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In full disclosure, we were given one night accommodation in exchange for this article. We appreciate The Barker Lounge’s support of Jersey Family Fun and our efforts to inform New Jersey families about pet boarding options they can use. As always, all opinions are our own.




Oh, family vacations and the planning they require.

Sometimes we are lucky enough to include the whole family but sometimes, a family member gets left behind. While sometimes my children wish it was their sibling left behind sadly it’s often our dog! The one who loves us the most. Maybe it’s that you’re flying somewhere or more likely that the accommodations are just not pet-friendly – either way poor pup misses out.


When we adopted Marty, a puppy, we needed a change. We always had family watch our older dog, but situations had shifted, commitments grew, and dog sitters became harder to find. Also – he’s a puppy! He needed some more stimulation and attention during those days we’d be traveling.


Marty joined us on one vacation but none others were pet friendly.

Marty joined us on one vacation but others were not so pet friendly.


The decision on who should care for your dog while away doesn’t come easily. I asked on Facebook, scoured websites, and called the vet. As you may imagine, it didn’t entirely help! I did know that we wanted him out of the house; we weren’t comfortable with dog walkers entering our home or someone we didn’t know staying there. There were about 3 dog boarding facilities nearby, as well as the vet clinic that offered overnight stays. What to do?


I quickly ruled out the vet, where they billed extra for “play time.” I was already feeling guilty enough about leaving our precious puppy I didn’t want to determine how much play time he got based on my willingness to pay. Of the local New Jersey boarding facilities I could choose, I started with The Barker Lounge and never stopped! With all the travel we do for Jersey Family Fun, and all the planning of the details, I don’t have to worry about our beloved Marty.


Heading in for an overnight of fun!

Heading in for an overnight of fun!


The Barker Lounge is located at 450 North Avenue East in Cranford, convenient to the Garden State Parkway. Their hours are 7 AM – 7 PM daily which allows you to set off on your journey early, or get your dog home before bedtime. They offer daycare as well as boarding; dogs who are boarded must be dropped off by noon and can be picked up any time (extra daycare fee applies for pickups after 12 noon). They are open for the dogs every day! On major holidays the facility is closed for pick ups, but rest assured The Barker Lounge is there for your dog when you can’t be.


What you can expect when boarding your dog at the Barker Lounge:

One of the Barker Lounge kennels

One of the Barker Lounge kennels

  • The Barker Lounge facility is large, clean, and custom built just for dogs! There are individual kennels for their nap and for nighttime sleeping, 4000 square feet of artificial K-9 grass, and over 18,000 square feet of indoor play space.


  • The staff will impress you with their knowledge of dog behavior, and how they make your dog feel at home. They are skilled in making sure the dogs are managed in small groups with other compatible dogs. No time to get bored with a space as the dogs move from area to area throughout the day at this Union County dog day care.


  • Boarded dogs will wake up bright and early to start their day with outdoor play. They’ll then return to their kennels as their breakfast is served. After that it’s all day play! No getting bored as the dogs move in their groups to the different play areas inside and outside. They won’t even miss you! Dinner will be served in their kennels with one more low key playtime before lights out. Each pup gets a treat on their bed – is your hotel as thoughtful as this New Jersey dog hotel?!


The waiting area at The Barker Lounge is so welcoming! Coffee at the ready!

The waiting area at The Barker Lounge is so welcoming! Coffee at the ready!


  • Your dog’s physical needs will be well taken care of beyond play. You provide food from home that will be served while they’re in their kennels, but the dogs can be given treats throughout the day. They’ll get one last play time outside so they can do their business before settling in for the night. Grooming is also available while your dog is their guest.


We’ve used The Barker Lounge countless times and have never been disappointed. The staff knows all about dog behavior, and keeps a close eye on each dog during their stay. When you enter you may even see a dog greeter at the desk! Upon check in they’ll review your dog’s stay details, check that you brought food, and confirm an emergency number. Your pup goes right in to play without any looking back! Upon your return, the staff will tell you all about his stay, who he played with and more. Get ready for some heavy sleeping when your pup settles in at home, it’s a guarantee that The Barker Lounge has worn him out!


At Jersey Family Fun we give you lots of tips on where to travel. Don’t let the issue of dog boarding keep you home! Your pup will have so much fun and be so well looked after at The Barker Lounge that if he or she could talk, they’d beg you to travel more!


So happy to see our dog again!

So happy to see our dog again!


Interested in Union County dog boarding options? Give them a call to set up a free daycare day to get started You can call them at 908-276-6000 or visit their site Rates for overnight stays start at $48/night but vary by season. Tell them Marty from Jersey Family Fun sent you!


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