The Best Children’s Books About Fathers

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Father’s Day is coming up soon and it’s a great time to snuggle up and read some books about dads. We’ve put together a collection of some great Father’s Day books to share with your family. Many of these books were sent to us directly from the authors and we appreciate their support as we put this listing together of children’s books about fathers. Others were recommended by Jersey Family Fun readers. (We have added affiliate links to help you buy them online. If you use the link, we’ll make a small commission.) There are books about being a dad and books about spending time with your dad and grandpa. My kids had a lot of fun cuddling up with mom to read this excellent collection of books about dad. We hope your family will find these Father’s Day themed books as great as we did.


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Children’s Books about Fathers

My Dad is Amazing!

  • Author: Sabrina Moyle
  • Retail Price: $7.18
  • You can find the My Dad is Amazing! book at our Amazon link.

Our My Dad is Amazing! book review

My Dad is Amazing! is the brainchild of San Francisco based sisters Eunice and Sabrina Moyle who have been rolling out swoon-worthy book designs since 2003. My Dad Is Amazing is a board book featuring a mythical yeti and some dad-worthy puns. It’s a silly fun book with humorous images, like a yeti dad in underpants, that even your grade school kids would get a kick out of.


Childrens books about fathers My Dad is Amazing!


Children's Books About Fathers

Time Together: Me and Dad 

  • Author: Maria Catherine
  • Retail Price: $8.95
  • You can find the Time Together: Me and Dad book at our Amazon link.

Our Time Together: Me and Dad book review

Time Together: Me and Dad is a one of the simple children’s books about fathers, we read that talks about the different ways the fathers can spend time with their kids. It shows dads baking with their kids, playing outside, reading stories, and so much more. This book would be a great way to start a conversation with your child about the things that they like doing with their dad. It may even give you some new ideas to try out. You could even use this book as an inspiration to write your own book about how your children spend time with their dad (that would make a great homemade Father’s Day gift!).


Made for Me

  • Author: Zack Bush
  • Retail Price: $16.99 (Sale price $13.29)
  • You can find the Made for Me book at our Amazon link.

Our Made for Me book review

This might be my favorite new children’s book about dads. Made for Me is about the magical bond between a father and his child that begins the day dad holds his baby for the first time. As you turn each page you see how much dad treasures every moment he has with his baby son from the normal routine to those special milestones. You can’t help but love this book. With simple yet meaningful illustrations and touching prescious words like, “Of all the children that ever could be you are the one made just for me.” this book won’t just be a favorite for your child, it will be one of dad’s favorites too.


Childrens books about fathers Made for Me


Children's Books About Fathers

Time Together: Me and Grandpa 

  • Author: Maria Catherine
  • Retail Price: $8.95
  • You can find the Time Together: Me and Grandpa book at our Amazon link.

Our Time Together: Me and Grandpa book review

Time Together: Me and Grandpa is another addition to the Time Together collection, which includes books about mom, grandma, dad, and grandpa. In this book we find a collection of things that kids can do with their grandpa. We see grandpa and grandchild fishing together, napping in a hammock together, fixing things together, playing sports together, and so much more. This is a great way to sit and reflect on all of the things you child likes to do with his or her grandpa; and see some things that other kids do with their grandpa.


My Daddy Loves Me, I’m his Little Girl

  • Author: Shanalee Sharboneau
  • Retail Price: $14.95 (Sale price $12.70)
  • You can find the My Daddy Loves Me, I’m his Little Girl book at our Amazon link.

Our My Daddy Loves Me, I’m his Little Girl book review

Internationally and nationally awarded author, Shanalee Sharboneau has created a series of My Family Loves Me books to strengthens the bond between a parent and child. The newest title My Daddy Loves Me: I’m His Little Girl” uses majestic illustrations to tell the story of how a father loves his daughter. On each page we see their imaginative journeys such as studying hieroglyphics in Egypt,  mapping the stars, riding a Pegasus, camping under the stars as cowboys, bathing in an African pond with animals and fishing under a sunset.  It’s no wonder the series has already won the Royal Dragonfly Award for Best Children’s Picture Books Age 5 &  Under. The loving message, stunning illustrations, and easy-to-read pages with 1-2 sentences per page makes this a wonderful book for beginning readers.


Childrens books about fathers My Daddy Loves Me I'm His Little Girl


Children's Books About Fathers

A Baby’s Guide to Surviving Dad

  • Author: Benjamin Bird
  • Retail Price: $6.95
  • You can find the A Baby’s Guide to Surviving Dad book at our Amazon link.

Our A Baby’s Guide to Surviving Dad book review

A Baby’s Guide to Surviving Dad is written as a training manual for babies on how to train their Dad. It teaches them how to make him an expert on changing diapers. Babies learn how to train their dad during feeding time, bath time, and many other important times for a baby. This book is a silly look on how difficult it can be to learn how to take care of a baby. But at the end of the book you are left with the sweet message of how much children love their dad and vice versa. This book would be perfect for any new dads in your life.


Bonus Dad! Bonus Mom! 

  • Author: Justin & Monique Honaman
  • Bonus Dad! Bonus Mom! is available on Amazon with this affiliate link.

About Bonus Dad! Bonus Mom!

Too many stories talk about wicked step-mothers or evil-step-fathers! The authors don’t believe this is the narrative that kids needs to hear. As a blended family, their goal was to reinforce the positive things that come from having a Bonus Dad or Bonus Mom. The book focuses on the common activities of a “Bonus” parent (e.g., driving, playing, reading), and also attaches a big idea “value” (e.g., kindness, tenacity, honesty) onto each page which is embedded into each illustration that highlights what the Bonus Parent is role-modeling. Our idea was to provide a beautifully illustrated, whimsical, colorful, and engaging book that both children and adults would enjoy reading together. Reading it one way, the book highlights the Bonus Dad. Flip it over, and the book reads the other way to highlight the Bonus Mom. You can’t help but fall in love with the characters who are represented as a friendly family of yellow labs. Designed as a keepsake book, there is a page for the Bonus Dad/Bonus Mom to write a dedication to their Bonus child.

Our Bonus Dad! Bonus Mom! book review

There are many reasons why a child may have a bonus dad and all dads are special. This book is great for children who have another dad in addition to their birth dad. It celebrates the activities that a bonus dad can do with the special kids in his life. (You can flip over the book to read Bonus Mom! Bonus Dad!)


A children's book for kids who have stepdads.


Children's Books About Fathers

Always Mom, Forever Dad 

  • Author: Joanna Rowland
  • Retail Price: $16.89
  • You can find the Always Mom, Forever Dad book at our Amazon link.


Our Always Mom, Forever Dad book review

Divorce and be hard and scary for children but this book can help. The children in this story have parents that are divorced but their parents still love them and spend time with them. The book shows you what it is like at the children’s mom and dad’s house. They might do things differently at each house but both of their parents love them and will love them always and forever.


This book is great for any children coping with divorce. It explains how things can be different at Mom’s house and Dad’s house but that doesn’t mean one parent loves you less.


With My Daddy, A Book of Love and Family

  • Author: Jo Witek
  • Retail Price: $16.99 (Sales price $12.28)
  • You can find the With My Daddy, A Book of Love and Family book at our Amazon link.

Our With My Daddy, A Book of Love and Family book review

With My Daddy features a spunky young girl who loves spending time with her dad. No matter what they do, being with her dad makes this young heroine feel safe, comfortable, strong, and powerful. When she’s with her daddy, she can do anything. And when she is frightened or frustrated, nothing calms her down better than a big hug from dad.  This book celebrates the love between a father and daughter and how much their time together means to each other.

The illustrations are hand-drawn images on thick sturdy paper. The gray type against the white background creates a great contrast, between text and the paper, that makes the book easy to read. The vocabulary in the story is just difficult enough to challenge young grade school readers without being overwhelming.


Childrens books about fathers


We hope you enjoyed our recommendations for children’s books about fathers. Does your child have a favorite book about fathers?


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