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The BBLz Experience, A New Sweet Activity for Hersheypark Guests

This post is sponsored by Pepsi and Hersheypark. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


The BBLz Experience, A New Sweet Activity for Hersheypark Guests


How sweet it is to visit Hersheypark in the summer!

Last week, my family and I made our first summer visit to Hersheypark. What a thrill it was for my boys to experience Hersheypark roller coasters like the Comet, Skyrush, Sidewinder, the SooperDooperLooper and others for the first time. While none of my boys were brave enough for the Triple Tower, that we told you about in this post, we did have some sweet experiences. One of our sweetest Hersheypark experiences was our visit to the BBLz fizzy creation station.


Hersheypark Hershey Triple Tower

Choose your Thrill at the Hershey Triple Tower either before or after your visit to the BBLz fizzy creation station.


What is the BBLz Experience?

Located adjacent to the Overlook Food Court in Kissing Tower Hill, the BBLz experience is a brand-new beverage experience for guests visiting Hersheypark. From a menu of 7 options, Bubble Makers will mix your favorite Pepsi-Cola’s beverage with Hershey candies, soda syrups, frosting, and ice. The result is quite the flavorful experience that is ONLY available at Hersheypark. For us, it was like a sweet dessert that we had to finish off lunch.



BBLz Experience MENU 1


The BBLz Menu – 7 Sweet BBLz Flavor Combinations

When we were set to order there were 7 flavors of BBLz beverages we could choose from. As we contemplated the options, we each took a turn pressing a magic button to release our plastic bubble-shaped cup.


BBLz Experience balls coming down at Hersheypark


whip scream sundae BBLzMelon Baller

This BBLz beverage combines Mountain Dew®, watermelon flavor, lime foam, blueberry boba, vanilla frosting, Green Apple Jolly Rancher®, Twizzlers® Pull n’ Peel Watermelon.

One of my sons chose this for the melon flavor and because he’s a fan of green apples. The Green Apple Jolly Ranchers are crushed and placed with the layer of ice and frosting above the flavored soda combination. The Twizzlers Pull n’ Peel Watermelon are wrapped around the straw.


All-Day PBJ

This BBLz beverage combines Mist Twst®, grape flavor, sweet cream foam, Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups, grape jelly, peanut butter, and Reese’s Pieces®.

The Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups sit upon a layer of peanut butter while the Reese’s Pieces are ‘stuck’ on the straw with peanut butter. It reminds me of my favorite school day lunch.


preparing BBLZ drinks BBLz Experience 2

Our BBLz Bubble Maker at work.


whip scream sundae BBLz experienceWhip Scream Sundae

This BBLz beverage combines Pepsi®, vanilla and cherry flavor, vanilla ice cream foam, Hershey’s® chocolate and caramel syrup, vanilla frosting, maraschino cherries, sprinkles, and caramel.

My husband, oldest son, and I all chose the whip scream sundae for its likeness to an ice cream sundae. The taste reminded us of an ice cream float, only this one has a cherry on top. A maraschino cherry and caramel square even adorn the straw. Doesn’t it just look yummy?


whip scream sundae BBLz


Fizzy Flapjack

This BBLz beverage combines Mist Twst®, apple flavor, syrup foam, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, pancake syrup, mini pancakes, chocolate chips, and bacon. Those mini pancakes and bacon dress up the straw leading to this drink.


Birthday Kiss

This BBLz beverage mixes in Diet Mist Twst® with vanilla & cake batter flavor, vanilla foam, strawberry popping candy, vanilla frosting, birthday cake, Hershey’s Kisses®, strawberries, and sprinkles. It actually looks like a strawberry birthday cake with frosting and strawberries on top. The straw on this BBLz drink is dipped in sprinkles to finish off this delicious drink.


Laffing Lime

This BBLz beverage combines Diet Mountain Dew, lime and coconut flavor, grape foam, lime popping candy, vanilla frosting, lemon gummy, Jolly Rancher® Cotton Candy. Select this sweet drink and you’ll be enjoying lemon gummy worms on a bed of grape foam topped off with cotton candy made from crushed Jolly Ranchers.


whip scream sundae BBLzDizzy Dirt

This BBLz beverage combines Pepsi®, vanilla flavor and chocolate syrup, chocolate foam, Whoppers®, Hershey’s® Mint Cookie Layer Crunch, chocolate frosting, gummy worms, sprinkles.

My oldest son, in need of a chocolate fix and a fan of gummy worms, went for this dizzy dirt drink. He totally ‘dug’ how the whoppers and cookie layer crunch come together to form an edible layer of dirt. Perfecting the dizzy dirt BBLz are gummy worms oozing from the dirt and crawling up the straw.


The BBLz experience is quite the activity at Hersheypark, but it doesn’t stop with the beverages. As you and your family wait for your turn to order your sweet concoction you can talk to other guests through special connecting speakers or dance along to a BBLz DJ.


BBLz Experience drinks in cups 3

Preparing our delicious BBLz.



Then, when you’re ready to savor and enjoy your BBLz, take it downstairs and watch BBLz mixologists mix it up with a fun science based show that will have all of you laughing.


BBLz mixologists at Hersheypark

BBLz mixologists share their bubbly personalities to make guests laugh.


Are you ready for your BBLz Experience?


What will you order from the BBLz menu?




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Sharon Heath

Wednesday 12th of June 2019

$9 bucks for soda topped with candy & icing. The kids took a few licks & a few sips & they were done. Waste of money.


Thursday 8th of February 2018

Do you think some are peanut free...

Jennifer A.

Friday 9th of February 2018

It's possible some might be, but I would be concerned about cross-contamination. - Jenn

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