The Best Children’s Christmas Books

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We received these children’s Christmas books at no charge in order to learn more about them for this gift guide. Jersey Family Fun participates in online affiliate marketing programs that allow business owners and bloggers to earn referral fees by placing links to products for sale on their own websites. Some of the listings below are affiliate links. We may earn a small commission from your purchase to help support our free service for helping families find out about family fun in New Jersey. This does no affect your price.


We love family story time. There’s something so wonderful about being able to cuddle up with your kids and read a good book together, especially children’s Christmas books at this time of year.


Best Children's Christmas Books


Children’s Christmas Books


the Book of Kringle, Legend of the North Pole

About the Book of Kringle, Legend of the North Pole

This 31 page beautifully illustrated book explains the legend of the North Pole, how it began with an evil king ruling over the elves. We learn about how the elves used to have to spend their days mining for crystals and that happiness and joy was not allowed. Through the story we see how the elves believed in the spirit of Christmas, despite a king that wanted otherwise, and how it became that they could work together to bring about Santa Claus.


the Book of Kringle, Legend of the North Pole


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My Christmas Stocking filled with God’s Love

About My Christmas Stocking filled with God’s Love

This adorable stocking-shaped board books explains the origins of St. Nicholas in a way small children will understand. Through rhymes and beautiful pictures the book tells about how St. Nicholas fills boys and girls stocking with candy and toys while they sleep. The message of the book is that St. Nicholas showed God’s love through giving presents.


My Christmas Stocking filled with God's Love


Song of the Stars, a Christmas Story

About Song of the Stars, a Christmas Story

This hardcover book provides a different perspective on the Christmas story. The book focuses on all of creation sharing the story of Jesus’ birth. The book starts out by saying “The world was about to change forever, and it almost went unnoticed” Then it proceeds to follow the story of Jesus’ birth as it is passed throughout all of the animals in the forest. The story ends with the animals peeking in the manger at Mary and Jesus. The poetic style of the book makes the story even more beautiful.


Song of the Stars, a Christmas Story


The Berenstain Bears, The Very First Christmas

About The Berenstain Bears, The Very First Christmas

In the story the Bernstain Bears take a trip back to the very first Christmas to learn the true meaning of Christmas. The story follows the entire Christmas story from the angel Gabriel’s visit to Jesus being born in the manger to the wise men coming to visit and give gifts. The story is biblically accurate and easy for children to follow. The story stays true to other Berenstain Bear books and all of the character are bears. This book is a cute way to explain the story of the first Christmas to small children.


The Berenstain Bears, The Very First Christmas


The Legend of the Christmas Cookie, Sharing the True Meaning of Christmas

About The Legend of the Christmas Cookie, Sharing the True Meaning of Christmas

This book follows Jack as he learns the Legend of the Christmas cookie and how he learns to give and show God’s love during the Christmas season. Jack is very excited when he sees his mother making Christmas cookies but is upset when he is not allowed to eat any. Even though Jack and his family do not have much money these cookies are for them to give to less fortunate people as they share the story of Jesus and his birth. In the end, Jack’s mother saves one cookie for Jack to eat but he decides to give it away and share about Jesus. This story is a great way to emphasize giving and thinking of others during the Christmas season.


The Legend of the Christmas Cookie, Sharing the True Meaning of Christmas


Goodnight Manger

About Goodnight Manger

Did you know that the manger was actually a very noisy place? This book puts a unique spin on the story of the first Christmas. Through beautifully written rhymes we follow the many different things that were going on the night Jesus was born. Mary and Joseph are trying to get Jesus to sleep but there are so many other things going on. There are angels singing hosanna, wise men coming to visit, animals all over, and itchy hay. This story makes you look at the Christmas story in a different light.


Goodnight Manger


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