. blueberry plants will put out 3-4 sets per season. The cleaner we keep the plant, the more berries we can harvest from the plant and the longer we can extend the blueberry season.

It’s always a good thing to pick off any overripe berries. You can toss them in the aisle or even feed them to animals on the farm (be sure to get permission from the farmers first). This way the blueberries can’t spoil the next set and you have fun feeding the animals. I love this idea!

Come prepared

Since you or the kids might be at the same blueberry plant for a 5-10 minutes picking berries consider getting a stool that’s easy to carry. This gives you or the kids a comfortable spot to sit without feeling like you’re hunched over picking berries. Just be careful not to position the stool on top of any plants.

Here are a few stools on Amazon that are easy to travel with.

What should I do after picking?

  • Don’t close up the container with your blueberries. Allow moisture to escape. 
  • Don’t let berries sit in the sun or car after picking. 
  • Make sure to eat them soon. (Berries are good for about 10 days after picking.)
  • Don’t wash blueberries until you are ready to use them. 
  • If freezing blueberries, freeze them without washing them first.
blueberry patch sign

The Best New Jersey Farms for Pick Your Own Blueberries

Please call the NJ blueberry farm first, before visiting, to ensure they have blueberries available for picking. Crop yields tend to vary from day to day, and some farms do need to close for blueberry picking to give the plants time to rest and yield more berries.

Best You Pick Blueberry Farms In North Jersey 

Phillips Farms

  • 591 Crabapple Hill Rd Milford, NJ – Hunterdon County
  • Call 908-995-0022 for pre-recorded information
  • Pick your own blueberry hours are 9 am to 6 pm each day, with last check-in at 5:30 pm and closed on Tuesdays.
  • Entry and parking are free, but there is a charge a $5 minimum picking fee per person. All fruits and vegetables are sold by the pound. 

The Phillips Farms is now open for 2024 blueberry picking in Milford, NJ. Call the Pick-Your-Own recorded information line at 908-995-0022 before coming out to the farm for a daily recording of the most up-to-date picking availability and information. Currently, there is also picking for cherries and raspberries.

Alstede Farms

  • 1 Alstede Farms Lane Chester, NJ 07930 – Morris County
  • 908-879-7189
  • Pick your own blueberry hours are daily from 9 am to 6 pm (last admission at 4:30 pm). 
  • Pick your own tickets must be purchased on the website.
  • $22.99 – $27.99 is the cost for an entry ticket and a pint. 

Alstede Farms is now open for 2024 blueberry picking in Chester, NJ. They are currently also picking peas, raspberries, and currants. Outside containers are not allowed. Entry tickets include a hayride around the farm, access to the hay pyramid, and access to the evergreen maze. There is an ice cream stand and a farm stand open daily. There are also farm animals that can be visited.

Snyder’s Farm

  • 586 South Middlebush Road Somerset, NJ 08873
  • 732-496-0441
  • Open from 9 am to 4 pm on weekends for blueberry picking with the last car in at 3:00 pm. 
  • $3 per person entry fee and credit cards and cash apps are not accepted.
  • $5 per pound for pick your own blueberries.

Snyder’s Farm is now open for 2024 blueberry picking in Somerset, NJ starting the weekend of June 22. Call to check their phone message for availability before visiting. They currently also have flowers that can be picked.

Picking depends on crop availability so call or visit their website or Facebook page for updates before visiting.

Best You Pick Blueberry Farms In Central Jersey 

Please call the farm first, before visiting, to ensure they have blueberries available for picking. Crop yields tend to vary from day to day, and some farms do need to close for berry picking to give the plants time to rest and yield more berries.

Happy Day Farm 

  • 106 Iron Ore Road Manalapan Township, NJ – Monmouth County
  • 732-977-3607
  • Open from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, Saturdays open till 7 pm. Last admission is ONE HOUR prior to closing
  • Containers for berries are sold separately and range from $4 to $32 depending on size
  • $5 admission fee per person and children 1 and under are free

The Happy Day Farm will open June 19 for 2024 blueberry picking in Manalapan Township, NJ. Tickets are sold at the door and are cash only. Clamshells are provided to take your berries home.

Terhune Orchards

  • 330 Cold Soil Road Princeton, NJ 08540 – Mercer County
  • 609-924-2310
  • Hours for blueberry picking are listed on their website.
  • Pick your own blueberries price under 10 pounds are $4.25/lb and over 10 pounds are $3.90/lb

Terhune Orchards is not yet open for 2024 blueberry picking. They expect to be open from late June to late July. Call ahead for picking availability. They generally do not pick on Mondays.

There are plenty of hand washing stations available. They currently also have cut your own flowers and cherry picking at the farm. 

pick your own blueberries bushes at Terhune Orchards in NJ.

If going to pick blueberries with kids be sure to allot a lot of time to your visit as there are many other things to do on the farm such as see their animals, go on their nature trail with geocaches, go on pedal tractors, go on play equipment and more.

Entry to the farm is free on weekdays. On the weekends sometimes there is an admission fee if there is a festival.

We just visited for their Read and Pick Program about blueberries. They usually do a few of these each month for kids with different themes. For their blueberry program they told us facts about blueberries, tips for picking, had different props, and read two books. Each kid was given a sticker and a pint-sized container to pick blueberries on the farm. To register and pay for one of their read and pick programs visit their website. It is $10 per child.

Terhune Orchards offers a pick and read blueberries program for kids.

Von Thun Farms – South Brunswick Location 

  • 519 Ridge Road Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852 – Middlesex County
  • 732-329-8656
  • Blueberry picking is available 10 am – 5 pm on weekdays and 9 am – 5 pm on weekends. No picking on Mondays. 
  • Admission to the fields is $3 per person. For picking it is $6 for a pint, $11 for a quart and $35 for a bucket. 

Von Thun Farms is now open for 2024 blueberry picking in Monmouth Junction, NJ. Check in at the farm market for field admission, directions to the field, and to weigh containers. This South Brunswick blueberry picking location also has a greenhouse, farm market, and some farm animals.

Families can visit with the farm animals at the Von Thun Farms.

A Barnyard Buddies kid program at 10 am on Friday mornings is $12 per child per session. Details are available at their website. 

Best You Pick Blueberry Farms In South Jersey 

Please call the farm first, before visiting, to ensure they have blueberries available for picking. Crop yields tend to vary from day to day, and some farms do need to close for berry picking to give the plants time to rest and yield more berries.

DiMeo Farms

  • 3101 Nesco Road Hammonton, NJ 08037 – Atlantic County
  • 609-561-5905
  • Open 7 days a week from 10 am to 6 pm
  • $2.50 per pint

DiMeo Farms is currently open for 2024 blueberry picking in Hammonton, NJ this July. Blueberries are $2.50 per pint. There is special “blueberry picking music” with nature trails and picnic tables. Call to schedule an appointment for blueberry picking. Cash only.

Blueberry Bill Farms, Inc. 

  • 914 11th Street Hammonton, NJ 08037 – Atlantic County
  • 609-839-4306
  • Open 7 days a week from 8 am to 5 pm
  • Pick your own blueberries are $3.00 per pound. 
  • 12 pint crates are $30. Year round 30 pound boxes of frozen blueberries are $50. 2 to 4 year old Duke, Blue Crop and Elliott blueberry bushes are available for $10 year round. 

Blueberry Bill Farms will open for 2024 blueberry picking from June 15 to August 1 in Hammonton, NJ. No appointment is necessary.

Walking Bird Farm

  • (609) 678-4129
  • 250 S Mannheim Ave., Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215, Atlantic County
  • U-pick blueberry hours vary based on weather and availability. 

The Walking Bird Farm 2024 blueberry U-Pick fields are now open in Egg Harbor City, NJ. Hours depend on availability. Check their blog and social media for field updates.

Lindsay’s Pick Your Own Blueberries

  • 436 Pleasant Mills Road, Hammonton, NJ 08037, Atlantic County
  • 609-561-2474

The farm is permanently closed.

Johnson’s Corner Farm

  • 133 Church Rd Medford, NJ 08055 – Burlington County
  • 609-654-8643
  • Open for blueberry picking Monday to Friday from 10 am to 1 pm. Open Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm. Open Friday & Saturday evenings From 5 – 6:30 pm.
  • $6 per person online or $7 walk in cost for weekdays. $7 per person online or $8 per person walk in cost for weekends. Children under 12 are free. Blueberries are $3.49 per pound. 

The Johnson’s Corner Farm is now open for 2024 blueberry picking in Medford, NJ. Currently, hayrides are also picking tomatoes, potatoes, zucchini, zinnias, sunflowers and corn. We have picked their corn in the past and it is super sweet. Picking reservations can be made on their website. Call ahead for picking availability. 

If visiting the farm be sure to allot a lot of time to your visit since kids may want to do additional activities on the farm. Any time we have visited the farm we usually stay for at least three hours since my kids love to run around the farm as well.

They also have a large store and an outside window for ice cream purchases. Admission to their Animal Farm and Discovery Barnyard is available for an additional fee. This includes a splash pad. Weekday specials and season passes information can be found on their website.

Fred + III

  • 251 Odd Fellows Rd Pemberton, NJ – Burlington County
  • 609-230-0622/609-894-2087
  • Open 7 days a week from 8 am to 5 pm for blueberry picking, weather permitting.
  • Pick your own blueberries are $2.50 pound. 

Fred + III is now open for 2024 blueberry picking in Pemberton, NJ. Call for picking updates before leaving at 609-230-0622.

Haines Berry Farm

  • 98 Sheep Pen Hill Rd Pemberton, NJ 08068 – Burlington County
  • 609-894-8630
  • Open 7 days a week from 7 am to 5 pm. Pick-Your-Own fields close at 4:30 pm.
  • Pick your own are $2.50 pound. There is a wagon ride to the fields. 
  • Pre-picked berries are $3 per pound, $25 for a 10 pound box and $30 for a 12 pint crate. 
  • Blueberry honey is also available there that is harvested from their bees. You can pre-purchase it online. 

The Haines Berry Farm will open for 2024 blueberry picking from Saturday, June 22 to Sunday, July 14, 2024.

Bear Berries

  • 1449 Junction Road, Browns Mills, NJ 08015 – Burlington County
  • 609-636-5158
  • Open 7 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm
  • There is a $5 entry fee that is deducted from your total. Blueberries are $2 per pound. 
  • Wearing boots and bringing water are recommended.

Bear Berries is currently open for blueberry picking in Brown Mills, NJ. Bring your own containers to store berries to take home. Contact Savannah at 609-351-0081 with any questions. 

Wells’ Blueberry Farm

  • 466 Retreat Rd Southampton, NJ 08088 – Burlington County
  • 609-859-2662
  • Open from 8 am to 5 pm daily until there are no more blueberries. 
  • $2.50 per pound of blueberries

The Wells’ Blueberry Farm is now open for 2024 blueberry picking in Southampton, NJ. Opening day will be Friday, June 21! Call ahead for picking availability. They also sell local honey from the hives that pollinate the blueberries.

Mood’s Farm Market 

  • 901 Bridgeton Pike, Mullica Hill, NJ 08062 – Gloucester County
  • 856-478-2500
  • Currently open for picking from 8 am to 7 pm and closed on Sunday

Mood’s Farm Market is now open for 2024 blueberry picking in Mullica Hill, NJ. Bring your own containers. Bring either a box or a bucket and stop at the market first to get a blueberry picking permit and to have your containers weighed. Currently, there are also cherries and raspberries for picking.

Champion U Pick Blueberry Farm

  • 60 Cherry Street, Manchester Twp, NJ 08759 – Ocean County
  • 732-350-4467
  • $2 per pound, cash only

Champion U Pick Blueberry Farm is open for 2024 blueberry picking. They will open on Friday, June 21, 2024. Check their Facebook page (link above) for hours and availability.

Emery’s Berry Patch

  • 346 Long Swamp Road New Egypt, NJ 08533 – Ocean County
  • 609-758-8514
  • Open 9 am to 4 pm for picking when blueberries are available. 
  • Admission is $4 per person and blueberries are $3 per pound. 

Emery’s Berry Patch is now open for 2024 blueberry picking in New Egypt, NJ. Call ahead every time you want to pick to make sure of picking availability. Sometimes the fields are closed to let the fruit ripen.

Twenty acres of the farm is devoted to blueberries. Eight varieties of high bush blueberries are grown including Weymouth, Duke, Blueray, Bluecrop, Berkley, Darrow, Chandler and Ellitot. No carts, wagons, strollers, umbrellas or bags are allowed.

Hayrides are only for weekends, holidays and busy days otherwise you must walk out to the fields. The farm market is open from 9 am to 6 pm every day of the week and they bake their famous pies daily.

DeWolf’s U-Pick Farm

  • 58 West Colliers Mill Road, New Egypt, NJ 08533, Ocean County
  • 609-758-6288

DeWolf’s Farm is no longer open.

Keep them Sweet! Advice and myths for keeping freshly picked blueberries FRESH

Blueberries don’t continue to ripen after they are picked. 

False. White And green blueberries do not continue to ripen after they are picked. Semi ripened blueberries (red Or purplish) will continue To ripen at room temperature. Keep them in a paper bag to help them ripen. 

Do not wash blueberries until you are ready to use them.


Freeze any blueberries that you will not use right away.

True. Freeze blueberries you are not ready to eat within a week. Freeze them without washing them.

Let berries sit in the sun after picking. 


More tips

  • When storing your blueberries, you can place a dry paper towel at the bottom of your container to help absorb moisture and keep the berries as dry as possible.
  • Remove damaged or rotting berries from the container daily to prevent rot or the spread of disease within the container.
blueberries from NJ blueberry farm

Why are local New Jersey pick your own blueberries better than any other blueberries?

Personally, I feel that New Jersey blueberries are the best since they are tied in so much to the history of our state. The nature of the soil in the Pinelands also makes it perfect for cultivating blueberries. 

Which state produces the most blueberries in the US? 

Surprisingly, it’s not New Jersey. It’s Maine. New Jersey produces the 5th largest amount of blueberries in the United States.

What are some things I can do with my pick your own blueberries?

Blueberries can be eaten plain. They are also great in smoothies, pancakes, muffins and jams. They are super easy to mix in with yogurt, cereal or oatmeal. They can be dried, canned or frozen. This page offers some different recipe ideas:

For the Fourth of July I made a dessert which consisted of a layer of raspberry jello, a layer of raspberries, a layer of vanilla pudding and a layer of blueberries. This would be a great way to use some of the blueberries that you have picked. 

Our family also loves to eat blueberries with Baguette French Toast. 

blueberries with Baguette French Toast

My daughter also recently did a virtual cooking class with ShopRite Retail dietitian Ashley Cully where they made this blueberry salad recipe. This would be a unique way to use some of your blueberries. 

blueberry salad

What do blueberry flowers look like?

When blueberry bushes are pollinated they have whitish pink or reddish bell shaped flowers.

When blueberry bushes are pollinated they have whitish pink or reddish bell shaped flowers.

NJ Blueberry Festivals are returning in 2023!

What you need to know about Blueberry Festivals in NJ

Blueberry Festivals are coming back to New Jersey this summer! If you can’t get to the farm to pick blueberries as much as you’d like to OR you are a big blueberry fan make time for one of these New Jersey blueberry festivals.

Many NJ blueberry festivals will offer free admission. Use the money you’ve saved on tickets to support local farmers and artisans. Bring cash and bank/credit cards and put some money on your Paypal account. Be open to different methods of payments as it may differ from vendor to vendor. While some may prefer cash, others may prefer an electronic payment that reduces the chance of money having to be passed back and forth.

Bring your own bags. Vendors may not be able to offer bags. Plus it’s better on the environment to use a reusable tote. If you expect to bring home baked treats, you may want to pack a cooler, with ice packs, in the car to keep everything fresh on the ride home.

Where are the New Jersey Blueberry Festivals?

The great thing about blueberry festivals in New Jersey is that they are happening all over New Jersey! From North Jersey to South Jersey and places in between there will be blueberry festivals. In New Jersey, we’re fortunate enough to have community blueberry festivals at community locations across New Jersey AND farm-based blueberry festivals that happen at some of the NJ blueberry farms we listed above.

North Jersey Blueberry Festivals

  • Trinity United Church Blueberry Festival
  • Alstede Farms Blueberry Festival

Central New Jersey Blueberry Festivals

  • Terhune Orchards Blueberry Festival

South Jersey Blueberry Festivals

  • Hammonton Red White and Blueberry Festival 2023
  • Stone Harbor Lutheran Church Blueberry Festival
  • Whitesbog Blueberry Festival 2023
  • Laurel Springs Blueberry Festival
  • Church of the Holy Spirit Blueberry Festival
  • Johnson’s Farm Blueberry Festival
  • Mood’s Farm Market Blueberry Festival
  • Moorestown Presbyterian Church Blueberry Festival
  • Stone Harbor St. Mary’s Episcopal Church Blueberry Festival
  • West Cape May Blueberry Festival

When are the Blueberry Festivals in NJ?

Whitesbog has a Blueberry Summer Fest every Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm with Sunday being the rain date until July 22, 2023. We have attended their summer festival in the past. It is a great way to see the village, pick and see some programming. There is no admission fee as it is spread out over multiple weekends rather than on one weekend this year. This is a great place to pick blueberries in South Jersey. Get more details and tips for attending in our event listing.

Whitesbog Village has a Blueberry Summer Fest

Can you grow your own blueberries at home?

Yes! You can buy blueberry plants in New Jersey to grow at home.

Since there was limited blueberry picking last year our family chose to purchase some blueberry bushes from Whitesbog instead. If your family decides to purchase bushes from Whitesbog or another blueberry farm in New Jersey be sure to ask them for tips on planting and maintenance when purchasing.

Be aware that if planning to plant blueberries into your soil it is good to prepare your soil a few months ahead of time. We had used a soil acidifier first to help our soil since they grow best at a soil pH between 4.5 and 5.5. It is also a good idea to purchase a pH meter so you can check your soil readings.

Buying more than one blueberry bush and purchasing different varieties will increase your chances of success and the amount of blueberries you are able to produce. 

blueberry plants in New Jersey to grow at home are loaded in the back of a car.

Blueberries are self-fertile but when they cross-pollinate they can produce more berries. Be aware that different blueberry bush varieties may produce blueberries at different times. Be sure to have at least two bushes that produce fruit at the same time.

pinwheels on home grown blueberry bushes protect them from birds.

To keep birds away from the blueberry bushes you are growing you can cover them with netting or put reflective pinwheels near them. Blueberry bushes are very hardy. We had gotten another bush for free at a farm stand last year that looked like it was close to dying and it ended up producing the most blueberries for us last year. 

Pick Your Own Blueberries Blueberry Farms in NJ offer a fantastic way to spend the day outdoors with your family!

Support your local NJ blueberry farmer and keep a watch out for this year’s blueberry crop. If you blink, you might just have to wait till next year to sink your teeth into the sweetest blueberries ever picked while making the most delicious memories with your kids.

Looking for more outdoor fun in New Jersey?

Visit our guide to New Jersey Outdoor Activities you can do now!

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