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We received these childrens books about mothers at no charge in order to learn more about them for this guide. This article about children’s books for Mother’s Day contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase we receive a small commission that helps to provide this free service to New Jersey families. We first published our listing of children’s books with motherhood themese in 2016. This post has now been updated with new titles for 2018.


Mother’s Day is coming up soon and it’s a great time to snuggle up and read some books about moms. We’ve put together a collection of some great Mother’s Day books to share with your family. There are books about how much moms love their kids, and books about how to make your mom feel special. There are books about moms and dads that still love their children after they are divorced and books about moms who just need to be wild. My kids had a lot of fun cuddling up with mom to read this excellent collection of childrens books about mothers. We hope your family will find these books as great as we did.


The Best Childrens Books about Moms 2


Childrens Books About Mothers

Picture Books about Mothers

Mom Hugs 

  • Author: Michael Joosten
  • Mom Hugs is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About Mom Hugs
Open your arms to this funny and endearing photographic board book featuring a wide array of mama animals giving their adorable babies a cuddly embrace. With otters, polar bears, monkeys, kangaroos, and more, kids and parents alike will love discovering the amusing similarities between how humans and animals each hug the little ones they love. A perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Our book review of Mom Hugs

This is a really cute board book that shows 12 sets of animals, mommas and babies, enjoying hugs.


Mom Hugs a childrens picture book about mothers


Childrens Books about Mothers for beginning readers

What Mommies Like 

  • Author: Judy Carey Nevin
  • What Mommies Like is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About What Mommies Like

What Mommies Like, following in the footsteps of What Daddies Like, gives young readers an opportunity to find out what mommies like best in this story about a mommy bear and her cub’s special day together. Mommy Bear and her little cub spend the day together doing all kinds of things that mommies like! They ride their bikes to the library, have a hullabaloo, play kazoo, and much more. But after a fun-filled day, there’s one thing that mommies like best . . . saying “I love you!”

Our book review of What Mommies Like

With simple one sentence pages, this is a cute childrens book about mothers that celebrates how mommies like spending time with their children.


What Mommies Like a children's book about what mommies like


Hugga Bugga Love 

  • Author: Diane Ohanesian
  • Hugga Bugga Love is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About Hugga Bugga Love

Hugga Bugga Love tells the heart-warming story of a little boy that has had enough of his mom giving him hugs, kisses, and cuddles. She calls it “hugga bugga love,” and it’s a special love that the son eventually accepts because he learns his mom’s hugga buggas show him how much she loves him. From lunchtime to playtime to bath time to nighttime, there’s no escaping her hugga bugga love. He isn’t even safe just pulling off his socks! But he learns to accept his mom’s affection, because he realizes that he’s hers and she’s all his, and her hugga buggas show him how much she loves him.

Our book review of Hugga Bugga Love

This is a special cute sweet story that shows just how much a mom loves her little boy.


Hugga Bugga Love a children's book about a mother's love.



Children's Books about Mothers - Berenstain Bears Mother's Day Blessings

The Berenstain Bears: Mother’s Day Blessings 

  • Author: Mike Berenstain
  • The Berenstain Bears: Mother’s Day Blessings is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About The Berenstain Bears: Mother’s Day Blessings

It’s Mother’s Day in Bear Country and Brother, Sister, and Honey Bear are trying to surprise their mom with a special brunch at her favorite restaurant. But before they can tell her about the surprise they have to go to church. On the way to church, Mama bear helps them see that people celebrate Mother’s Day in different ways. Some moms have to work on Mother’s Day but their children can still help make the day special with cards, flowers, or helping her out on the farm. The bear cubs learn that the most important thing to mom’s on Mother’s Day is being with their children.

Our book review of The Berenstain Bears: Mother’s Day Blessings

This book is a great book for children to read to start thinking about Mother’s Day. It helps them realize that you don’t need an expensive gift or special plans. It’s more important to do something from the heart to show your mother that you love her. It also teaches children that there are all kinds of mothers, with all kinds of jobs; but they still love their children the same.


Children's Books about Mothers Mommy's Little Wordlings

Mommy’s Little Wordlings 

  • Author: Linn Nguyen-Ng
  • Mommy’s Little Wordlings is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About Mommy’s Little Wordlings

Mommy’s Little Wordlings is an ode to the author’s mother and all of the reasons she is loved. It takes you back to when you were little and your mother took care of you. The book reminiscences about how her mother made her chicken soup when she was sick and baked delicious cakes on her birthday. It also talks about how her mother cheered her up when she was sad. The book is a way for the author to express how much she loves her mother.

Our book review of Mommy’s Little Wordlings

This childrens book about mothers is great for children to help them express how much they love their own mothers. As I read this story with my own children it started discussions about their memories of me and how I make them happy.


Childrens Books about Mothers for grade school readers

The Little Fawn and her Stolen Spots 

  • Author: Jordyn Glaser
  • The Little Fawn and her Stolen Spots is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About The Little Fawn and her Stolen Spots

The Little Fawn and Her Stolen Spots is a heartwarming tale of a young fawn’s startling discovery that someone has stolen her spots, but with the help of her wise and loving mother, she comes to realize the truth: she is only getting older.

Our book review of The Little Fawn and her Stolen Spots

This is a sweet little story where we see a fawn trying to desperately solve a mystery. While doing so we learn about different animals in nature. In the end, children learn not only about the other animals in a forest but also how special they are.


Bonus Mom! Bonus Dad! 

  • Author: Justin & Monique Honaman
  • Bonus Mom! Bonus Dad! is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About Bonus Mom! Bonus Dad!

Too many stories talk about wicked step-mothers or evil-step-fathers! The authors don’t believe this is the narrative that kids needs to hear. As a blended family, their goal was to reinforce the positive things that come from having a Bonus Dad or Bonus Mom. The book focuses on the common activities of a “Bonus” parent (e.g., driving, playing, reading), and also attaches a big idea “value” (e.g., kindness, tenacity, honesty) onto each page which is embedded into each illustration that highlights what the Bonus Parent is role-modeling. Our idea was to provide a beautifully illustrated, whimsical, colorful, and engaging book that both children and adults would enjoy reading together. Reading it one way, the book highlights the Bonus Dad. Flip it over, and the book reads the other way to highlight the Bonus Mom. You can’t help but fall in love with the characters who are represented as a friendly family of yellow labs. Designed as a keepsake book, there is a page for the Bonus Dad/Bonus Mom to write a dedication to their Bonus child.

Our book review of Bonus Mom! Bonus Dad!

There are many reasons why a child may have a bonus mom and all moms are special. This book is great for children who have another mom in addition to their birth mom. It celebrates the activities that a bonus mom can do with the special kids in her life. (You can flip over the book to read Bonus Dad! Bonus Mom!)


Bonus Mom Bonus Dad Book A children's book for kids with stepmoms


How to Raise a Mom 

  • Author:Jean Reagan
  • How to Raise a Mom is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About How to Raise a Mom
Written in an instructional style, two siblings suggest the best ways to raise a happy, healthy mom—from waking her up in the morning to arranging play dates, to making sure she gets enough exercise, some quiet time, and plenty of veggies! Filled with charming role-reversal humor, creative ideas, and lots of love, How to Raise a Mom is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day—or any day!

Our book review of How to Raise a Mom

This one of our chilrens book about mothers gives moms a different view of what they typically experience during a day. For example, when kids make a pile of things near the front door it’s really a child’s way of helping mom have all she ‘needs’ for the day. You’ll love how all these simple acts during the day really show moms like us how much we are loved.


How to Raise a mom a childrens book about mothers


How to Babysit a Grandma 

  • Author: Jean Reagan
  • How to Babysit a Grandma is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About How to Babysit a Grandma
When you babysit a grandma, if you’re lucky…it’s a sleepover at her house! And with the useful tips found in this book, you’re guaranteed to become an expert grandma-sitter in no time. A funny and heartwarming celebration of grandmas and grandchildren.

Our book review of How to Babysit a Grandma

I love this silly book for all the fun ideas it has for how grandkids and grandparents can spend time together.


How to babysit a grandma a childrens book about grandmothers


Grandma’s Purse 

  • Author: Vanessa Brantley-Newton
  • Grandma’s Purse is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About Grandma’s Purse
When Grandma Mimi comes to visit, she always brings warm hugs, sweet treats…and her purse. You never know what she’ll have in there—fancy jewelry, tokens from around the world, or something special just for her granddaughter. It might look like a normal bag from the outside, but Mimi and her granddaughter know that it’s pure magic!

Our book review of Grandma’s Purse

I love this book as a great example of the generous spirit that grandmas have. This grandma shares not only what’s in her purse but also why it’s there. In the end we find that grandma’s purse even has a surprise inside for one special granddaughter.


Grandmas Purse a childrens book about grandmothers


Children's Books about Mothers - Little Gray's Great Migration

Little Gray’s Great Migration  

  • Author: Marta Lindsey
  • Little Gray’s Great Migration is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About Little Gray’s Great Migration

Little Gray is a baby whale who loves his life in the lagoon. His favorite part of the lagoon are the boats full of people. He loves to put on a show for them and have his picture taken. But one day his Momma says it’s time to take a special journey to a sea with lots of food so they can get ready for winter. Little Gray is very sad and misses all of the people. Being sad makes him swim slower and slower until he notices how thin and weak his mom is. Once he realizes his mom hasn’t eaten in months he is determined to help her get to the big sea as fast as possible.

Our book review of Little Gray’s Great Migration

I love this book because it incorporates factual information about whales and animal migration with a touching story of a little whale overcoming selfishness to help his mother.  There are many lessons to be learned in this book.


Children's Books about Mothers - Where the Wild Moms Are

Where the Wild Moms Are 

  • Author: Katie Blackburn and Sholto Walker
  • Where the Wild Moms is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About Where The Wild Moms Are

Sometimes moms just need a break. So where do moms go when they’ve gone on strike and become a “wild thing?” They go to the land of “Wild Moms” and become queen of the Wild Moms. Everything is great and she’s having a lot of fun when all of a sudden she remembers her family back home and feels sad. She says goodbye to the other wild moms and returns to her bathtub at home where she finds a cup of tea waiting for her.

Our book review of Where the Wild Moms Are

This book is a must read for all mothers. What mom hasn’t dreamed of running off and becoming a wild thing at some point? This book helps us imagine what it would be like to go through with it and remind us of what we would leave behind. My kids also loved it because they thought it was funny that the moms were being wild.


Children's Books about Mothers Lily's Little Life LessonsLily’s Little Life Lessons: Book 3 

  • Author: Rebecca Perlman Coniglio
  • Lily’s Little Life Lessons: Book 3 is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About Lily’s Little Life Lessons: Book 3

Lily is a little girl that goes through many of the same experiences that other children go through. Her stories can help kids cope with the issues they face in daily life. In Book 3 Lily learns why she is an only child. She learns that she shouldn’t feel lonely or like she’s missing out because she doesn’t have a sibling. Because she is the one and only her mother’s heart beats just for her. In another story in this book Lily goes to school for the first time. She is scared and she misses her mom but she ends up having a great day and loving school.

Our book review of Lily’s Little Life Lessons

This book touches on issues that lots of children go through. Everything is explained well and in an entertaining way. Kids can relate to Lily and use her experiences to help them.


Children's Books about Mothers Lily's Little Life Lessons

Lily’s Little Life Lessons: Book 2 

  • Author: Rebecca Perlman Coniglio
  • Lily’s Little Life Lessons: Book 2 is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About Lily’s Little Life Lessons: Book 2

In this book, Lily explains some lessons she has learned in life that will help little children go through the same issues. The first story explains how special the love of a grandma is. We get to see all of the special things that Lily and her Nama do together and how much they love each other. In the second story, we learn about how Lily’s mom’s parents got divorced when she was little. Lily’s mom tells her how hard it was and how sad it made her. But then she tells Lily how her Papa still loves her and they still see each other today.

Our book review of Lily’s Little Life Lessons

This book would be great for any family dealing with divorce. It explains it in simple, straightforward terms that children can understand.


Children's Books about Mothers - Always Mom, Forever Dad

Always Mom, Forever Dad 

  • Author: Joanna Rowland
  • Always Mom, Forever Dad is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About Always Mom, Forever Dad

Divorce and be hard and scary for children but this book can help. The children in this story have parents that are divorced but their parents still love them and spend time with them. The book shows you what it is like at the children’s mom and dad’s house. They might do things differently at each house but both of their parents love them and will love them always and forever.

Our book review of Always Mom, Forever Dad

This book is great for any children coping with divorce. It explains how things can be different at Mom’s house and Dad’s house but that doesn’t mean one parent loves you less.


Childrens Chapter Books about Mothers

Fairy Mom and Me 

  • Author: Sophie Kinsella
  • Fairy Mom and Me is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About Fairy Mom and Me
Fans of Sophie Kinsella’s sparkling humor will love her first-ever illustrated series for young readers about the charming adventures of a mother-daughter fairy duo! Ella Brook can’t wait to grow up, because one day she’ll become a fairy and have her own sparkly wings and a teacher on Fairy Tube, just like her mom! Until then, Ella has to learn by watching her mom…which often means it’s up to Ella to come to the rescue!

Our book review of Fairy Mom and Me

This book is great for any daughter with a great imagination and who looks up to her mom and wants to be just like her. It explains how even moms make mistakes and are constantly learning.


Fairy Mom and Me a childrens chapter book about mothers


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