Beados ~ Breaking Boredom Blues & Inspiring Creativity in Kids

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Get Your Kids Creative With Beados This Holiday!


Beados Scoop 'n' Mix


4 Perfect Times for Crafting with Kids!

  • Having a baking day with downtime while the treats bake or cool?
  • Time for family gatherings and want some time for adult conversation but don’t want the kids staring at screens?
  • Winter break can be long … and that cry of “I’m bored” can set parents over the edge
  • Bad weather means plans get cancelled. Be prepared with something fun when housebound.


For those times and more – Beados to the rescue! We were introduced to Beados a few years back and I always liked that they were something my children could play with unattended. No heat needed like other similar toys, and they inspire creativity while also giving them templates to make creations. We never had a problem with there not being enough beads and bead refills are available to purchase. There’s always fun and bright themes available and the latest sets are no different.




We were so excited to get our shipment from Moose Toys with three Beados sets! The timing was perfect as we were about to have a baking night. There were a few things with our recipes that only mom can do but I didn’t want the kids to leave the kitchen or start picking up devices. We invited our neighbor over who is also a Beados fan, and the two 6 year olds got to creating!


We received three B-Sweet kits. The largest, the Beados Scoop ‘n’ Mix Playset which looks like a candy shop and comes with a scoop and display stands and 700 beads; and two B-Sweet theme packs (Frozen Treats and Sweet Cake Delights) with 500 beads for more sweet theme fun. Each kit comes with templates, plenty of beads, and a water sprayer.


With no help from me the kids were off creating! Each kid wanted to create at the same time so we grabbed a second tray from one of the other kits (each only comes with one), and while they chatted away, they got their penguin and ice cream cone made. Dry time is about 20 minutes so they came back to help with baking then ooh’ed and aaah’ed over their finished creations. The Beados stayed out for the rest of the night, and there’s still plenty left for another day.


Watch our video of our Beados fun!


That’s what I call a successful craft! The kids were engaged and helping each other, and needed no intervention from adults. They helped each other out and made some cute creations! When they were done they got to enjoy our actual non-Beados sweet treats too.


Beados Scoop 'n' Mix

Brother and sister start in on the Beados Scoop ‘n’ Mix!


Added bonus -when the Christmas decorations come down, your Beados creations on their stands can fill in with some colorful decor for the winter doldrums.



From collectibles to crafts, Moose Toys has your kids’ holiday wish list covered! Find out more on the Moose Toys website or the Beados website.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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