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Bad Aim or Leaky Toilet .. Problem Solved with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

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Sponsored by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


I have 3 boys… three boys and a husband. Let me repeat that. I have 3 boys and a husband.


Do you know what stinks about having 4 males in the house?


The bathroom. The bathroom stinks! In particular our downstairs bathroom stinks. I can’t even tell you how awful it is to go into that bathroom and be hit with the pungent smell of pee. Moms of boys understand.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can repair your old toilet and look for leaks?

Why are there puddles around the toilet? Is it a leak? Or do my boys have bad aim?


Why does the bathroom smell like pee?

I can’t understand it. I try hard to keep the bathroom clean. But so often when I go in there the bathroom reeks. I find puddles on the floor around the toilet.

What is causing the bathroom to smell? Do my boys really have that bad aim? Is there a leak in my toilet? Why do I see puddles in one bathroom and not the other? I couldn’t take it anymore. I needed to find an answer and I needed to get a solution.


Hiring help for our toilet problem

I knew I needed to hire help to either repair our toilet or tell me it was fine and that my boys were the problem. Right as I was ready to google South Jersey plumbers, I was hired to work with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® to repair the plumbing problem of my choosing. The opportunity could not have come at a better time.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing truck


I set up a service call with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and was given a 4-hour window for my appointment. Prior to their arrival I got a call letting me know their plumber would arrive within the next 15 minutes. When Mike from Benjamin Franklin arrived, he immediately put on booties over his shoes to protect my floors from any outside dirt. Then, we discussed my concerns and I showed him the toilet that I suspected had a leak. Mike listened attentively as I spoke and pointed out where I was seeing puddles.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers wear booties to protect your flooring from outside germs, dirt, and debris.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumbers wear booties to protect your flooring from outside germs, dirt, and debris.


From that point, Mike started examining the toilet area, around the base, the tank, the valve, etc to determine if there were any parts leaking from the toilet itself. After that, he went into the crawl space to identify any plumbing that might be leaking from there and causing puddles in our bathroom. While Mike didn’t see any leaks from the toilet or plumbing, he did find problems with our toilet that could cause potential issues or leaking. He discussed them in terms that I could understand and not plumber speak. Unlike other times we’ve had a plumber or repairman come to our house, this time my husband wasn’t home. I wanted to handle this home repair on my own and surprise my husband at the same time.


Replacing the toliet with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

It was pretty gross under the old toilet. I got in there to do some cleaning before the new toilet was installed.


With Mike’s help, I was able to understand the issues and the repair options available to me. I could choose to replace a rusted valve, all the plumbing associated with the toilet, or the toilet itself. Before my service appointment, I had done some research on the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing website. I wanted to understand the extent of their services because we need plumbing work in both of our bathrooms. On their site I discovered some of the disadvantages of having an older toilet and the benefits that could come from replacing it with a newer toilet. When Mike presented the options, I requested the pricing on the new toilet. I felt if the difference in pricing was something I could handle, it made sense to do it. We have an older home and most of our home repairs have been reactive… emergency situations. I did not want to end up in a situation where I was reacting to another plumbing emergency problem. While Benjamin Franklin guarantees my satisfaction and their work, I opted to have their plumber replace the toilet to give me peace of mind and help my family move forward in updating this bathroom to work better for our busy family of 5.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is part of the Direct Energy family of brands. Each location is independently owned and operated but is still backed by an On Time guarantee and endorsed by UWIN®, a consumer service resource that allows home services contractors to provide an extra level of protection. They offer an on-time guarantee. It was clear that their plumber was a local and licensed professional. Knowing that Benjamin Franklin plumbers must complete a background check before being hired also gave me the confidence to have a plumber in the house without the ‘man of the house’ being home. To find your local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing plumber visit their site or call 855-BEN-1776.


Once we had made the determination to replace the toilet, Mike called his office to see if their was time in the schedule to do it that day and if there was a toilet in stock. I admit I was anxious to have the work done the same day… because again I was working to surprise my husband with this repair for Father’s Day. After all if moms can get vaccuums for Mother’s Day, dads can get home repairs. There was time in the schedule! With the local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing office just a few miles away it took no time at all for Mike to pick up the toilet and get back to work. In all, the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing appointment took less than 3 hours. In that time, Mike was able to address my concerns with a leaking toilet, go over other potential plumbing problems in my home, and replace the toilet.


No rings, no stains, no leaks.. some extra added benefits to getting a new toilet with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Pleasantville.

No rings, no stains, no leaks.. some extra added benefits to getting a new toilet.


That new toilet.. it’s all pretty and shiny.. And I’m onto those boys. They won’t be able to blame the toilet for puddles anymore.


Benjamin Franklin Plumbing selfie with toilet

All smiles with the new toilet.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

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Tuesday 17th of July 2018

The repair looks great! Having boys really does a number on your bathrooms. My son has the worst aim!

Jennifer A.

Wednesday 18th of July 2018

Thanks Julia. -Jenn

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