The BEST Kits for Making Gifts for Make a Gift Day 12/3

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We’ve always agreed with the sentiment the best gifts are those that come from the heart. Homemade gifts and handmade gifts mean so much to loved ones. What parent doesn’t have a gift or two that features their child’s handprint? How often have you gifted a personalized shirt, bag, or something else to the grandparents? With Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram you may be feeling the urge to get more crafty with your kids this year. You may be looking for handmade gifts that kids can make, but you want to avoid buying lots of supplies or having to Google directions. We understand. We feel the same way. This year, in honor of Make a Gift Day (December 3), we’re thrilled to be able to introduce you to these amazing kits for making gifts. Most of these kits for making gifts are less than $30. ALL of them include everything you need to make several handmade gifts with your kids.


The BEST Kits for Making Gifts for Make a Gift Day


The BEST Kits for Making Gifts

Below we feature kits for making gifts. These are gifts you and your children can do as a family activity to make gifts for each other, loved ones, teachers, or friends. Take a look at these unique ideas and stock up on them so you can gift others handmade gifts this holiday season or yearround.


Twistmas Lights 1Twistmas Lights

Consider this kits for making gifts of ornaments

A Twistmas Light allows anyone to take their favorite photos and make their own personalized holiday ornaments.  You can decorate your tree with what matters most to you; special family photos, pets, photos of family history, favorite sports teams and more…the possibilities are endless. It’s also the perfect personalized gift for friends and family members.  A Twistmas Light can be purchased as an individual ornament or a package of six ornaments. Each Twistmas light package includes the proper number of photo discs, stickers to print your images, and helpful hints to create beautiful keepsakes. Twistmas Lights are designed to fit on to any mini-light. This light is what gives Twistmas Lights their shine.

Use this link to buy Twistmas Lights Kits on Amazon for about $25.


Alphabet Casting Craft Kit by Perfect Craft Craft KitsAlphabet Casting Craft Kit by Perfect Craft

Consider this kits for making gifts that spell out someone’s name or a special message to them.

Kids and parents will love Perfect Craft™ from Skullduggery. These hands-on crafts are the perfect family fun designed to foster imagination, conversation, and creativity. Perfect Craft comes in four different kits including the Herb Garden Kit, the Flower Garden Kit, Alphabet Casting Kit and the Heart Keepsake Box Kit. The best part is that kids will have a functional piece of art after the project is completed. Each kit includes everything to complete the projects including molds, paint, paint brushes, stencils and seeds.

Use this link to buy a Alphabet Casting Craft Kit on Amazon for about $20.

Alphabet Casting Craft Kit by Perfect Craft Craft Kits2



3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen and Kits

Consider this kits for making gifts that are unique sculptures of anything you can imagine or you think your recipient would love.

3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen

Bring your art to life with the 3Doodler Create. This highly versatile 3D printing pen brings a new level of creative expression allowing you to lift any idea off the page. Offering the widest range of materials with over 65 plastic colors in FLEXY, MATTE, GLOSS, CLEAR, GLOW, or SPARKLE materials, plus accessories for all kinds of users – the possibilities for what you can create are endless. This innovative product is the perfect gadget for hobbyists, tech-enthusiasts, and makers of all levels. New for 2017 – 4 new pen colors

Use this link to buy the 3Doodler Create 3D Printing Pen and Kits on Amazon at a range of prices starting at $15.



Linkt Craft Kits by Neat-Oh

Consider this kits for making gifts of jewelry: bracelets, earrings, necklaces.

Linkt Craft Kits let someone as young as 8 create stunning chain link jewelry. Yes, even our big kids can make jewelry to gift others. The projects are fun to make and the finished product is so stylish you wouldn’t guess it came from a children’s craft kit! From Spinning Halos to Maille Bonding, these crafty jewelry kits are meant for girls as well as boys.  Make up to 20 pairs of earrings, or 5 necklaces or 5 bracelets—mixing and matching metal and silicone rings in a variety of colors so every single piece is different.

Linkt crafting kits


In one single box, tweens have everything they need to make several pieces of jewelry. The metal is soft enough to bend by hand but strong enough to make real jewelry. In addition to hundreds of colorful jewelry components, kits include crystal clear instructions and a patent-pending layout tool that is lightweight and soft with slots to hold rings while you work. How-To video tutorials are available for free on YouTube.

We love that these look like real pieces of jewelry that any recipient would be thrilled to wear.

Linkt crafting kitsHere are a few Linkt Craft Kits for making jewelry available for purchase on Amazon

  • Hoops & Loops
  • Spinning Halos
  • Bonding Bracelets
  • Maille Bonding

Use this link to buy Linkt Craft Kits for making jewelry on Amazon for about $12.





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