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I was honored to be invited to the #BeOurGuestEvent, a Disney press junket for Beauty and the Beast, Moana Bluray, and other Disney and ABC TV programming. As a guest, my expenses were covered in return for a series of articles about my experiences and reviews of the programming.


Disney Beauty and the Beast Be Our Guest Press Junket


Happy Friday! I’ve been sharing my Disney Beauty and the Beast experiences and our other Be Our Guest press junket activities for the past week or so. I’ve held off on creating my Beauty and the Beast movie review and sharing just all the reasons I enjoyed viewing this new adaptation of a classic story, but no more.


Last night I went out to the first available screening of Beauty and the Beast in my area, and yes I bought tickets through Fandango. I had to see it again! When, I initially saw the Beauty and the Beast during the press junket in LA yes I was fascinated. But NOW…. Now I had all these extraordinary details to look for that the were shared with me during Beauty and the Beast cast interviews. In my Beauty and the Beast movie review, I’m spilling the beans on all the Beauty and the Beast moments to watch for, the little details you might miss if you blink, the scary moments when you might want to cover your child’s eyes, and the stories within the stories of the Beauty and the Beast movie.



Best Beauty and the Beast Moments to Watch


Beauty and the Beast is available in theaters nationwide beginning this Friday, March 17, 2017. Avoid waiting in lines at the theater or having tickets sold out. Buy your Beauty and the Beast tickets in advance by clicking HERE to buy your tickets through Fandango.


The best Beauty and the Beast Moments to Watch

Yes, the whole movie will have you riveted to the screen but there are some details and special moments, I am listing in this Beauty and the Beast movie review, that I want you to look out for. Some will pass by so quickly you might miss them if you blink. Others last a few minutes but really require you to be in the moment so you can appreciate all the fine details.


Beauty and the Beast


Don’t blink, Beauty and the Beast moments that happen so quick you might miss them

  • See if you can find the first appearance of a hand held mirror. At several moments in the movie, that mirror is significant to changing the course of events.
  • In one of the opening scenes Belle’s dad, Maurice is tinkering with a music box. Play close attention to the scene he is recreating in that music box and in the artwork around the room. It’s connected to something you will see later on.


Belle's dad, Maurice is tinkering with a music box.

In Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, a live-action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic, Emma Watson stars as Belle and Kevin Kline is Maurice, Belle’s father. The story and characters audiences know and love are brought to life in this stunning cinematic event…a celebration of one of the most beloved tales ever told.


  • The critical moment of the opening scene is so brief. When the characters start transforming in the opening scene, pay attention to who changes into what. What happens to the dog?
  • During the ‘Gaston’ song and dance number, what do you recognize about one of the murals?
  • When Belle is getting dressed for her dance with the Beast. Garderobe embellishes her stunning yellow gown with elaborate streams of gold. Make sure you’re watching to see where the golden embellishments come from.


Beauty and the Beast waltz

Belle (Emma Watson) comes to realize that underneath the hideous exterior of the Beast (Dan Stevens) there is the kind heart of a Prince in Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, a live-action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic directed by Bill Condon.


  • As Belle and the Beast waltz, stay at’tuned’ to what else in the room is animated.
  • I loved the creative product tie ins. If you haven’t read about A Few of My Favorite Beauty and the Beast Gifts or seen the products in stores, you wouldn’t even notice they are products available for sale. No brand or product names are ever mentioned.
    • When Mrs. Potts and Chip start singing about making tea for Belle the flavors they mention are the flavors available in the Twinings Tea Beauty and the Beast-themed collection of teas.
    • There is a special book the Beast shares with Belle. This book is able to create a remarkable moment for Belle. When I watched Beauty and the Beast for a second time, I immediately recognized that the Beauty and the Beast Journal is that book.
    • When Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and the others treat Belle to the Be Our Guest serenade and meal they serve Meat Ragu and Cheese Souffle. These are two recipes we learned about during our Beauty and the Beast blogger event at Williams Sonoma. You can find the recipes and learn more in this article.


Beauty and the Beast moments to live in and savor

  • If you loved the Be Our Guest scene in the original animated Beauty and the Beast movie, this is a Beauty and the Beast moment that will leave you in complete awe. The details are stunning and elaborate. Look at everything on the screen. This particular moment was extra special for me, because while in LA for the press junket, I experienced that moment virtually. With a pair of virtual reality goggles, I sat down at that same table and was treated as if I was Belle. The whole thing was mind-blowing magic. I sat there with my mouth wide open in amazement and the rest of the trip I couldn’t stop telling the other bloggers about it.
  • There is a moment where Belle is welcomed into the Beast’s library. I love her look of glee. It’s like a kid in a candy store. She’s so happy to be there she doesn’t know which direction to head in first. I hope that excitement for reading is noticed by children in the audience. I know my boys have those moments too when we walk into a book store and they just want all the books.
  • As you watch the details, be sure to listen to the music. Each returning song and new song tells a story. I’m loving the song, “Something There”. It creates a playful romantic setting where we see their mutual affection for each other growing.



  • There is a part-serious, part-hilarious battle scene. Keep your eyes open for who all is battling and who is the character that says, “It’s not over till the fat lady sings.”
  • Towards the end, when the Beast is saved and the castle characters transform back into real beings. Watch how the ornate designs of their pieces carry over into their dresses and suits when they come back to life. If you need some clues head over to our article from interviewing Audra McDonald.


BeautyAndTheBeast movie poster


Scary Beauty and the Beast moments to watch out for and yet still appreciate

Yes, there are some moments in Beauty and the Beast that can be scary for kids. Yet, I also appreciated how CGI technology could make them look realistic. Here’s what you need to know about Beauty and the Beast’s scary moments.

  • The Beauty and the Beast movie is 130 minutes long. There are only two scenes that could be scary for some kids. Each of those scenes is no more than 3 minutes long. That’s no more than 6 minutes in a 130 minute long movie.
  • Both scary scenes involve wolves in the forest. There is no blood or gore. Rather the wolves look angry and evil. Once or twice they show their sharp teeth.
  • The first potentially scary scene is about 20 minutes into Beauty and the Beast. We know it’s coming because it gets dark and stormy. Maurice is lost in the woods. The wolves race after him. At one point Maurice is cornered, but he gets away without being attacked. That scene is no longer than 2-3 minutes.
  • When Maurice is captured by the Beast, we don’t exactly see how that happens. Maurice is cutting a rose. The Beast sees him. We see the Beast’s feet touch the ground around Maurice…then Maurice’s horse takes off without him and returns to the sunny village to Belle. The next time we see Maurice he is locked in the tower but doesn’t show any signs of injury.
  • The second scary scene starts about an hour into the movie when Belle rescues the Beast. It starts with her taking off out of the house in a fit of rage. While riding furiously through the forest the wolves surround Belle. She is never attacked. The Beast rushes in to help. We never see the Beast being violent. He tosses the wolves off him, but he doesn’t attack them. We do see wolves attacking the Beast, but again there is no blood and gore. Even after the attack we don’t see the severity of it, we just see Belle starting to take care of the Beast.
  • The battle scene between Gaston and the Beast does not involve real combat. There are a few gun shots, but no blood. There is a moment where the Beast could take Gaston’s life but we see the Beast showing his humanity by not doing so.



Lumiere, the candelabra in Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, a live-action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic which is a celebration of one of the most beloved stories ever told.


Beauty and the Beast Moments to make you say WOW

  • The Beast, Dan Stevens used 10-inch stilts in the waltz scene and every scene in the movie where he’s walking. I know I couldn’t walk in stilts, let alone dance on them.
  • There were no stunt men. That is Dan and Luke jumping those incredibly big leaps across the castle tower and fighting with each other. You can read more about how Luke did his jumps in this interview. These two characters managed to pull off an epic battle scene that is high intensity while also not particularly violent.
  • Garderobe’s wig extended two feet above her head. Imagine having to carry all that hair on your head. Read what the carpenters built for her to help in our interview with Audra McDonald.
  • The characters sang the songs with their own voices.
  • It took Emma Watson and Dan Stevens 3 months of preparation for the waltz scene. This was already after they had trained in riding horses.
  • The combination of elaborately-detailed sets, exquisitely-designed costumes, and CGI created a multitude of stunning scenes.


Beauty and the Beast animated characters

The mantel clock Cogsworth, the teapot Mrs. Potts, Lumiere the candelabra and the feather duster Plumette live in an enchanted castle in Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST the live-action adaptation of the studio’s animated classic directed by Bill Condon.


The Beauty and the Beast moments that create stories within the story of the Beauty and the Beast

  • In one Beauty and the Beast scene we learn about what happened to Prince Adam, The Beast’s father. In another scene we are taken to Paris where we observe what happened to Belle’s mother. Those stories help us understand how Prince Adam became a bit of a beast before he was a beast. We see how Belle can bring some closure to the questions she had about her mother.
  • Is the enchantress that cursed Prince Adam/The Beast present throughout the whole movie? Why or why not? I won’t spoil anything by revealing that answer.
  • Le Fou making his own transformation once he understands who the real beast is.
  • We see not only the love story between Belle and the Beast, but also between Lumiere and Plumette. We also see the love a parent has for their child through Mrs. Potts and Chip and Maurice and Belle.
  • As we witness how Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Cadenza, Cogsworth and the others care for the Beast we can relate to the devotion family members can have for one another even after mistakes have been made.


Now, there’s one thing I want to know.

When will you be watching Beauty and the Beast?


Comment below. Share your Beauty and the Beast movie review! Tell me your favorite Beauty and the Beast moments.


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